Starting today, March 27th, and running up until the launch of Xenoblade Chronicles on April 6th, Operation Rainfall will be celebrating with a 10-day countdown to celebrate the release and encourage people to pick up a copy of the game.

What can you expect? News, previews, trailers, screenshots, and the usual hype building stuff, all spoiler free. Also, we plan on offering a few tips, hints, and tricks to help everyone out (we’ll be sure to mark anything that applies to later parts of the game as “spoilers”)

We’ll be taking a massive amount of time to say “thanks” to Nintendo of America and MonolithSoft. We’ll be pulling out all the stops, and just for fun we’ll be digging through our archives so we can share a few of the highlights of the campaign from when we first got our start after E3 2011 until the game was announced.

To cap it all off, on Friday, April 6, we’ll all be able to walk into GameStop and pick up our copy of the game, proud of the fact that we may have played a role, however small, in the game coming to America.

We expect to have minimal news and updates for about three days after the games launch, because first off, we’ll all be out playing the game ourselves, and secondly, out of respect for the amazing game that MonolithSoft has created.

Once again, the festivities begin today and run until launch day (April6), when you should all be picking up your copy of the game!

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