While at E3 this past week we got a chance to speak with Hyperkin regarding their new Game Genie game enhancement device for the PS3. When we first reported that a cheat device would be coming to an online-capable console, many of our readers were concerned about what it would mean for online gameplay (and were also wondering what it would mean for features like trophies, achievements, and on-disc downloadable content).

The rep from Hyperkin explained that the PS3 Game Genie is a USB device that connects to Hyperkin’s servers to access only cheats that they have pre-programmed. The device creates a copy of your selected save data and patches that save data with the cheats you choose. Trophies cannot be directly unlocked using the device, but using certain cheat codes (such as infinite money) may make it easier to unlock some trophies.

The Game Genie device will not function during online play, and due to licensing agreements, will not have access to on-disc DLC.

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