Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception & Mask of Truth Are Coming West

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

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Atlus U.S.A. have announced that the second and third games in the Aquaplus-developed visual novel/strategy RPG Utawarerumono trilogy will be coming to both North America as physical and digital releases on PS4 (US and Europe) and physically and digitally on PS Vita (US only, EU version is digital). The PS4 version will be priced at $49.99 and the PS Vita version will be $39.99. Mask of Deception will be releasing in the Srping with Mask of Truth releasing later in the year. Mask of Deception is rated M, and both games are the sequels to the Japanese only eroge visual novel, titled Utawarerumono. Both titles will retain the original Japanese audio.

A trailer was released for Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception, you can check that out below.

Here is the press release, via ATLUS:

IRVINE, Calif. – Jan. 18, 2017Those looking to explore a world full of fantastical beasts, powerful magic, political intrigue, and unlikely heroes will be able to scratch their adventurous and unleash their inner strategist, because ATLUS will be publishing two new games from veteran storytellers AQUAPLUS! Two visual novel and strategy RPGsUtawarerumono: Mask of Deception and Utawarerumono: Mask of Truthwill be released in the Americas on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in both physical and digital formats; the European PS4 version will have a physical release, but the PS Vita version will be digital-only. Mask of Deception will release in the spring, and the game’s direct sequel, Mask of Truth will release later in the year with English text and the original Japanese audio. For both games, the PS4 version will be $49.99, and the PS Vita version will be $39.99.

Originally known as Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen in Japan, Mask of Deception is a grand tale meant to enchant the hearts and minds of players in search of incredible journey. The game begins atop a snowy mountain where the protagonist awakens in an unfamiliar wilderness, surrounded by deadly creatures, with nothing but a hospital gown and a splitting headache. However, he’s eventually rescued by a beautiful girl named Kuon, who sports both adorable animal ears and a beastlike tail. Finding that the hapless man has no memory of anything, Kuon decides to take the amnesiac into her care, naming him Haku. As their journey takes them across the land, Haku will (reluctantly) encounter colorful characters (yes, that means more animal people), build deep relationships, battle ruthless enemies, and find himself inexorably dragged into the political machinations of the mighty nation of Yamato.

Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception features:
  • An Unforgettable StoryMask of Deception offers a story-rich visual novel experience (40-50+ hours long) that lets players shape the future of a fully realized world filled with fantastical lore and history! Mask of Deception sets up the story for a thrilling conclusion in Mask of Truth, and we’ll reveal more information about the final game at a later date.
  • An Active SRPG Battle System – Players will need to defend Haku and his friends by engaging in intense SRPG combat with the various hostiles that populate the world. The battle system is a thrilling mix of turn-based tactics and Attack Chain mechanics. Players can remain active during combat by successfully completing timing-based charging rings to execute critical attacks or vital dodges/blocks.
  • Fully Fleshed Out Combat – Unique combat features such as the rewind function, elemental affinities/weaknesses, unique character skills, and more add a layer of depth to fights. It’ll take true tactical acumen to emerge victorious in battle!
  • Breathtaking Art – With a stunning art style and beautifully rendered cutscenes, the game is a feast for the eyes for Japanese visual novel and anime aficionados!
  • Beautiful Songs and a Thrilling Score – The rousing music, recorded and remastered at the legendary Abbey Road Studios and EastWest Studios, is a perfect soundtrack to accompany a great adventure.
A brief note on content: While ATLUS is committed to bringing over games that are as true to their original forms as possible, in the case of Mask of Deception, a scene had to have a small content edit to comply with various regional regulations about the depiction of physical discipline to minors. We worked with AQUAPLUS to keep the scope of the editing to an absolute minimum, and we both agree the change made to the scene in the game still conveys its full meaning without running into issues.
Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception and Utawarerumono: Mask of Truthwill both be available digitally and physically for PS4 ($49.99) and PS Vita ($39.99) systems in 2017. The games, originally published/developed by AQUAPLUS, will have their original Japanese audio. Both titles are not yet rated by the ESRB and more information is available at atlus.com/uta.

About Joseph Puntschart

A university student who loves niche games and desires for them to be more fairly represented in the world. Favourite games include Persona 4 Golden, Super Mario Galaxy, Kingdom Hearts II and IA/VT Colorful. Hopes that one day a Japanese publisher will take the risk and make a Yaoi ecchi game. Think Valkyrie Drive with guys and you're on the right lines.

  • Panpopo

    That’s a really good price for the PS4 version, especially for 2 games. Will have to resist urge to double dip!

  • Nin

    >Mask of Deception is censored
    Sigh, I’ll probably buy it, since Europe seems to be the issue more than anything Atlus USA can control. I may simply opt for buying a used version though.

    If nothing else, I can buy Mask of Truth without any regrets.

    • Buy it used so they lose money.

  • Mr0303

    So right out of the gate there is a censored scene. By the sound of it, it may be spanking or something. When did “physical discipline to minors” become such an issue? At least they are open about it.

    • REVIEWButtdungeon USA

      They are being weird about it. If you saw the anime you would know which scene it was.

    • Mr0303

      Yeah, I saw the scene and it had more of a comedic overtone than child abuse.

