Peach Beach Splash | Gatling Guns, Graduation, and Galactic Heroes

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NSFW Warning: The following video contains slippery sexy shinobi spraying sensational showers skillfully. Or, in other words, this is Senran Kagura, why would you watch this at work?

Episode 02: Gatling Guns, Graduation, and Galactic Heroes

Welcome back to more Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash!

This time we start the Hanzō Arc of Story Mode which begins with us welcoming Ayame into the fold! Yes, our long-time shopkeeper looks to be moving up the world. In fact, she may end up becoming an Elite once Katsuragi and Ikaruga graduate. However, this brings us our theme here: graduation.

While Katsuragi seems eager to take on the final exam, Ikaruga seems to grow distant anytime it’s brought up. What’s the reason for that? We’ll just have to find out. That is if the Galatic Hero that is Daidōji and her Gatling Gun doesn’t defeat us first.

Get ready for a wild and wet beginning with the Hanzō girls!

Additional Thoughts and Notes

Where to even start?

I always love the Hanzō storylines because we get to see Katsuragi be the loveable bundle of perviness that we’re all accustomed too. Only in Senran Kagura would her grooming Ayame to be her replacement be taken seriously. Or make any sense for that matter. As for Ayame’s debut, I actually do like how they’re integrating her here. When you consider she’s already a staple of the Versus games, it makes sense to finally give her a chance to shine. Plus her antics with Katsuragi are just adorable. Ikaruga’s plight makes sense as well.

While obviously, this is only the start of the game, I do like that they are tackling this issue of graduation. Of course, Ikaruga is going to be sad, she’s basically been fighting a war alongside these people for the last few years. They’re her source of stability if nothing else. I’m still not sure where they are headed with this, but I think a good plot point to bring up.

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