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During today’s Nintendo Direct that focused on the Wii U, Monolith’s new title has not only been announced, but gameplay shown in a trailer at the end of the livestream. It seems the new game will be another title related to the name Xeno, like Takayashi’s other titles under his belt; Xenogears, Xenosaga, and of course Xenoblade. In fact the gameplay is very similar to Xenoblade, with regards on how the battle system plays out and the menu system with selectable skills and what not.

We even got a quick glance of the character driving a motorcycle and a mech around; similar to Xenogears and kinda of Xenosaga in this regard. The game looks absolutely stunning and quite breathtaking (that draw distance, which was one of Xenoblade’s appealing aspects is back!), so if you’re one of those gamers dissatisfied with Xenoblade’s texture work, here lies the remedy. Hopefully this time, there won’t be any issues when it comes to localization.


Monolith Creature Monolith Driving
Monolith Lagiacrus Monolith Waterfall
Monolith Mech Monolith Boy

Such exciting news! So what do you all think, do you think it’s Xenoblade 2 or something else entirely? From the glimpse that we saw of the game, do you think the game will have an online co-op action like Phantasy Star Online?

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