      Plus real world laws shouldn’t affect fictional characters. Murder is illegal in most places and we do it all the time in games.


      But it does. Plus it’s only one scene and I don’t feel it alters much in the grand scheme of things. Of course, I do want to see the redone scene.

    • Mr0303

      Then this needs to change. When it comes to art nothing should be off limits.

      Hopefully nothing else is changed.

    • Don’t support censorship.


      I will support what is needed to have been changed in one of my most hyped VN localisations. If you’re that pissed, wait for somebody to patch the PS Vita version with the restored version for 1CG.

    • Why did it needed to be change? Censorship is never needed. Hopefully they will release a PS4 and PC version that is not censored for babies.

    • Miqubi

      The PC is never happening, the first title was on PC, then these were console only, Atlus is not going to ask for a port and I don’t see SEGA Europe picking it up, they only output surefire mainstream titles on PC, a port of an obscure VN on PC from them isn’t coming out anytime soon… you’d have more chances of them porting P5… they are not porting Valkyria Revolution and with the sales of the first VC that should tell you everything about SEGA

    • Never say never when it comes to PC ports. This game could come to PC seeing how VNs sell best on PC. Sega already said that they will increase PC support so who knows. I think the new Valkyria game will come to PC seeing how well VC sold on PC just wait for when the game comes to the west. I hope that a PC and PS4 port is in the works and will not be censored like the baby Vita verison.

    • Miqubi

      I know what SEGA said, but they don’t go for niche titles that will sell about 10-20k on Steam, they focus primarily on mainstream games, Utawarerumono isn’t worth the effort.
      I think Valkyria has a chance as well but not on release, you should expect Shenmue though.

    • Valkyria Chronicles is a niche game and it sold almost a million copies. Plus as I said VNs sell best on PC so Sega would be crazy not to have it on PC.

      Seeing how great Valkyria Chronicles sold on steam I am sure the new game will come to PC when it comes to the Xbone and PS4 in the west.

    • Miqubi

      Don’t get me wrong I believe those games would probably earn a profit and cover the developement costs, what I am saying is that SEGA isn’t interested in “20k copies sold at launch” like S-C who said Danganronpa did well when it was around that threshold, they want gangbuster titles like Total War, Dawn of War, Motosport Manager and Football Manager.



      SEGA is CRAZY, Sega is the living incarnation of disappointment.

    • Bayonetta sold great on steam.

    • Miqubi

      I know i track sales of games on a daily basis as a hobby and bayo os among them, I still don’t think we’ll ever see utaware


      I’m inclined to agree with this. Even specialist companies like MangaGamer struggle to get their VNs to get good exposure on Steam, and like both Utawarerumono games most of them are are all-ages.

      I do think those games would benefit from a PC port. Though I wouldn’t expect it unless Aquaplus decide to do it. Aquaplus seem to have abandoned the 18+ PC market with their recent releases, I can’t see them getting back into it for the sakes of gaijin like Falcom did. Shame, because I’d love White Album 2 from them.

      SEGA Europe are a disappointment all round when it comes to niche games, so I’d expect nothing from them so you aren’t disappointed.

    • Miqubi

      I think that their all-ages release help though, because I keep seeing in their forums people that sometimes discover their 18+ store and start buying there through steam forum, so while the all-ages VN maybe don’t bring in much cash themselves they may act as good “promotional material” for the 18+ versions
      We know at the very least that JAST USA reported an increase in sales for little witch romanesque on their 18+ store following the publishing on Steam of the all-ages.

    • Why would the game not benefit from a PC release? PC ports are far more cheaper and profile than releasing it on handhelds or consoles as the games are digital on PC.


      It would benefit in the sense that it does allow for small startups to minimise risk, likewise for untested genres and dirt cheap games. However, it should strictly remain for those purposes. Digital only games are almost always not worth full price, there is no guarentee you will be able to play them if Steam goes down without resorting to piracy, likewise the hardcopies we do get tend to be for hentai visual novels which for folks outside of America this is not really viable without entering a legal minefield.

    • But digital games are far superior to physical games. And I am pretty sure that valve already said that if they ever shut down that the games will be advilable for download. Plus we have DRM free options on PC with GOG and etc. Really seeing how great AAA games performs on PC it is a great option for all games. And plus VNs sell best on PC anyway.

    • Alistair

      Yes it is, that will be the cherry picking murder is okay sexual themes is not however it is be tongue in cheek.

  • Mr0303

    Also good on Deep Silver for localising these in Europe. I’m glad they
    are publishing more niche titles over here. Anyone but NISA is a good
    thing in my view.

    • Miqubi

      wait for when that contract runs out and we’re back to waiting 2 years :p

  • Warning this game is censored so don’t support it.

  • Alistair

    Once again such BS that i wont support.

    The anima in the game is uncensored but, 1 still CG is censored what BS is that, and No it wont be PEGI had a issue with it.

  • Alistair

    Hmm speaking of spanking CG 1 and 2 got a lot of that spanking of 2 minors “lolis” And both are censored.

    Devs really need a disclaimers on the box covers for thick cunts to understand that “no fictional characters was harm marking of this game”.