Xenoblade X Localization Will Have Both English & British Voice Acting

Tuesday, August 11th, 2015

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Xenoblade X 23

One thing that made Xenoblade and by extension, The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower stand out among its peers was its use of British voice acting instead of the efforts of English voice acting. Being that Nintendo of Europe went and cast competent voice actors didn’t hurt matters either, and the games were lauded for it, especially Xenoblade. With the news that Nintendo of America would be handling the localization of Xenoblade X, many just passed on the thought of the game using British voicing exclusively like its predecessor, if any at all, until now.

During this year’s Gamescom, a representative of Nintendo of Europe claimed on their Live Twitch feed for the Xenoblade X demonstration that the game will feature both English and British voice acting mixed in. While it may not be as prevalent as many hoped it could have been, its good that they at least considered it and done something nice for those who enjoyed the original game’s voice performances. Its also nice that Nintendo of America would continue to broaden the game’s voice acting line up instead of going with the usual by the numbers anime voice actors we’re so used to hearing in Japanese dubbed games.

Xenoblade X is a Wii U exclusive and will be released on December 4th of this year in North America and that same month in Europe.


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  • Rodan Hibiki

    “English and British”

    Aren’t those the same thing? I think you meant British and American.

    • blackice85

      Yeah as an American I usually assume ‘English’ means American VAs, but in this context it should be American and British to be more specific.

    • Rikun

      Yeah but I live in America and I speak spanish (America is a continent) so I think is more specific English in USA and British xD

    • blackice85

      I don’t even know what you’re trying say here lol.

    • Hogtree Octovish

      As an English (and British) citizen, I’ve learned to accept that in most cases “English dub” just means “English-language dub with Murican actors”. *shrug*

      But this (the article title) is just stupid.

    • Kelechuckuw K.c.W

      to certain people they aren’t I’m stiil confuse why most people I seen online want brit voice for a states colony that far into the furture where they were in space for a bit now if it were a colony of england or briton that would make sense but a colony of the uninted states Ny or L.A. to still sound like that you ether have to have a weird madonnna complex or you’d have to have recently moved ther& that latter part doesn’t compute.

    • Hogtree Octovish

      Wut? The point is that English is called English because it was invented by the English (with help from the invading Anglo-Saxon forces) who live in England was last time I checked was part of Britain.
      So calling the English language and the British language two different things is just illogical.
      Unless you’re talking about something like the Welsh language. Which IS different.

      The reason people want British actors in XenoCross is because of Xenoblade (the previous game) featuring a British cast.
      And no-one’s saying it should be ALL (or even a majority) British, just a few here-and-there.
      And it was never a No Brits, No Buy situation, just a suggestion.

      And I’m guessing by “Madonna complex”, you mean what happened when the singer Madonna married Guy Ritchie.
      I’d forgotten about that, but (if I’m remembering correctly) that was fucking weird.

      I would prefer if Americans played the Earthling characters, and the British played the non-Earthlings, but I haven’t had a proper look at the game yet to see how that would fit.

    • Kelechuckuw K.c.W

      no you didn’t some people at siliconera they said & ment all a the time.

  • Zoozbuh

    Why not just use the words “American and British” voice-acting to make the difference clearer? I get that Americans would think their voice track is the definitive “English” one, but actually it just made it really confusing to read.

    Also I’m wondering whether they will collaborate with some actual British voice actors, or just throw a bunch of fake accents in there… I’m hoping the former, lol.

    • blackice85

      I don’t think they’re redubbing the American voices with British, just that not all of the characters are voiced with American voice actors in the first place. According to the source they’ll be mixed together to some unknown degree, and that together will be the ‘English’ audio.

      And for me at least, the different British accents are only noticeable for a few minutes, if that. Like many others, I thought the English dubs for XC were excellent overall. So together with the good (IMO) American voices I’ve heard thus far, I have high hopes for the final product.

  • Proteus

    Japanese audio option is where?

    • blackice85

      That’d be a nice inclusion, but might be prohibitively expensive. I’m not a seiyuu buff or anything, but I think I recall that they used some that were fairly high profile, not to mention the size of the game. And honestly, if the English dub is good like the last game I personally won’t even mind if it’s missing.

  • Go2hell66

    English and British damn lol

  • Hogtree Octovish

    So there’ll be one dub using just English actors and another using a mix of English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish actors.
    And I’m guessing a third with American actors is still going.

    I hope that with the different same language dubs, they’ll still be room for Japanese one.

    (Seriously, though, English AND British? You do realise why English is called English?)

    • Hogtree Octovish

      *reads actual article*
      Yeah, a lack of British actors was the one thing I thought was missing from XenoCross (not that it would’ve stopped me from buying the game either way), so I’m happy with this decision.