It was recently announced that two new mission packs for Fire Emblem: Awakening are coming to Japan soon. The first one is called “Harvest Festival Bonds”. The mission has a one-star difficulty rating, so it’ll be incredibly easy. It was designed to focus on the characters, so fans of the cast will enjoy this one. It’ll be available for 200 yen, or 100 yen if you download it before September 30th.

The other map, “Border Between Life and Death”, is the exact opposite. This one is designed for the “tactician gods”. It has a five-star difficulty rating, you fight undead soldiers, and all of your units automatically lose one HP per turn. It’ll be available for 250 yen for those who are looking for something more challenging.


Looking for a Fire Emblem game to hold you over? Try Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon available for the  Nintendo DS.

Kyle Emch
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