(Japan) Monster Hunter 4 3DS Bundle Releasing November

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

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Monster Hunter 4 3DS Bundle - Console

A brand new Monster Hunter 4 3DS bundle will be launching in Japan next month. It’s a beautiful sky blue, comes with a 4 GB memory card and a copy of Monster Hunter 4. The 3DS features a white picture of the game’s flagship monster, the Goa Magara, in its Feral Wyvern mode. This is the mode it goes into in the middle of battle. It makes the monster faster, stronger, and gives its attacks a longer range.

These 3DS’ will be launching in Japan on the 7th of November, and will cost 19,800 yen, as can be seen in the image above.

Is anyone out there as tempted to get one as I am? Currently I’m playing Monster Hunter 4 on my best friend’s 3DS and using it to write some cool new articles for you guys, but I’d like to have one of my own. That way, my friend and I can hunt together as well!


  • Ninteny

    It’s very tempting. That is about the equivalent of 210 US$. The only problem is that online exporters will over charge by 1/3 of the price, usually.. I just don’t have that kind of money for any game. I really want MH4 though. I am confident that Capcom will release the game outside of Japan, but the wait will be long and crazy. Glad that you are able to play it on your friends device.

    Meanwhile, the hacking scene is able to play MH4 on all region 3DS’s using some kind of flash cart(Gateclay orsomething). I wish there was a way to disable region lock so I could import MH4 and play it on my regions 3DS. The hacking scene has also managed to manipulate the systems firmware too, which allows for deactivation of the region lock function. I hope it doesn’t get out of hand, for I would hate to see piracy run rampant on the 3DS. It is a really nice system with many promising IP’s.

    • Charlotte Buckingham

      Getting caught will see Nintendo banhammer you though. People hacking in MH4 have been getting slammed with it.
      I really wish Nintendo would stop region-locking their consoles. There’s no reason to any more; they even had their previous handled, the regular DS, region-free. It’s infuriating.

    • jmmueller

      There are reasons for region locking, they just aren’t always ones I agree with. the primary one is the belief thatt gives companies the ability to make more money.

      If 3DS was region free you could buy MH4. You pay Capcom Japan and Nintendo of Japan that money. Then when it is ported east you don’t want it so Capcom USA and Nintendo of America don’t get the money. That is the fear: cannibalization of each region’s individual offices. In the case of games that take a while to port, even if you wait, you might purchase the Japanese version instead of the US version because it’s been out longer and is now on sale.

      Right now Capcom is still pushing MH3U here, they even have an upcoming Halloween event. Since no news of a localization has been released and without owning a Japanese 3DS you cannot play it, they still have some momentum with the game and intend to capitalize on it. While I doubt they’d lose much, if anything, if the 3DS was region free, it is a concern.

      But the bigger problem isn’t Japan and North America, but North America and Europe: those regions share similar languages. EU is just now getting some titles we’ve had here for a while. A region free system would mean NIS who is publishing Dragon’s Crown there (I know PS title) would be in direct competition with Atlus USA who published it here. Now we have to companies vying for the same purchases. Similar issues with Xenoblade could have happened. I know if the Wii had been region free I would’ve just bought the Xenoblade boxed set with it’s red pro controller and never waited for the US release. Hmm if the Wii wasn’t region locked would we have seen the Oprainfall movement or the releases of the 3 lost games here? Would they have been as successful in being sold?

      What to me Region Locking solves is a whole other problem: same day Global Release of a multi-language product. Nintendo just did it with Pokemon, but they made a concerted effort to do so. If companies had the resources to do so regularly, then there is no need for Region Locking. Especially if the game is released in the EU: bring it to the Americas and call it the “International Version” like they did for White Knight Chronicles (and what Xenoblade essentially was).

    • Charlotte Buckingham

      The thing with that argument is that major retailers like Amazon don’t ship electronics (such as games) outside their region. Hell, living in Australia, part of the PAL region, I can’t get games from Amazon UK, also part of the PAL region. They don’t ship them here. To import games, you’d need to go through smaller, more obscure stores, which are both difficult to find and probably more expensive.

      I’m expecting MH4 to get announced at a later date for the reason you just stated: MH3U is still relatively new, and being a Monster Hunter game, people will still be occupied with it. I got the game on release, and still have plenty of stuff to do; these games are just so huge. Just letting you know that we’re on the same page with this point.

      As you yourself said, if they just localised things, then this wouldn’t be an issue. And that Dragon’s Crown thing… Sony consoles are region-free, so if someone really wanted to import it, they could have. If a game I want is announced for my region, I’d wait for the release in my region, because honestly, importing is far more expensive.

      My original post was about Nintendo region-locking consoles. I’ve yet to hear a good argument for it that didn’t contain “It makes them more money”. Why would I care about that? Yes, I want them to make money, but Sony seems to be doing fine with region-free.

      Nintendo have even had a region-free console themselves: The regular DS. Thanks to that being region-free, I can play EOII and EOIII, as well as Radiant Historia, since they never got a PAL release. There’s a store in my city that imports games for Australians to buy, that we may not be able to otherwise. To cement the point I made before about these types of stores being hard to find… The only reason I know they exist is because they presented at a gaming event in my area a couple of years ago. Otherwise I wouldn’t have heard of them.

      Whenever Nintendo cite differences in legislation between regions or some other crap like that in defence of region-locking, I just point to my fat silver DS and say “And yet it wasn’t an issue before…?”

      Yes, there are reasons, but that doesn’t mean I can’t think they’re stupid. Because as far as I’m concerned, they are. By the way, I’m not angry at you; I do enjoy a nice civilised debate that forces me to think.

    • jmmueller

      Not reeling offended at all! I appreciate good civilized debate too (sad much of the net is just anonymous pissing matches).

      Yeah it was unfair to use Dragon’s Crown as an example since it is region free, but it still suffers from the import issue.

      Personally I firmly believe devices should be unlocked and region free, but the reality is I’m not a shareholder or board member with the clout to push being consumer friendly over maximum potential profit.

      I feel though that locking is blatant anti-consumer with a Stockholm Syndrome justification: a “slap em in the face and they’ll turn back for more” mentality. Cell phones shouldn’t be carrier locked and game systems shouldn’t be region locked. Regardless of the reasons the companies have to do this, it is really all about money. While I believe they would do better without it history hasn’t proven so as mass consumers don’t care– mostly because they haven’t had a situation to realize its personal impact on their life.

      I’m just disappointed to see Nintendo still region-locking, or even making it an option. $25 more and I can unlock my device? Yes a money grab, but better than spending $250 or more to get an import that some importer is sharking me for.