Dark Souls III was announced during Microsoft’s 2015 E3 presentation and we got to attend a very special behind closed doors hands off preview of the game from none other than Hidetake Miyazaki.


The story is based in a apocalyptic world where human like creatures bow to the sun and crowd around dead trees. The world is full of ash, upon further investigation you notice that the ash is coming off of a dead dragon. The pure scope of Dark Souls III is incredible; for example, the player standing on a roof and looks out into the distant far away there’s a castle. This castle may be far, but it is not out of reach. Buildings and structures are all meant to be explored in Dark Souls III, that being said, like classic Dark Souls entries enemies are strategy placed to kill you and the turn of a corner could lead to your death.


The battle system in Dark Souls III is far faster than in previous installments, but slower than Bloodborne. Players going in expecting the sluggish characters and slow paced battles they are used to will be disappointed. Each sword, which was the only primary weapon shown, has two powerful attacks the player can use in order to break guards and turn stand a chance up against stronger enemies. The short bow will be a secondary weapon used to seamlessly shoot and switch back to primary very quickly. The best example to describe this is as Miyazaki said, “Like Legolas from The Lord of the Rings.”


Miyazaki has announced that dragons will be a big part of Dark Souls III. After taking a break from them while working on Bloodborne, which has no dragons, he was excited to show off one in the preview. Magic, though not shown, was also said to be appearing in the game.

Dark Souls III appears to have all the right elements to keep old fans coming back for more and be accessible to new ones. It is set for an early 2016 release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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