What happens when you take the exploration of Metroid, add in some old-school Sonic the Hedgehog style platforming, coat it with the gorgeous art style of Rayman Origins, and finally mix in the gore of Super Meat Boy and the bathroom humor of Conker’s Bad Fur Day?

Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Undead Rabbit

Yes, that is the title of the game (or at least the working title of the project), and in all honesty, when you play this game, that will be the first thing you say.

I actually got a rather lengthy hands-on session with the game, which is being published by SEGA. The story is incredibly deep (or not), as the Prince of Hell (who is a bunny) is caught mid-bathtime with his favorite rubber duckie by some paparazzi, who proceed to post the pics on the internet. 100 people click “like” on the image. Your job is to find and kill the 100 individuals that liked the image.

The very first thing that stood out to me was the breathtaking art style. It uses the same type of hand-drawn art of the two newest Rayman games, but rather than grottos and forests, you are in the pits and plains of Hell. The title makes use of a vivid color palette and is incredibly easy on the eyes. There is no shortage of blood and gore, and the game also makes frequent usage of toilet humor.

The controls felt reminiscent of Sonic the Hedgehog, especially when you acquire certain abilities that allow you to unleash a spin attack, which is used to slice and dice enemies and also chop through rock. Sonic had the same skill, unfortunately his just turned robots into forest creatures rather than splattering entrails across the screen.

The Metroid-style elements come into play when you collect new power-ups. The world is non-linear, and requires you to go back to previous areas after unlocking new abilities to find more of your sworn enemies.

The art, humor, and old-school platforming goodness of Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Undead Rabbit made it a must see, and I certainly can’t wait for when it hits PSN, Steam, and Xbox Live later this year.

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