What We Know About Xenoblade Chronicles X (So Far)

Friday, June 13th, 2014

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Well, for a start, its name.

This article is largely based on the Nintendo Treehouse streams, which showed Xenoblade Chronicles X first thing on the Tuesday of E3 and again on the Thursday. In both streams, three guys sat down for 45 minutes to play through the very beginning of the game and talk us through what was going on. I’m going to be talking about what was revealed during that stream, and what people have been able to infer from it and previous trailers. I’m also going to keep it spoiler-free, so everyone can enjoy it.

Xenoblade Chronicles X has a different story to the first game, and is going to be more of a spiritual sequel. I feel it’s also worth pointing out that there will be some throwbacks to previous Xeno games. So fans of Xenogears and Xenosaga can probably expect some familiar sights and references, though I don’t believe the story will be relating at all. I’m also going to state here that I have played Xenogears and Xenoblade through to completion, but due to console and then disc issues I only started Xenosaga a fortnight ago and am about 10 hours in.

Xenoblade Chronicles X

Guys, look! Monado hairpin!

The year is 2054. A war has broken out between two alien races, with Earth as the chosen battlefield. As the planet is decimated by the firefight, humans are seen leaving Earth in giant ships known as Arks in a last-ditch attempt to survive, in a scene which reminded me of the beginning of Xenogears.

Xenoblade Chronicles X - Ship Xenogears - Destroyed Ship Opening

Your character, customised and named by you, is awakened and brought out of their stasis pod by a woman named Elma. This takes place two months after the initial crash into the new world. Elma tells you that the surviving humans have set up their own city here named Neo Los Angeles, or NLA for short. She’s been working for the city finding those still asleep in stasis pods, such as yourself, and then bringing them back. This will be the basis for quests as well; finding certain people, as well as maybe precious possessions left behind and the like. Judging from the latest trailer at this year’s E3, you’ll also be fending off alien attacks.

Xenoblade Chronicles X

In this game, BLADE is an acronym for Beyond the Logos Artificial Destiny Emancipator. I don’t think we’ll be seeing a literal blade in this game, like the Monado in the first one. According to a user on NeoGAF, the Japanese dialogue makes it clear that BLADE is something installed inside a person’s head which allows them to “transcend the word of God” and overwrite their own destiny.

This makes me wonder all kinds of things. Do people in Xenoblade Chronicles X all come pre-programmed with some kind of “destiny”? Were they born with it? Was it put into their head by other people after birth? Or was BLADE invented so that they can overcome their pre-born destiny, which was given to them by God, thus giving them more freedom? The Monado, the blade in the first Xenoblade, allowed Shulk to do this very thing with his visions. This makes it sound like, maybe, more than one person will be able to change the future like Shulk could with his visions in the first game. I’m not sure whether everyone has the BLADE implants or whether it’s just a select few.

Xenoblade Chronicles X - BLADE

There’s another thing – what is this percentage shown in NLA, and why is it counting down? What happens if it reaches zero? I mean, in last year’s E3 trailer, they took a couple of seconds to cut away and show it going down from 60% to 59%, and I’m wondering why. Of course, it could be something totally inconsequential, but I’m bringing it to your attention in the hopes that maybe one of you can come up with an idea.

Xenoblade Chronicles X - 60 Percent Xenoblade Chronicles X - 59 Percent

Speaking of NLA, is it going to get completely destroyed at some point? The screens below show a giant machine attacking something whose shape reminds me of your newfound home. Maybe it’s not even NLA; maybe it’s another, similar city on the planet. I’m not sure whether more than one Ark that escaped Earth safely or not. It could even be full of friendly aliens!

E3 2013 Nintendo Direct X 2013-06-11 07_32_55 Xenoblade Chronicles X - Attacking City

Throughout the entire demo, your character is silent, which is making me wonder. Does Xenoblade Chronicles X have a silent protagonist, or were they simply not voiced for the demo? There is a large amount of appearance customisation in Xenoblade Chronicles X, from gender to facial features to tattoos. It says on the E3 website that even your character’s voice can be customised, but I suspect it may only be for battle grunts and such; I find it hard to believe that there would be multiple voices if they had to record every single cutscene each time, so I don’t think the main character is going to be voiced. There’s also going to be a number of times throughout the game where you can choose how your character reacts to a given situation, so you can personalise them further. Whether or not is has any effect on the story, I have no idea. I suspect it will affect your relationship with your allies though, in a similar fashion to the first Xenoblade’s heart-to-hearts.

