With The Last Story set to come out this summer, it’s time to get excited for its North American release!  Here are only a few reasons why you should put down money for this game.

1. It’s Directed by Hironobu Sakaguchi.

Hironobu Sakaguchi is arguably a legend within the gaming industry and for good reason.  He is responsible for the Final Fantasy series which in turn is responsible for the modern console RPG.  Say what you will about the quality of the series nowadays; the cold hard fact is that the series is still around and still selling millions of copies.  Considering he’s not even involved with the newer games of the series, it truly shows the lasting power of the series he built.  The Last Story is also the first game he’s personally directed since Final Fantasy V, which was released just about 20 years ago!  Any game in which the father of the modern rpg is directing should be taken as a big deal.

2.  It Takes the Genre into a Different Direction.

While The Last Story is still at its core a console RPG (or JRPG for those who rather call it that), its game play is unlike its turn-based predecessors.  The game has a real-time action battle system in which Active Time Bars are a thing of the past.  It definitely has a more Western game approach to it, but that doesn’t mean it is suddenly another shooter.  The game requires strategy and tactics to get through each battle rather than brainless running and gunning.

3. The Characters are Likable.

Tired of the whiny spiky haired protagonist?  Well, here’s a game for you!  While the characters may frequent the hair salon, they are (for the most part) adults.  No more ‘farm boy’ who wakes up one day to discover that he has to save the world; now we have Zael, a mercenary with dreams of one day becoming a knight.  Him, along with his ragtag mercenary crew, create a more real and relate-able cast than RPGs of old.

4. Nobuo Uematsu.

Nuff said.

5. Online Multiplayer, on the Wii!?

Two modes to be exact:  ‘Suppression’ is a cooperative mode which has players defending themselves from an onslaught of enemies (like Gears of War horde mode), while ‘Frey’ is simply a death-match mode.  Both help extend the replayability of the game.

For more reasons on why you should pick up The Last Story, see the video below:

What are you most excited about for The Last Story?  Comment below!



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