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Are you tired of sales articles from me today? Too bad.. here is one more! This time around we have Xbox Live Store Sale and an Xbox 360 Ultimate Games Sale going on. Let’s start with the first batch of sales. Keep in mind that these sales may vary by region. These sales end today! Act fast.

Content Title Content Type Discount %
Dishonored (http://marketplace Games on Demand 67%
Armored Core: Verdict Day  (http://marketplace Games on Demand 63%
Dante’s Inferno (http://marketplace Games on Demand 75%
RUSE (http://marketplace Games on Demand 67%
Halo: Reach (http://marketplace Games on Demand 75%
Capcom Arcade Cabinet (http://marketplace Arcade 65%
Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien (http://marketplace Arcade 87%
Bastion (http://marketplace Arcade 80%


The following games are available at their discounted price until February 24, 2014:

Content Title Content Type Price Drop
Ryse: Son of Rome (http://www Xbox One 33%


Content Title Content Type Discount %
Portal 2 (http://marketplace Games on Demand 67%
Mass Effect (http://marketplace Games on Demand 75%
Asura’s Wrath (http://marketplace Games on Demand 81%
DiRT 3 (http://marketplace Games on Demand 80%
Driver San Francisco (http://marketplace Games on Demand 67%
Fable III  (http://marketplace Games on Demand 50%
Batman: Arkham City  (http://marketplace Games on Demand 75%
Motocross Madness (http://marketplace Arcade 80%
Alan Wake’s American Nightmare (http://marketplace Arcade 70%
Guardians of Middle Earth (http://marketplace Arcade 93%
Dungeons and Dragons Daggerdale (http://marketplace Arcade 80%
Rock Band Blitz (http://marketplace Arcade 73%
Dust: An Elysian Tail (http://marketplace Arcade 80%


Xbox 360 Deals of the Week : The following games are on sale for Xbox Live Gold members:

Content Title Content Type Discount %
Ridge Racer Unbounded (http://marketplace Games on Demand 75%
Ridge Racer Unbounded Royal Purple Exclusive Skin (http://marketplace Add-on 75%
Ridge Racer DLC 1: RIDGE RACER 1 Machine & The Hearse Pack (http://marketplace Add-on 75%
Ridge Racer DLC 2: RIDGE RACER Type 4 Machine & El Mariachi Pack (http://marketplace Add-on 75%
Ridge Racer DLC 3: RIDGE RACER 7 Machine & The Gallows Pack (http://marketplace Add-on 75%
Ridge Racer DLC 4: Day One Edition Pack (http://marketplace Add-on 75%
Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi  (http://marketplace Games on Demand 67%
Family Guy: Back To The Multiverse (http://marketplace Games on Demand 75%
NASCAR Inside Line (http://marketplace Games on Demand 75%
Persona 4 Arena (http://marketplace Games on Demand 67%
Angry Birds: Star Wars (http://marketplace Games on Demand 50%


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