Atlus Teases a Shin Megami Tensei PSN Release Tomorrow

Monday, May 5th, 2014

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The information is vague, but this is what we do know: as of this morning, the Megaten Reddit page was updated with a brief message regarding the Shin Megami Tensei franchise. It looks like a Shin Megami Tensei title is coming to PSN in North America sometime tomorrow. The official message goes as follows:

You’re probably going to want to fire up your PS3s and keep an eye on the PS Store tomorrow.

…if you’re in North America. (Sorry again, EU-bros 🙁 )

And if you’re thinking “but wait, I didn’t hear anything SMT related on the PlayStation blogcast this weekend,” it’s because I had to make a quick phone call to keep it secret. 🙂

Which title do you think will appear on PSN tomorrow? Which title are you hoping it will be? Feel free to speculate down in the comments!


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  • I’d wager – assuming it’s not the PS1 version of Persona, blech – that it’s SMT Devil Summoner 2: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. King Abaddon, or SMT 3 Nocturne. We’ve already got most everything else, unless they worked out the technical issues keeping Digital Devil Saga from working on PSN.

    • Giordan

      Or it could be the remakes of the first 2 SMT games on PS1.

  • Jason Honaker

    Probably one of those SMT games that came to the PS2. I really wish it was the new re-vamped SMT Persona 2: Eternal Punishment for the PSP that Japan got (they released the PSOne classic, but it was the original NA version).

    • Giordan

      Because the PSP version of EP did horribly in Japan. When it does horribly in Japan, it’s gonna do horribly in NA.

    • Jason Honaker

      I haven’t done any research on that, but it’s a shame.

  • Iyamtebist

    I would really like it if it was the PSP version of Eternal Punishment, but I guess that is just wishful thinking. Although it is probably likely to be one of the PS2 SMT games. Also I actually wouldn’t mind the PS1 version of the first Persona although I doubt it would be that seeing as how I don’t think Atlus is proud of that version.

    • Giordan

      The PSP version of EP did horribly in Japan.

    • Iyamtebist

      Well that does not always stop Atlus from releasing games. There have been several retail games that Atlus has localized for the US that have sold a similar amount in the US. For example, just about every game from Sting that they localized did horribly. Hexyz Force and Growlanser 4 both only sold 60,000 in Japan and and they were both localized with English dubs and physical retail releases. Hell they also localized both versions of Knights in the Nightmare which sold a mere 20,000 in Japan each. Also selling bad in Japan does not mean it will sell poorly in the US. In each example I listed, they sold the same amount in the Us or more. Granted the population difference likely contributes to that but that generally only supports the idea that localizing these games can at least make a profit.

      One thing to note regarding some of these games is that physical distribution used to be a huge issue regarding localizations seeing as how companies required devlopers to print out a specific minimum of their game, meaning that they could not just print the small amount they need to in order to appeal to their niche, and that they would lose money due to printing more copies than they can sell. However that does not seem to be nearly as big of an issue nowadays seeing as how digital distribution means that it is a lot easier to bypass these things.

      Granted I am not saying that it is guaranteed that it is the PSP version of Persona 2, but I am saying that if anyone were to localize a game that didn’t sell all that well in Japan, it would be Atlus. Besides I do recall that they have expressed interest in localizing it a while back.

    • Giordan

      Also, the PSP was dead in the west by the time the game came out in Japan.

    • Doc Hammer

      This isn’t Japan, and apart from mobile gaming, Japan isn’t even interested in video games anymore. The US audience SHOULD be too big to ignore.

    • Giordan

      If it does horribly in Japan, it’ll probably do worse in NA.

  • Kuposaurus

    Assuming it’s just one game, I would think it’d be either Devil Summoner 2 or Nocturne. While I haven’t played DS2 and personally prefer DDS, I still think that Nocturne is a fantastic (albeit depressing as all hell) game that any hardcore JRPG fan should play. You’re a little late to the PSN party, Atlus, but I’m glad you were able to finally make it.

  • ernie

    digital devil saga! or SMT 3.. my guess is SMT 3. I doubt it’s devil summoner 2 since part one was just release.

  • Charlotte Buckingham

    Dammit Atlus you need to get a EU branch 🙁

  • jondoe

    Update: It’s Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne. Just confirmed it on the crunchyroll page.

    • ragunaXL

      nocturne needs the 3d(s) treatment