Sakurai Tweets About Xenoblade from Press Start 2013

Friday, August 30th, 2013

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Xenoblade - oprainfall

GoNintendo recently found a tweet from Smash Bros. producer Masahiro Sakurai that was sent out during Press Start 2013. The tweet in question roughly translates to “You were cheers for good work! Thank Tanoshu this year.” It also contains a picture of what appears to be a recording studio, given all the instruments and performers in the background. But the object in the foreground is certainly not an instrument.

Sakurai Tweets Monado

Yes, that is the Monado from Xenoblade Chronicles. Since then, the Internet has speculated that Shulk might make an appearance in the next Smash Bros. game. Whether that’s true or not has yet to be determined. We at oprainfall certainly hope so, because Xenoblade Chronicles definitely deserves all the love that it gets.

About Kyle Emch

Kyle has been studying music at college for about three years now. He's played the piano since he was 6 years old and has been recently been learning how to write music. He has followed the Operation Rainfall movement on Facebook since it started and was happy to volunteer for the website. Just don't mention Earthbound or the Mother franchise around him.

  • Luis Kråke

    I still have hopes for Zael and Aeron, specially Aeron

    • Pedro Rosas

      Very unlikely, thought the game is Wii Exclusive it was not made by Nintendo. Monolift software belongs to Nintendo now and I really doubt they’ll let it go any time soon

    • Mega Man.

    • dubaloseven

      It was first party in Japan, and that’s really the only factor going into this.

    • Soane

      Uh no, it wasn’t First Party in Japan, it was only Published by Nintendo. Xenoblade is owned by Nintendo

    • dubaloseven

      Nintendo is a first party company, if they published it for their system then it’s a first party game. It should also be noted Nintendo owns Monolith Soft, the developers of Xenoblade.

    • Franke Sisto

      If you ask me, from a fighting style diversity standpoint, Aeron is far and away the best choice for Smash, but if any one of the “Operation Rainfall Three” get in, it HAS TO BE Shulk. Xenoblade is often seen as the flagship title of the campaign, and the inclusion of its main character would serve as a nod to both what OpRa represented and what it accomplished.

      I mean don’t get me wrong; I’d be OK with either of the three, but I really think that it’s best we unite behind Shulk in this case.

      And on that note… Shulk has a fighting chance, but he is by no means a shoe-in. I’d say it’s more likely he gets in as an Assist Trophy with some music.

  • An Tran

    While this is cool, it could mean many things. Perhaps Sakurai is taking a small break and is visiting a recording session for X?
    Or you know…a concert for Xenoblade music.

    • Kyle Emch

      A concert for music from Xenoblade Chronicles is also something I want to see happen, as unlikely as it is.

    • skstylez

      Just gotta wait 25 years is all :

    • Franke Sisto

      I agree. It really does nothing to either increase or decrease Shulk’s chances, but it’s certainly good to know that Sakurai is at least AWARE of Xenoblade.

      Shulk’s my most wanted newcomer and he’d be my main regardless of his fighting style. I just gotta make sure my optimism doesn’t get the better of me.

  • multibottler0cket

    If Shulk were to be in the next Smash Bros, I’d want to see either Sharla or Firoa in there as well, though I doubt they’d add more than one character if they did.

    • Game didn’t sell well enough for all that.

    • Chrop

      Didn’t sell that well?!? It sold 0.84 Million copies, each fire emblem game had either that many sales or less and had 2 characters in Melee (1 character which had never been in a game before Melee came out).

    • Um. For a game that needed a massive fan campaign to even be released, selling < a million really isn't that impressive. Especially considering the massive coverage from the enthusiast press (aka Kotaku, IGN, Joystiq and the like) and the ridiculous install base of the Wii. Literally less than 1% of Wii owners bought that game. Also, apples to apples.

    • Chrop

      You seem to be forgetting that most of the people who bought a Wii were casuals who only play a few games every now and then. But so for a game with a Niche group and NO advertisement besides the internet, (maybe advertisements in japan, not sure), the only people who knew about it was people on the internet or read gaming magazines. So 0.84 Million, in my opinion, is a success. Heck that Ni No Kuni which WAS advertised and was on a console with a fanbase of JRPG fans, that sold 0.84 Million.

    • Ni no Kuni was a failure as well. But the point is that Xenoblade isn’t nearly popular enough to put in multiple characters.

    • Adamatsu

      What are you talking about…they sold every copy they made of it! Now people pay a small fortune for 2nd hand copies!

    • If I only make ten of something and then sell them all, I’ve sold out too. But it’s only because supply was greater than demand. That’s a fallacious argument.

    • Adamatsu

      Err, surely you can see the logic: the game is sold out everywhere and people still want it, hence 2nd hand copies being sold at a high price, therefore sales would have been much higher if more copies had been made…….

    • For marketing, selling out of your supply is always a greater statement than any amount. It’s the same reason the PS4 and the Xbox One will have constrained first shipments. Investors like to hear “We completely sold out of our first printing” more than “We sold X number of copies”. Especially in a case like this where they had to justify the release in the first place.

    • Adamatsu

      you seem to be ignoring the point for some reason but ok!

    • RagunaXL

      ni no kuni a failure? or were playstation owners the failure here?

    • Kosse Moore

      The reason why xenoblade sold poorly was because one, you could on purchase it at game stop, and once they sold out, you couldnt get your hands on it it turned into a rare game. Not to mention this game got no advertising. And that its back in stores gamestop is selling it used for 90. This game got terrible treatment when it got brought over here. Nintendo fucked up on this one

    • dubaloseven

      The game is getting a sequel, and unlike a lot of big name publishers and developers, Monolith knows how to manage a budget. Both Ninty and Mono confirmed they made great profit off of it.