Like in the first Xenoblade, in Xenoblade Chronicles X, and I quote, “if you can see it, you pretty much can go there”. Movement speed can be quickened by inpressing the left control stick on the GamePad, which will come in handy for all the running you’ll be doing finding landmarks, collectibles, ship artifacts and the place that gives you the prettiest view. Weather can change as time passes like it could in the first Xenoblade, possibly spoiling that view. You can also jump off that view with no consequences if you like, for there is no fall damage in this game!


Items and equipment can be downloaded from the ship artifacts you’ll find scattered across the planet. You can also find items in organic material… like… animal droppings… leaving you with new equipment and possibly a bad smell. Some of the ship artifacts will not be accessible at the start of the game; in order to gain access, you need to expand your social circles and build up NLA a bit, in what sounds to me like the affinity and Colony 6 building featured in the first Xenoblade. The landmarks and locations found in Xenoblade appear to be back, and I saw them in the demo labelled as landmarks and areas respectively. I suspect you’re revived at landmarks when you die, but I’m not certain on this one. I did note that there were no penalties for dying though, just like in the last game.

The beasts you find around the place will start attacking you under different circumstances, like in the first Xenoblade. Some will not attack unless you attack them first, some will attack if they see or hear you, while others still will attack if you pick a fight with one of its buddies nearby. They behave differently under different weather conditions and at different times of the day.

E3 2014 - Xenoblade Chronicles X

Battle! Those of you who have played the first Xenoblade will be very comfortable with the layout. As pictured above, we have an art palette on which you can put eight arts. The big circle in the middle is used to initiate the battle. It’s possible to switch from ranged to melee attacks on the fly; I’m not certain how this is done, but I’m pretty sure you just select the big circle in the middle. You do more damage in melee mode than in ranged mode; I imagine this would come at the cost of taking more damage. Another incentive for using melee attacks is that they fill up your TP gauge faster.

Yes. In additon to the cooldowns we saw in Xenoblade, there is also a TP bar that fills up as you auto-attack your foes, like the Talent Gauge in the previous game. So, using arts will put that art into cooldown AND consume some of your TP. As arts warm up, a little bar travels around the circle. What’s interesting is that this can fill up twice for bonus effects. It could make an attack more powerful, make a buff more potent; an example cited in the video was the ability to raise your shield twice in sucession. The type of arts that will warm up depend on the weapon you have out; melee attacks will allow melee arts to warm up and halt the progress of ranged arts, while equipping a ranged weapon will put a stopper on melee arts. This will really force you to think about which arts you want to use. Your allies are able to revive you, and you them, at the cost of 1,000 TP. I also want to note that TP doesn’t deplete as you run, but remains at the same level from which it was after your last battle.

Quick time events, which were called “Soul Voice” in the demo, can provide buffs to allies; a restoration of health was seen in the demo. They can be failed, have a success, or be a huge success. As you could probably guess, a huge success has a larger effect than a regular success, and requires precise timing. Your allies will also yell advice at you as you fight. Following this advice will increase your affinity with your ally and bring up a quick-time event. If you nail the event, it’ll add one bar to your Soul Gauge. There are three bars in total, and once all three are filled, you gain buffs. There’s a whole sub-menu dedicated to the Soul Gauge; you can select the conditions required to generate the quick-time event, the buffs you’ll be given, and so on. The Soul Gauge will deplete again at the end of the battle. It can also be depleted mid-battle if you revive an ally; when you use up your 1,000 TP to revive someone, a quick-time event may come up and your ally will have more health restored at the cost of one bar of the Soul Gauge.

E3 2014 - Xenoblade Chronicles X

You can see a full Soul Gauge here; just above and on the left side of the arts palette.

While battling, your terrain and position will affect how the fight plays out. Just above and to the right of the arts palette is some text telling you whether you’re at the front, back or the side of the monster, as well as whether you’re above it, below it or on equal (middle) ground. They also said that it’s possible to target certain body parts.

Now, in the first trailer, there was a person in a mech who attacked a monster, and it looked like they lopped part of the beast they were fighting clean off. In the image below on the left, you can see it before the strike. In the image on the right, it looks like that body part is spinning away. If this is true, I hope that it actually affects the battle in some way. I’m a huge Monster Hunter fan, and probably one of the only things about the series which really bugs me is that breaking monster body parts, with very few exceptions, doesn’t actually affect the fight in any way or really disadvantage the monster. So I really hope it does here.

