SEGA Registers Trademark for Shining Seed

Sunday, February 15th, 2015

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Hachima Kikou writes that SEGA’s trademark for “Shining Seed” has gone public. There are no details on what exactly Shining Seed is, but it’s likely another full-fledged Shining RPG. You can check out the trademark below, courtesy of Hachima Kikou:

Shining Seed Trademark | oprainfall

A glimpse at the legalese that protects video game properties.

The most recent Shining game to be released is Shining Resonance. It was developed by Media.Vision (known for working on Valkyria Chronicles 3 and the Wild Arms series, among other titles) and released in December of last year in Japan. SEGA has been regularly supporting it with DLC since its release. Shining Resonance was also the only game in the franchise to be released on the seventh generation of consoles; before then, several entries were released on the PSP or the DS, so it will be interesting to see which platform Shining Seed ends up on.

While Shining hasn’t seen a localized presence in quite a while (outside of the crossover title Project X Zone, the last Shining game localized for audiences beyond Japan was 2007’s Shining Force EXA), the franchise remains popular in Japan. There is a Shining all-star 2D fighter called Blade Arcus from Shining that released in Japan last year. The Shining Fan Festa is an annual series of conventions for Shining series fans in Japan and has been running for a couple of years. Besides those, the Shining series receives a fair amount of additional merchandise like artbooks and figurines, similar to Bandai Namco Games’ Tales of series.


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  • Tara

    I would very much like to see a new Shining series title make it out of Japan, but with the direction Sega recently stated (Digital only, cutting back US operations) I fear we won’t be seeing any of these titles… and as much as I hate to say it, what I forsee this being is a mobile title, so not only would we not get it anyway, but we wouldn’t likely want it…

    Anyway, I would very much like to see them bring Shining Resonance around, but I don’t think that’s going to happen, either, unfortunately. I have chosen to import most of the games they haven’t brought over, though. Unfortunately, my Japanese is sorely lacking.

    Anyway, I recall that there were a lot of folks that were absolutely certain we’d get Shining Force Feather, and we didn’t get that, either. I’d like to hold out a little hope that the series may make a trip across the ocean again sometime soon, though.

    • azariosays

      i hate seeing news about shining series because i want to play these games so badly

    • Tara

      I don’t like that the series has become pretty much entirely Japan-only, but I do like to hear that they exist. Not to get my hopes up, of course, but so I at least know they’re there so I can try and import them.

      Not a solution for everyone, of course, but it’s still there.

  • Taiyaki

    To be honest it’s not a loss, aside from Tony Taka’s beautiful artwork the SHining series has been ruined. I wish Sega had created a new IP instead of using the name of a series which has nothing to do with what they used it for.

    Shining Force was Camelot’s baby. Shining Soul was a mediocre but still recognizable sequel (or prequel rather) as was Shining Soul II. Everything after that is Shining only in name (although Tears did try somewhat).

    • Tara

      The action-RPG Shining games do what they do quite well, though.

      It’s true that Shining Force was definitely Camelot’s “baby”, but they were always a third party that was contracted out to make them, so it always was Sega’s to do whatever they wanted with it.

      All I know is, they had a falling-out partway through the Shining Force III saga, and after those were released in Japan, Camelot didn’t touch SF again. (Hell, we didn’t even get all three parts here. A compilation of all three in English would be fantastic, but not gonna happen.)

      Anyway, I will say, though, I agree Tony Taka’s artwork is most definitely a draw for me with the series. I remember a few years back, they actually released a Shining Tears/Shining Wind artbook full of his art from the games… as well as a lot of art that wasn’t used in the games at all. For whatever reason, that book got an English printing, which was welcomed, but quite odd considering half of the book’s contents were for a game that never left Japan. (But beautiful book, if it’s still possible to find, I’d recommend it if you like Tony Taka’s artwork.)

    • Taiyaki

      Actually they used to be a second party developer known as Team Sonic then Sonic Software Planning (as seen in Shining Wisdom and Shining the Holy Ark) until they separated from Sega to form Camelot Software Planning. You can see them develop games for Sony before Shining Force III such as Beyond the Beyond and Minna no golf.

      The problem with Sega was that when Shining Force III was in development Sega pulled back resources from the development of the 3rd (perhaps also 2nd) scenario to focus on the Dreamcast. Sega basically betrayed the promise to Camelot but Camelot continued to finish the entire project the way they wanted to (the result was an unforgettable TRPG for the Saturn). They were also upset that corporate Sega decided against localizing the second and third part in the west. After that they cut ties with Sega and later on built a strong relationship with Nintendo. I can’t put sources to this but I’m quite sure what I wrote is accurate.

