Bayonetta 2 on the eShop Will Not Include the First Game

Bayonetta 2 | oprainfall

Bayonetta’s first adventure may not be available digitally.

During Nintendo’s E3 Digital Event, it was revealed that Bayonetta 2 would be released exclusively on Wii U this October.  As an added bonus, the original Bayonetta will be included on the game disc, giving gamers a chance to play through the first game  for the first time on a Nintendo platform.  However, buying a physical version of Bayonetta may be the only way to play the first game on Wii U.  At the bottom of the official Bayonetta 2 website, there is the following disclaimer: “The retail version of Bayonetta 2 comes with the first Bayonetta game.  Digital downloads of Bayonetta 2 from Nintendo eShop do not include the first game.”

Does this mean the Bayonetta 2 may not be available through the eShop at all, or that the first Bayonetta may only be available as a paid game separate from its sequel’s eShop release.  Hopefully we’ll get more information on this development before the game is released this October.


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