SteamWorld Heist

Remember that awesome game called SteamWorld Dig, that came out of nowhere and charmed the pants off of everyone? That game was a great take on the metroidvania style, oozing a unique style and universe. The reason that is relevant is this Fall we are getting another game set in that series from the good folks at Image & Form. However, besides the name and focus on sentient robots, the games couldn’t be more different.

While SteamWorld Dig was a Western metroidvania, SteamWorld Heist is a Space drama much more focused on managing a group of less than scrupulous robots as they loot and plunder on the spaceways. Like its predecessor, Heist is slated to come to the 3DS eShop, and it’s looking pretty good. The trailer shows off lots of robot on robot action, highlighting a unique bullet ricochet system that looks to be quite fun. It also showed off some of the crew that will work with you on your spacebound hijinks. Looks like SteamWorld Heist will be another great jaunt for 3DS fans this Fall.

Josh Speer
Josh is a passionate gamer, finding time to clock in around 30-40 hours of gaming a week. He discovered Operation Rainfall while avidly following the localization of the Big 3 Wii RPGs. He enjoys SHMUPS, Platformers, RPGs, Roguelikes and the occasional Fighter. He’s also an unashamedly giant Mega Man fan, having played the series since he was eight. As Head Editor and Review Manager, he spends far too much time editing reviews and random articles. In his limited spare time he devours indies whole and anticipates the release of quirky, unpredictable and innovative games.