Smashing Saturdays! Finale: Top 15 Wanted Brawlers

Saturday, November 22nd, 2014

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Smashing Saturdays - Super Smash Bros. | oprainfall

I actually almost wrote up a Most Wanted Brawler article for the good doctor, but then convinced myself that a character who fights in a hovering robot would be unfeasible. Then I saw Bowser Jr. on the roster, and completely changed my tune. Dr. Eggman has been the nemesis of that stupid hedgehog for many, many years, and I feel he has just as much right to be on that roster as Bowser. Furthermore, I can see him having a very interesting and unique moveset based around various contraptions hidden in his hover chair. Hell, he could even trap foes in the capsules that Sonic always broke those little animals out of! The sky is really the limit with his moveset, and if nothing else, I could see him playing as a bulkier, slower and meaner version of Bowser Jr. I just want more villains in Smash, and feel Dr. Eggman would be an inspired choice.

Smashing Saturdays - Super Smash Bros. | oprainfall

This next possibility has been floating around the interwebs for quite some time, so I figured we ought to at least mention it on our list. Many folks have been clamoring for Geno to reprise his role in Super Mario RPG in a Smash Bros. game, and it’s easy to see why. This spirit from Star Road was an instant hit with fans, a dynamic and battle worthy Pinocchio that could take out the trash. As far as fighting mechanics go, he would have a lot of options at his disposal, such as sniping foes with his Geno Beam, knocking foes out with his Missile Punch or using Geno Whirl for crowd control. They’d likely have to update his look some for Smash, since it’s been 18 years since the classic game came out, but I think he would make for a worthy addition, if Square Enix would only let us have him. Or, at the very least, he would make for a great Assist Trophy.

Smashing Saturdays - Super Smash Bros. | oprainfall

Okay, I can’t take full credit for the inclusion of the next possibility. That distinction goes to my trusty assistant Review Manager Tyler Lubben, who originally was planning on writing this particular character up. Regardless, I promised I’d cover Goemon in his stead, so I hope I do him proud.

First of all, who here is familiar with the Mystical Ninja Goemon series? They’ve been coming out in Japan since 1986 but the first one we got came here in 1991, called The Legend of the Mystical Ninja on the SNES. After that we had to wait another 6 years for the next entry on the GBA, followed the same year by the N64 installment. I played both the SNES and N64 games, and found them to be delightful, colorful and random as hell–especially the N64 one, which Tyler covered fondly in a retro review. So despite the series being around for a long time, us in North America only got three out of the more than a dozen titles. Since Sakurai loves retro underdogs, I see Goemon fitting right in. As for how he plays in Smash, I see Goemon being a very unique and cool Brawler, using his extendable pipe to thwack foes, tossing yen at them, and much more. He would likely be a highly technical player, akin to R.O.B. or Palutena, but that would only make mastering him all the more satisfying.

Smashing Saturdays - Super Smash Bros. | oprainfall

As for his Final Smash, what says mayhem more than assaulting foes atop a giant robot? Boarding the robot Impact, Goemon would wail on foes with his giant fists, as they scampered away from him. I see it playing similarly to a mix between the Landmaster and Zero Suit Samus’ Ship Final Smashes. It would be avoidable, but hectic. And hectic always makes things better in Smash.

Smashing Saturdays - Super Smash Bros. | oprainfall

If Little Mac can make the transition from Assist Trophy to brawler, why not other characters? I feel Kat & Anna would be a very cool combo, besides filling out the WarioWare representation a little. I see them constantly fighting as a pair, not unlike Duck Hunt Dog. Or perhaps each of the sisters would alternate between who does attacks, with one doing more damage and the other attacking faster. That random element could make them a powerhouse, yet still keep things from getting Ice Climbers complicated. Essentially they would be one fighter, so it wouldn’t tax the graphics too hard. Though I can’t think of what their Final Smash would be, I think the sword wielding sisters would be very fun.

Smashing Saturdays - Super Smash Bros. | oprainfall

ANDREW GALLAGHER: Considering that we already have both Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong playable, it is only natural that King K. Rool would be the next ideal candidate. I consider this to be an appropriate case because King K. Rool is one of the more iconic characters from the series and is the most iconic villain. He would definitely be better than the Tikis from the Donkey Kong Country Returns games, that’s for sure. Given that K. Rool has had forms as a pirate captain, a mad scientist and as a… boxer, there is definitely a lot of room for moveset potential. Particularly, I can picture his Final Smash being him using his blunderbuss in a similar manner to his boss fight in Donkey Kong Country 2.

Another reason that King K. Rool should be playable is simply because he looks like a character that would be cool to play as. Seriously, he just has an appearance that looks perfectly built for a game like Smash Bros. There is also the fact that the Smash Bros. series could use some more villains. Given the amount of room for potential, King K. Rool seems like a no brainer. If this is not enough to convince you, then this may.

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