How was your first day with Xenoblade?

  1. If you wanna talk about spoilers, head to our forums!
  2. If you have questions or are looking for gameplay tips, visit the IGN wiki (most of the content is by Operation Rainfall staff):
  3. Make sure you say thank you to the ones responsible for this:  MonolithSoft and Nintendo.
  4. If you haven’t done so yet, please be sure to register your copy of the game.
  5. A few people are experiencing trouble getting the disc to read in their Wii. Nintendo of America has a dedicated troubleshooting page: (Click Xenoblade Chronicles > Xenoblade Chronicles Game-Specific Troubleshooting) (Please keep in mind that The Last Story is also contained on a dual-layer disc, so it’s best to get this problem taken care of ASAP)
  6. Xenoblade Chronicles is retailer-exclusive. In the United States and Canada, you can only purchase the game new through GameStop (in-store or online) or through ShopNintendo. Click here for a list of retailers that ship the game outside of the US and Canada. Orders from GameStop have already shipped and should arrive by Monday, orders made at ShopNintendo have also been marked as shipped, however we do not currently have an estimated arrival time.
  7. While you are at it, did you know that The Last Story is coming to North America this summer and will be published by XSEED Games? You can pre-order the game today on, GameStop, and eventually any fine retailer where video games are sold.

  8. Pandora’s Tower launches on April 13th in Europe, and April 12th in Australia, so even though we are all extremely excited about Xenoblade Chronicles release (and are still playing it ourselves!), we are going to go into an abrupt shift into promoting Pandora’s Tower later this week. We feel that sales overseas are a crucial factor in determining whether the game will be released in America. Feel free to hang around our website and social media pages as much as you like to talk Xenoblade Chronicles, we aren’t forgetting about it, we just have a very short window to promote all three games. Click Here for more information about Pandora’s Tower Month.
  9. Most importantly, have a safe holiday weekend, and enjoy the game!



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