EDIT: This article had the initial tweet by Devolver Digital expressing interest in bringing the game overseas, not the delay announcement. This mistake and the article have both been rectified.

Metal Wolf Chaos XD webpage capture
Image of Metal Wolf Chaos XD‘s eponymous mecha.

Anybody who’s been looking forward to Metal Wolf Chaos XD, the localized re-release of the campy 2004 mech game, will have to wait a little longer. A tweet from publisher Devolver Digital on August 20th (see below) has stated that MWC XD has been delayed to a release window in mid-2019.

Released in 2004 by developer From Software, the studio behind the more well-known Armored Core series of mech games, the original Metal Wolf Chaos never saw official release outside of Japan. Nevertheless, it acquired a cult following in the West over 14 years, to the confusion of From senior director Masanori Takeuchi. In 2016, Devolver Digital expressed interest in bringing MWC to more gamers via Twitter; the resulting fan reaction sparking a conversation between Devolver and From Software. Then, in June 2018, Devolver finally announced MWC as Metal Wolf Chaos XD at E3 2018.

Metal Wolf Chaos XD will release on XBox One, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam.


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