Bravely Default: Flying Fairy | City

While there is still no word about the third demo or an announcement that Bravely Default Flying Fairy is being localized for Western regions, Square Enix has updated the game’s website. Before the update, the website only showed the game’s two main leads, Anies and Tiz.  Now however, the website shows a recently introduced character, Lee Edea.

A fifteen year old girl from Eternia who’s filled with a sense of justice.” “She was raised in a tough household and meets Anies while on a mission for the Eternia army.”

The nation she works for, Eternia, is on the look out for Anies, wanting to apprehend her. This was apparently among Edea’s tasks, but it seems that she’ll end up supporting Anies and Tiz on their adventure.

Akihiko Yoshida, the game’s character designer, shows off his tool of trade with the game’s illustrations, which are just downright gorgeous to say the least. This game can certainly be called “that game that really shows off what the 3DS is capable of for JRPGs”, and maybe all 3DS games as well. We have high hopes for this; it certainly wouldn’t hurt to have more quality titles like this in the North America region.

Check out this article for more details, plus the Anies, Tiz and Eternia illustrations.


David Fernandes
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