    • Taiyaki

      And yes the Shining World artbook is awesome. I really love Tony Taka’s art too. 🙂

    • Tara

      Oh, didn’t even know that about being second party to Sega. So sort of like Sega’s version of Rare, except Camelot actually continued to make good things after the seperation.

      Anyway, it’s honestly a shame about SFIII, I’ve actually always wanted to play it, but I haven’t tried emulating it or anything. I hear the Saturn is a bitch to emulate properly, and I believe I’d heard of fan translations of parts 2 and 3 of SFIII.

      Unfortunately, much as I hate to say it, Sega’s localization of the 2nd and 3rd scenarios for SFIII are pretty much par for the course with their treatment of the series anymore. Even Shining Tears basically had a “part 2” with Shining Wind, and they didn’t bother bringing that over, either. :/ (And by all accounts, I think it’s a better game than Shining Tears, and I liked Shining Tears quite a bit. The worst thing about Tears, though, were the load times. Everything else was great.)

    • Taiyaki

      I agree, Wind is better. With Tears everything was good until the end part of the game were the frame rate went to hell and the game slaps carpel tunnel syndrome on you. Seriously I had thumb pain for days after finishing the last part lol.

      Personally I play on the real system but Saturn emulation has gone a long way. There’s an emu called SSF (I believe it’s Japanese developed) which may not be spot on accurate as bsnes is but it’s really excellent and plays the translated SFIII games fine or so I hear. 🙂

      Sega has become a shadow of it’s former self and it’s a real shame. When they bought index I was hoping to see some real changes at least with their rpg ip’s but so far I’ve been let down.

    • Tara

      I can’t confirm this, but supposedly the Japanese version of Tears did
      not have the loading issues, and also supposedly used the PS2 HDD if you
      had it. Supposedly some of the changes they made to the US version caused some problems, too. (A problem I’ve noticed with a lot of games where they remove voicework or music, the game actually seems to try loading what isn’t there first before going “not gonna find it, okay” and increasing load times a ton. It always seems to be with games that they obviously rushed through localization.)

      Anyway, I’ll look into the methods you mentioned, I’d like to play Shining Force III. (I don’t have a Saturn, I grew up a Nintendo kid. Sega was no longer relevant as a console maker by the time I branched out to other systems.) I generally don’t like using “non-official” methods, but sometimes it’s just a necessary evil. Bleh.

      Anyway, I agree Sega isn’t what they used to be, and I really don’t like that the cost of them making a bunch of bad “big budget” games is that they punish the fans of lesser-known/less popular series by just dropping those altogether. I mean, like… where’s Phantasy Star Online 2? I played the Japanese version for a while, before they blocked all the International players, and it was a lot of fun, doesn’t even feel like an MMO. (If I had to describe it, it was like Phantasy Star Portable 2, with a bigger lobby area with more players. And a really action-packed battle system that was more like a Tales game than the standard “sit and left click to kill things” so many MMOs use.)

      I personally hold out a slight bit of hope that MAYBE Atlus will request permission to localize something like Shining Resonance… but Atlus has actually really backed off the third-party localizing lately, too. v_v; I remember when they used to bring a lot of quirky games from other companies that wouldn’t have made it here otherwise. Now they’re basically an SMT factory. And I know Atlus did publish Citizens of Earth, but it’s not like they actually did any work on that one, that was all on the developer. (Though I do understand they bankrolled the game a bit, even so, it didn’t use their localization resources.)

    • Taiyaki

      Yes now that you mention it I remember SHIning Tears being compared to the JPN version for the reasons you mentionned.

      Never played Phantasy Star Online 2. Although the first one was very fun I really didn’t like the change to MMO (which was mostly offline at the time since most of us didn’t have the modem setup for PSO). Phantasy Star II, III and IV and to me IV is one of the best rpg’s ever made with outstanding visual style and story. But since you speak highly of PSO2 I’d like to try it at some point.

      That’s exactly what Sega does. They milk their big names with mediocre to bad games on a constant basis. Every franchise Sega has touched such as the Altered Beast, Golden Axe, Shining series, frankly even Phantasy Star imo they just mess up. I’m rather grateful they haven’t touched Streets of Rage and Skies of Arcadia again (if they announced it now it would probably be a mobile game lol). I miss Sakura Taisen games too and Red entertainment is still active, they assisted Intelligent Systems in developing Fire Emblem Awakening after all. Wish they’d team up with Sega again.

      I think my favorite Sega game in recent years was Valkyria Chronicles. The visual style was so original and the gameplay was fun, but then when they made the sequels they had to drop the beautiful visuals for a more traditional anime style, what a shame.

      Atlus is still a great company but I agree with you. Now a days it’s mostly SMT and DIsgaea spin offs and sequels that come out. But sometimes they still do come out with something amazing, such as DanganRonpa. 🙂