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I still remember back in my middle school days, where the art of typing was drilled into me and my classmates. We had to practice and practice again and again until we could click along at a rapid pace with little to no effort. It turns out, all the practice will actually find a truly constructive use in a new iOS title, Typing Fantasy.

Players in the game level up their characters, and presumably battle, by typing out words and sentences, all by utilizing the iOS key interface, meaning the game will also improve your texting skills a bit.

I can’t help but compare this to Puzzle Quest, which married Bejeweled style gameplay with RPG conventions. The game was released May 3rd, and sells for $2.99. If it plays as well as it looks, it might well be worth your money (or at least mine).

It should be noted that the game is only in Japanese, however.

Typing Fantasy | oprainfallTyping Fantasy | oprainfall

Typing Fantasy | oprainfallTyping Fantasy | oprainfall


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