IN RECENT SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI NEWS, as there seems to be enough of it that it virtually deserves its own category by this point, Atlus is looking to really strengthen its partnership with Nintendo! Although that doesn’t really seem like news by itself, the details are that in addition to Devil Survivor: Soul Hackers and Shin Megami Tensei IV on the 3DS, the Wii is getting Kyuuyaku Megami Tensei I and II on the Japanese Virtual Console service! If this agent recalls correctly, those are the re-imaginings of the original Megami Tensei games that were created from the book series that goes by the same name! Those Operatives of Rainfall who are stationed in Japan, or with Imported Wii consoles, or who’re planning on importing the Dragon Quest X Wii Bundle, will be glad to know that you’ll be getting your fill of Megami goodness with all that VC Support!

In other news, I really like this featured image! Particularly how it crops for the main page. I’ll probably keep using it until I can make a better one, or at least until my drawing skills improve and I can make some… er, “original” fan-art of this series, to whatever degree “original” applies.

In our last episode of Shin Megami Tensei, we were in quite a bind, trying to solve several main-line quests at the same time. J-Man wanted to kill Ozawa, but Ozawa wouldn’t talk to us as long as we had the Gushing Jar in hand. Alice wanted to introduce us to The Red Count, “Mister Red” as she calls him, but she thought that J-Man looked weird, so she wouldn’t budge.

So it turns out that you have to THROW AWAY the Gushing Jar to advance the plot. Throwing away a key item? unheard of! Thankfully, as Atlus has programmed reactions for characters when you have plot items you shouldn’t, they also had the foresight to allow the player to throw away key items without rendering the game un-finishable.  Throwing away the item makes the game’s DM “pretend” you never got it in the first place, and puts it right back where you found it. Whew, safe!

Join us today, as we untie all these terrible knots and straighten everything out in Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Roppongi!

As usual, the stream will link to the archived video if you’re joining us after we’ve gone off the air.
-Agent Q. Mulative, Dark Weres

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