In our last episode of Shin Megami Tensei, we threw away the gushing jar so that we could talk to Ozawa. He summoned his demon, Take-Minakata, who overpowered the party and threw them out. J-Man, determined to have his revenge, fused himself with a random demon from our party, and allowed us to match Take-Minakata’s power and destroy him. Ozawa begged for mercy, but J-Man, after all he had been though, couldn’t forgive him. J-Man decided at that point that, being part demon himself, he would fare better on his own than with the rest of us cramping his style. We proceeded to free Psychodiver, who told us that we had to rid NiteMare of a demon possessing her mind, and that he could send us into her mind using his powers. We took a couple of tentative steps in the maze of NiteMare’s mind before heading back to heal up.

Today, we undertake the journey into NiteMare’s mind to rid her of the demons possessing her!

As usual, the stream will link to the archived video if you’re joining us after we’ve gone off the air.
-Agent Q. Mulative, Dark Weres

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