Xenoblade Chronicles X - Neck Xenoblade Chronicles X - Spinning

Each character has two sets of stats. Their inner stats are those which remain constant and are affected by equipment. Their class stats vary as they swap between classes. These two different types of stats level up seperately. Each class has its own set of arts (skills), and every character has access to 10 classes including the base one. Each character has their own individual set of classes, and you can change them whenever you want, even mid-battle. When you level up in one class and learn some of its arts, you can then still put those arts on your palette when you swap to another class. Arts level up and get stronger the more you use them. All of this bodes well for those who love to strategise. Arts can be levelled up using BP, accumulated after battle. Levelling up arts can increase their potency and reduces their cooldown time.

Xenoblade Chronicles X - Class Tree

Note the bottom-right: A preview of the arts you can learn in that class.

Little has been shown on combat in mechs. There was some seen in the announcement trailer and last year’s E3 trailer, where they were also shown to be able to morph into vehicles for faster movement. It was shown in February this year that you can seemingly run in and out of them at will, and this year’s E3 trailer didn’t show any gameplay.

This game is going to be complex. And I’m going to love it.

In a breakaway from the rest of Monolith Soft’s games, it’s looking like this game will have some kind of online multiplayer component. The game’s announcement trailer, at one point, had what turned out to be a chat log in the corner. Fans translated it from Japanese and told us it was just a couple of people swapping greetings. We don’t know what sort of online mode there would be, but I imagine it would be something like finding stasis pods together, running errands for the citizens of NLA, things like that.

Xenoblade Chronicles X - Chatbox

Note the chatbox on the bottom-left, and the “Player 1” through to “Player 3” on the top-left.

All right. I’ve fangirled enough (for now), so let me ask: What do all of you think? I hope this article was helpful to you all, as I had a ball writing it (it’s exam period but shhh). I’m crossing my fingers that it’ll be playable at PAX Australia in November (I may be a little too hopeful there…).

If you want to go back and look at previous Xenoblade Chronicles X screens and trailers, here are the links, in the order they were released:
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E3 2014 Nintendo Treehouse Demo 2

I’ll be reading the comments, so feel free to sound off, ask questions, pick an argument and I’ll see if I know the answer or can find it for you.

  • Garlyle

    what do I think?

    I don’t know, I haven’t stopped screaming in excitement long enough to collect my thoughts

    • Charlotte Buckingham

      Fair enough. xD I just kept looking at everything with a critical eye and wondering how it’s going to relate.

  • Vinicius

    One thing nobody mentions is that there are Cat people in the game and apparently you can make one for yourself(there are cat eyes in the charachter creator) and I want to know if I can make a Nopon in this game.
    Maybe the things in their heads allow them to predict some things so they can avoid danger or maybe it serves to amplify their reflexes so they can fight better.
    The timer may be counting how many resources are still avaliable to the colony(and it’s kind of worrysome that they already spent 40% of them in less than 2 months), or is a timer showing how much they still need to fully develop the colony.
    I think that the fall damage is absent only on the demo, removing it from the game would lessen the impact of exploration.

    • Ryan_oprainfall

      I don’t think you can create anything but human for the main story. This is because the story is that this arc from Earth crashed on an alien planet and some survivors are lost in these pods after the alien battle as they were landing. As for the cat eyes, I think they just let people have crazy customizing options, because it’s kind of how Monolith Soft likes to do things, they had some really weird outfits in the last Xenoblade.

      However, it may be possible you could pick another species in the multiplayer mode. I guess we’ll have to see what they end up doing with it.

  • Zenobureidofan

    I’m still not convinced it’s just a spiritual sequel. Yes, the fact that X takes place on an Earth that has a US may imply this, but the Nopon at the end makes me think otherwise. This nopon said his name was Tatsu, which is the japanese name of Satata, a nopon NPC in the first game (you an check this info in te Xenoblade wikia). His character description says “Self proclaimed inventor”, so I think MAYBE, he found a way from his universe to X’s? Will thus X be directly coneccted to Xenoblade?
    I can’t think of any other reason a Nopon(or Satata) could be in a universe were the US exists.

    • Charlotte Buckingham

      Nor am I. Xenosaga is a “spiritual” sequel to Xenogears, but from the very beginning it’s clear that it’s definitely related to Gears. I still need to go and finish reading the Xenogears Perfect Works, but the more I play it the more I think it’s more like Xenosaga: Origins.

