>Join us as we post on Nintendo’s Facebook wall Friday January 27 as we ask Nintendo to localize ‘The Last Story’. It is important to note that this is for one day only. The plan is to target any posts that Nintendo might make on that day (not including anything involving charity though). In the case that Nintendo doesn’t make a post for that day, we will be targeting their last available post. So again, on January 27th, start posting on their last post and if they post anything else that day, target those as well. Once the day is over, we stop!

What to post. We prefer that you post one of the following messages but you are free to be creative. Just copy and Paste:

☐ It’s the one year anniversary of the release of The Last Story in Japan. Please bring this exceptional title to our region as well!
☐ I pledge to buy Xenoblade Chronicles to show that games like Xenoblade, The Last Story, and Pandora’s Tower can sell in America.
☐ Thank you Nintendo for releasing Xenoblade, but don’t forget about The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower!

Try to avoid getting in conflicts with other people on Nintendo’s Facebook wall. Not everybody is going to agree with us and that’s OK. Also, spread your messages out to one every couple of hours; it is more effective this way.

Tweet @NintendoAmerica on January 27. The same info can be applied from the Facebook Info above more or less.

Other ways to contact NoA on Friday:|

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