Square Enix have revealed the first of a series of apps for the 3DS related to Dragon Quest X. It goes by the name of “Dragon Quest X Boukensha no Odekake Benri Tool Vol.1,” which can roughly be translated to “Convenient Tool For Adventurers On the Go: Vol.1.” This first app will be free.

The app allows you to view alerts from Dragon Quest X, use your character to StreetPass, send letters to friends, view information on items from the Travellers Bazaar, and to check on your friends and support characters.

There was also mention of an item known as the “Key Emblem.” The Key Emblem plays a large role in the story, and its pieces are scattered through the world of Dragon Quest X. It is this key that allows your character to turn back to their human form.

Dragon Quest X has yet to be announced for Western release.


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