      I suspect X will be related to Blade as well, but we won’t be sure until we actually play it through.

    • Michael J. Mahoney

      Successor would be the more appropriate description for Xenosaga. Actually, it’s basically the retelling of the Xenogears: Perfect Works first planned game/episode (Xenogears was supposed to be 6 episodes altogether, with the actual Xenogears being episode 5).

      Regardless of the details, X, just from the looks of the gameplay trailer, seems to be a culmination of all the past Xeno games (and Monado). Big ass ship crashes on an alien planet after disaster, plus mechs = Xenogears. Alien forces start attacking out of nowhere, character models = Xenosaga. Gameplay and world exploration = Monado a.k.a. Xenoblade.

      To the critic/cynic, just a rehash of past works. But I don’t care. I’ll be more than willing to play this rehash. = )

    • To be fair, it was only reps from Nintendo’s localization group and/or NOA that said it was a spiritual sequel. We don’t really have confirmation from the core dev team or Takahashi. That said, if it is a direct sequel, it’ll probably be a Chrono Cross-style sequel where *slight spoilers* the connection is not immediately apparent until well into the game.

      Plus remember. Shulk or remarkably similar doppelganger was featured in the first trailer.

    • Zenobureidofan

      Yeah I thought the same thing. They were the ones who said it was a “spiritual sequel” during both of the TreeHouse streams, but I doubt they went farther than 2 hours into the game, so if in the end, X is directly connected to Xenoblade, there was no way for them to know.

    • Charlotte Buckingham

      That’s a pretty good point, though I think they may have heard officially from Nintendo as to whether it was a direct or spiritual sequel… But yeah, we won’t know for sure ourselves until we play it.

  • DracoBreach

    One theory I had about the percentage countdown is actually rather simple.

    What if it is a percentile representation of the remaining stasis pods? As you find more and revive more humans, the percentage slowly decreases. It would be a good numerical reference to one of the most important aspects to survival – finding humans of different skill sets (farmers, artisans, et cetera).

    • Charlotte Buckingham

      I really, really like this idea. And I think it’s pretty likely.

    • Logan Hollis

      Another idea I had is that the countdown is the amount of energy left before NLA fails. Kinda like an ulitimatum stating you must find the survivors before the countdown hits zero or civilization will fail. If this is true, than that countdown will be done in less than three months. One thing she forgot to mention from the live streams is that Elma finds you two months after NLA has been set up. If the countdown is indeed an indication of how much time/energy is left before NLA fails, then that means that the level dropped 40% in two months which gives you like 9 weeks to find everything needed to sustain a civilization in this apparently hostile area. The livestream also makes it pretty clear that the survivors intended to land in a safer area, but that the plan was to go to Planet Mira the whole time.

    • Charlotte Buckingham

      I hope that’s not the case, because it would place an effective timer on your game, so you wouldn’t have actual freedom to explore.

      Unless it advances only after certain plot points, in which case… It doesn’t really seem like it needs to be there.

    • Logan Hollis

      If the timer thing is real, then i imagine it would probably only advance after certain plot points and quests. The first Xenoblade had a similar thing with its quests and it took a very long time for the timer to run out on those. The emphasis of game is exploration so it would be kinda counter-intuitive to put a time limit on it.

  • Thanatos2k

    I really hope they didn’t go with a silent nameless nonvoiced WRPG-style protagonist. Those always, ALWAYS damage the story which is a huge part of a JRPG like Xenoblade. White Knight Chronicles struggled to try to avoid this and it didn’t work out very well.

    • smacd

      I guess all the Dragon Quest games, and Chrono Trigger had awful stories due to that silent protagonist thing. Thanks for letting me know, I thought they were pretty good until you explained how the stories were so damaged by it.

    • Thanatos2k

      Crono was not a customizable character. Nor was the MC of Dragon Quest. (Also Dragon Quest games don’t exactly have strong stories in my opinion). Still, even not saying anything during the entire game, Crono *had* character, as did Rudy in Wild Arms, as did McDohl in Suikoden, and so on.

      You can change the gender of the MC in Xenoblade X. Most story possibilities go out the window at that point – the character can no longer have any character. The more customization you allow, the less impact and interaction the character will have with the story.

    • smacd

      I’ve never had a problem with “silent” protagonists. There are plenty of good examples of how those can work well, even you identify several. Most of the time, whatever the MC has to say could easily be said by another character.

      Where customization becomes tricky is not visually, but with voice acting when you can name your character. Whether the character themselves speak or not can be handled by recording a male and female (or perhaps a more androgynous voice that could be acceptable either way). Either way if there is any voice acting they have to record multiple versions to handle things like third person pronouns (or just refer to the MC as “them/they”).

      From one hand, I understand your dislike of the silent protagonist, however as fan of “role playing” games, I prefer to be able to project myself and my motives on the character I’m playing wherever possible, rather than get another canned character that is only different from any other NPC in that they are the one that my controller makes to do stuff. So in many cases, I’d prefer a silent protagonist.

    • Thanatos2k

      The advent of voice acting should have spelled the end of silent protagonists. Sadly, they remain in certain games. Atlus appears to have learned its lesson and given the main characters of Persona 3 and 4 vocies retroactively. Other companies are slower to react.

      JRPGs are not about projecting yourself into the game. They’re about telling stories with characters. Silent protagonists undermine this goal. Keep the weak stories for the open world WRPGs.

    • Charlotte Buckingham

      Except that what you’re arguing about here is entirely opinion. I definitely prefer voice acting and dialogue from the main character, but it can still work without it. Link is silent, but plenty of people, including myself, still love the series, and I definitely project myself on to him in his interactions and his actions.

      “JRPGs are not about projecting yourself into the game.”

      They are for some people, and that’s the main reason I play Dragon Quest. I have fun projecting some of my characters on to my party, imagining them joking around and such as they travel and fight. You may not like it, but some people do.

      And… I have complete faith that Monolith know what they’re doing. They make incredible games, and I don’t think X is going to be any different.

    • Thanatos2k

      Zelda is a decade overdue for voiced characters. The games suffer as they stubbornly stick to “tradition.”

      And let’s not pretend Monolith is perfect. They CAN make bad games. They made Xenosaga episode 2 after all.

    • fatneal


    • smacd

      well excuuuuuuse me, princess!

    • Thanatos2k

      That’s what happens when you fuck it up. It can be done without fucking it up. Same with Other M.

    • MusubiKazesaru

      That was my only gripe about all of the customization, I enjoy making characters but they just feel less involved that way, most of the time.

  • MusubiKazesaru

    Another minor thing to note is that apparently the “X” is pronounced as “cross”

    • Is that confirmed for western regions as well? It makes sense for the Japanese regions since they get alot of titles like that, but I imagine they might change it for western release.

    • MusubiKazesaru

      I’m having trouble finding the link, but it is at least that way for Japan so there’s no reason it shouldn’t be the same over here

  • Klagmar

    Super excited about all the news, just a little cautious about the silent protagonist. It’s hard to have a good story when your main character can’t speak (though not impossible) and I’m worried this will hurt the game. The online multiplayer aspect just increases that worry.

  • Jason Honaker

    Ok, so here’s my dilemma, maybe someone can give me some advice.

    My question is, do you think that there will be a Xenoblade Chronicles X themed WiiU or bundle?

    This is the game that I’ve been waiting to buy a Wii U for, and I’m not sure if I should buy one around the holiday, and possibly get some bundled games with it, or hold off and wait to see if there is some kind of limited edition Wii U with the release of Xenoblade.

    • Vinicius

      Doubt, better buy the Kart themed bundle and get a free game.

    • Charlotte Buckingham

      I’m holding out myself. I just got a PS3 yesterday though, so I’m going to have tons of games to play. I don’t think it’s likely there’ll be an X-themed Wii U, but I’m still hoping. A bundle? Maybe, given how much attention Nintendo are actually paying to the game. At worst, I might have a red X sticker made and stick it on to my console xD

      Otherwise, Vinicus’ advice seems solid. MK8 for cheap, and another game free!

    • Jason Honaker

      Thanks all. Yeah, it would be sweet to get an X-themed Wii U. I know several people like myself that have been holding off for that game in particular. There’s also maybe the possibility of a Legend of Zelda-themed Wii U too. Decisions, Decisions. I will most likely try to find a Black Friday deal and buy it then.

      Anyway, w/your new PS3, and having tons of games to play is an understatement LOL I don’t know how much you’re into RPGs, but this is definitely the year of RPGs on PS3 (and PS Vita too). I bought a PS4 on launch, and I’m still working my way though my enormous PS3 backlog. At least you’ll be able to find a lot of the classics for really cheap!

