Earth Defense Force 2025 Feature

As we previously reported, Earth Defense Force 2025 was to be available for the PlayStation 3 sometime in February, 2014. The day has come! EDF 2025 is also available on the Xbox 360 starting today. The game takes place eight years after the peace from Earth Defense Force 2017, shattering any hopes of a lasting peaceful time. The ant-like creatures attack and the EDF is called back.

New things in the game include 80+ missions, 4-player online multiplayer mode and exclusive online multiplayer missions. Over 700 new weapons are available as well as 4 different character classes, a local versus mode and new enemies… including a fire breathing dragon!

For a chance to win the Special Ops Mission Pack for free click here and follow the directions.

For our friends in the EU region, the game will be available to you on February 21, 2014. Not too long to wait!


Crystal Colwell
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