WE HAVE RETURNED!  Both in the livestream and in-game!

The last time we left our heroes, they had been brought back to life, only to see Tokyo in ruins after the nuclear-strike.  30 years had passed while they were hovering between life and death, and only the underground mall is recognizable.  Even our money is no good here anymore, having been changed over for macca, the basic currency of the demon world.

Today, we’ll do just a quick show, a quick run-around of the tokyo area, re-familiarizing ourselves with the land and any survivors, and getting our bearings back for tomorrow’s episode.

I’m going to make a Sakurai-esque announcement in that it’s way to early to show off anything just yet, but the Dark Weres are developing a Shin Megami Tensei or Wizardry-styled first person R.P.G. to be played on the Wii and to be legally played and distributed for free! Hopefully this news will somewhat make up for the long month of silence.
-Agent Q. Mulative, Dark Weres

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