    • Citation needed.

    • dubaloseven
    • that doesn’t defend your statement. Again, selling through a limited stock doesn’t really mean much of anything, nor does anything say they made “great profit”. I’d accept that they made their money back, but not much more than that.

  • XypherCode

    Check Soraya Saga’s tweet
    Apparently the one who made this was the one who voiced Juju according to her.

  • dubaloseven

    As much as I can’t stand Sakurai and his insistence on keeping the crappy Brawl style of gameplay present, Shulk is more than enough to make me buy this day one.

    • Chrop

      It’s faster than brawl you know…

    • dubaloseven

      Yeah I know, but from what Sakurai has said so far and his general hate-boner for fighting games, it’s apparent he’s taking a similar mindset to developing this game.

    • Chrop

      He never said anything about hating fighting games… He never said anything even remotely similar to that.
      He said that he won’t let a fighting character into smash bros because he can’t add anything to their character, he wants to add characters that aren’t fighters and turn them into one.

    • dubaloseven

      No, he said he won’t put fighter characters in because most fighter characters aren’t varied in terms of gameplay and moveset, which is ignorant, generalizing, and textbook anti-fighter crowd mentality.

      To add to that he refuses to accept Smash as a fighting game, and is doing everything he can to keep out elements which generally make solid fighters.

    • Chrop

      This is what he said word by word “If you look at… someone from a fighting game already, and people like fighting with this character, from my point of view, it’s like ‘this guy does what this guy already does. He fills the role that this character already has. So while you may like this character and he’s interesting, that doesn’t really merge well, here” Where the hell in that paragraph does it say ANYTHING about them not varied in gameplay or moveset?

    • NinTemple

      Brawl was the first Smash Bros game I really enjoyed playing. Put so many hours into that game it was silly =)

  • James Best

    Seems like Shulk’s gonna be Smash Bros.

  • Coarse

    If he is in it, I hope they include a ton of his voice acting in the game as well. Shulk just wouldn’t be the same without shouting “Behold, the power of the Monado!” and “I can feel the power flowing through me!” every 10 seconds.

  • Zack

    Oh my!! So now we have… Zelda U, Shulk possibly in SSBU, and Xenoblade U to be looking forward to?! Dang, I guess there’s no reason for me to not be getting a Wii U now… XD

  • Dwarf74

    As long as the next smash bros has longer hitstun, no loss of momentum when jumping, and the ability to shield while running it will be amazing.

  • Alex

    I’d prefer Reyn. IT’S REYN TIME!

  • SecretX

    or maybe they are using the music studio that did xenoblade to do smash bros soundtrack?

  • Tiredman

    Well, my view, Shulk or not, who wouldn’t want that sword, and to show it off =p. I know I would love it and it would hold a place proudly in my living room.

  • Piathulus

    That translation is pretty bad… Let me give a better translation: “Thanks for the hard work everyone. This year will also be fun!”
    tanoshuu gozaimasu = honorific form of adjective of tanoshii (fun), similar to arigatou gozaimasu which is honorific form of the adjective arigatai (grateful, appreciative) ~

    but i still agree that this is hinting to Shulk’s inclusion which makes me VERY VERY HAPPY!

  • TwinTails

    You know, that was probably something he just thought was funny.

  • Torchman007

    Please be true… For me it’d be as exciting as Megamans reveal.

  • Rick Xeros

    I want that prop o.o

  • Please remember this : SSB characters does not belong to games or series without future (or a great past). Mario, Zelda, Star Fox, Pokemon, Metroid, Donkey Kong, EarthBound/Mother, Kid Icarus, F-Zero, Game & Watch, Animal Crossing, Ice Climbers, Fire Emblem, Sonic, Metal Gear, Wii Fit, Kirby, Pikmin, Nintendo’s Robot Series (for ROB) : all the SSB characters came or will come from one of those well known franchises. None of them came from a game witout future. They have never had a one-night stand with a Nintendo console. So if Shulk is in the next SSB, the franchise he belongs to will have a future on Nintendo consoles. 😉 However he may surely be the only playable Xenoblade character in SSB (it remains a young franchise with only a unique – but awesomely awesome – game). Too bad for Reyn and the others. It will be Reyn Time for SSB later (or in a DLC, who knows ?).

    So this tweet is definitely a nice teaser for a potential Shulk appearance in the next SSB… and for a potential “X” Xenoblade Chronicles sequel too ! 😀

    • “A brand-new title developed by MONOLITH SOFTWARE”:

    • Same gameplay, (practically) same interface. It is not so “brand new”.

      Perhaps it will be just like Final Fantasy, with a brand new history for each new game. At the end of each game, Shulk will recreate the world, where the next episod will take place.

      However I insist on this. For me it will be a XC sequel. Characters might not be the same (don’t see any single Nopon in both trailers) but I definitely think that there will be a link with XC. At least Shulk.

    • dubaloseven

      Except Shulk being there would make no sense. Yes he created the world over, but he made it exactly like it was before except with a few modifications (Entia don’t become Telethia, those who were turned into Faces and are still alive are back to normal, etc.), so we’ve already been all over this “new” world. Shulk is also the most powerful thing on the planet now. There have only been two characters in the game who could stand against Shulk’s power at the end of the game, and neither of them are in a position to do so now (one is dead and the other doesn’t have that power anymore). