The long-awaited indie Treasurenauts will be launching next year. A new interview with 4colorrebellion revealed some juicy morsels from Jools Watsham’s studio Atooi, including the treasure-hunting game’s release date, Chicken Wiggle, and more. Despite being announced way back in 2013, the finishing touches have just begun in time for a 2018 release, slipping from this year.

…We are finally on the finishing path to bringing Treasurenauts to launch. I am ridiculously excited about that. We do not have a release date at this time, but a 2018 release looks more realistic than 2017. I am actively working on the game now, and my approach is to make it all that it can be. Fortunately, a lot of the heavy lifting has already been accomplished, which allows me to focus on the smaller details, such as enemies, bosses, and bonus gameplay features. There is still a lot of work to do, though. And, I am determined to work on Treasurenauts uninterrupted until it is complete. EXCITE!

Treaurenauts will be launching across 3DS, PC, and the Nintendo Switch, as confirmed back in February. What will not be on the Switch is Chicken Wiggle, the 2D level designer awash in pixel art launching on 3DS and mobile app stores. Jools also confirmed the game is in the approval phase with Nintendo, and will carry a $14.99 price tag in accordance with its content.

To wit, Chicken Wiggle will have 48 levels, online sharing, and stereoscopic 3D to its claim, adding to the price and bringing it to similar levels as previous games from Jools Watsham on the platform.

Another surprise from the interview concerns one such franchise of Watsham’s fame: Mutant Mudds. A form of the franchise will appear on the Switch sometime this year.

We have something Mutant Mudds related coming to the Switch this year, as well as a few other secrets lined up for the future.

The triple threat of Treasurenauts, Chicken Wiggle, and an untitled Mutant Mudds for Switch, have not a precise release date. Stay tuned for further developments from Atooi’s future titles.


Alex Irish
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