    • Charlotte Buckingham

      I love RPGs, I KNOW I’m going to have a ton to play. I’m starting with Ni no Kuni (I’ve been dying to play that since it was announced) and then… I’ll have to pick something. I have no idea where to go after that xD I might start going through all of the Final Fantasies I never played and then just see what’s on sale/available to PS Plus from week to week/month to month and go from there.

      So sad I missed that huge flash sale last week. Tales and Ni no Kuni for cheap!

    • I don’t know if Nintendo would do an X-themed Wii U. Stranger things have happened, they even did a limited 3DS for Fire Emblem, but a console edition unique for an RPG sequel to a game that barely got localized last year is something I’m skeptical of.

      That said you’ll probably see better deals for the system the longer you hold out.

    • Chad Hay

      Xenoblade was the reason i went out and bought a wiiu windwaker console, but i thought X would be out by the summer. They might do i console version but everyone’s gonna need an external hd for all the data packs. I would just try to find the best deal on one 8 or 32gb there both to small for the game.

    • Jason Honaker

      Haha, I broke down and got a Wii U last Thanksgiving. Got the $250 bundle with Super Mario 3D World and Nintendo Land.

      Also picked up Xenoblade for Wii and am going through that right now in anticipation for Xenoblade Chronicles X (getting the collector’s edition).

  • Logan Hollis

    My guess is that BLADE is probably some kind of weapon or military program. During the trailer shown at E3 2014, there is some human shown on a times square like TV screen in a news broadcast. The caption for the newcast reads “Morris Chausson Speaks at Blade Tower Briefing”. Could he be the creator of the Blade system, maybe similar to Hugh Darrow and his Panchea project from Deus Ex: Human Revolution?

  • ScienceNonfiction

    I wonder if you’ll be able to play as other characters. It would be kind of a let down if you only play as the main character, but I can sorta see them taking that route.

  • Alien planets, complete character customization, improved battle system, Mechs!, possible online multiplayer, and it’s supposed to be the biggest Wii U game ever. I am stoked. It’s a very good time to own a Wii U. I hope they release additional free DLC, like in MH3U. Where you can download extra quests and such. Luckily I just bought Xenoblade, so I got that to hold me over until this releases.

  • TheFoxshot

    Great article! I can’t wait for Xenoblade Chronicles X. Ever since the very first reveal trailer from the January 2013 Direct, I fell in love with this game, and I will see it through. Character models look great, very anime focused which is what Tetsuya Takashi wants in the beginning.

    The environment is beautiful with a mix of Xenoblade Wii’s color with realistic graphic textures. I recommend watching the videos on the Wii U eShop, it gives the visuals more justice. Also, the draw distance in this game is amazing. You could see everything so clearly without lag or frame rate dips. Monolith Soft really nailed the HD graphics.

    The gameplay seems to be the most worked on aspect of the game. A huge step up from Xenoblade Wii and features brand new options to play in battle. This will grow even more once you operate your mech Doll.

    The story. This game really wants to make you be part of something bigger, much more than Xenoblade Wii. I understand people worrying about a silent main protagonist in the scenes, but there are many games that did this right. Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic, KoTOR 2: The Sith Lords, Jade’s Empire, Dragon Age Origins. All of these games had great, amazing stories that revolve around your Silent Custom Protagonist. Building relationships with your party members and having a huge take in the main plot.

    Fun Fact: Shulk from Xenoblade Wii was originally going to be a silent protagonist.
    Tetsuya Takahasi stated in Iwata Asks that in order for someone to love a protagonist, that character must not utter a single word. Takahasi and the devs worked really hard to make Shulk likable. So now we know that there is a reason behind the silent main character in Xenoblade Chronicles X.

    I believe Monolith Soft will achieve Masterpiece Epic. Tetsuya Takahasi is an experienced writer and director. Just have faith, the story will be amazing with our new characters! 2015, here we come!

  • Robbie

    I have an idea for a feature they can put in the game
    I’ve played the original xenoblade and loved it a lot. But one thing I noticed while reading online discussions is that some people are upset with the ai of the characters that you aren’t controlling.
    So I was thinking what if they added a feature where you could change which of your party members you were controlling at the press of a button. And for the rest of the time the ai would control those characters. This would allow you to easily set up combos between characters, so you wouldn’t have to rely on their dodgy ai all the time