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  1. Xenoblade was created by Monolith Soft and  was co-created by gaming mastermind Tetsuya Takahashi. Games that he was involved with that you likely have played include FF IV-VII, Chrono Trigger, and Xenogears.
  2. This game is a completely new experience having nothing to do with the other “Xeno” games. The Xeno title was added to honor Takahashi. So don’t worry if this is your first “Xeno” game.
  3. Xenoblade offers some of the most beautiful landscapes and music ever created in a video game; so says many reviews. The game currently has a 92 on Metacritic and a 93.87% on Game Rankings.
  4. Xenoblade lasts around 60 hours for the main story, and well over 100 hours if you choose to explore everything the game offers. There is even a New Game +.
  5. The creators of Xenoblade attemted to blend aspects of Western RPGs and Japanese RPGs for a truly unique RPG gaming experience.
  6. This game has a lot of content. There are tons of quests you can do, in the tune of 400 or so. You can build skills and even link certain skills to every character in your party, build relationships, craft jewels that can be attached to your equipment to boost your stats, and there is even a town building sidequest.
  7. Every creature you kill will drop a chest. Chests vary from regular, silver, and gold. Chests are filled with quest items, equipment, weapons, and gems.
  8. You will love the entrancing story, and all the characters have “heart” . Every character enhances the experience of the game as, unlike many JRPGS, no character is really left behind since they all play a role in the story.
  9. This is a live action RPG and the battles play out very similar to FFXII or World of Warcraft. There are no random battles, so you only fight when you choose to. There are high level enemies sprinkled all over the game (even in low level areas), meaning there is always a challenge waiting for you regardless of your level.
  10. Buying Xenoblade lets Nintendo know that there is still an audience for JRPGs in the Nintendo of America region.


Ryan Tyner
Ryan is an owner and manager of the oprainfall website, mostly managing changes needed for the website and maintenance. He also writes articles from time-to-time. His gaming interests include mostly RPGs; both Western and Japanese. Ryan has a graduate degree in psychology.