Remember when I originally reported that the Game of the Weekend feature would become a regular thing on the eShop? Well, that isn’t happening anymore. It turns out that Colors 3D! was the last Game of the Weekend, having been confirmed on Nintendo of America’s Twitter account. Now, the only sales left are for the Mario games for the Month of Mario, with Super Mario Land currently being discounted to $2.99 until August 8th.

“Colors! 3D is our last ‘Game of the Weekend!’ DL it in Nintendo #eShop for $3.99 from 9am PT, 7/27 – 9pm PT, 7/29.”

I understand that was a reporting error on my part, but I wish NoA made it clear that this was temporary. I mean, what is it with Nintendo and their online practices? It seems that every time they have a good idea, they either make it temporary, like what they did with demos for the Wii back then, or put some asinine restriction on it, like what they do with demos for the eShop today. I shudder to think how the Wii U’s eShop will operate.


Kyle Emch
Kyle has been studying music at college for about three years now. He's played the piano since he was 6 years old and has been recently been learning how to write music. He has followed the Operation Rainfall movement on Facebook since it started and was happy to volunteer for the website. Just don't mention Earthbound or the Mother franchise around him.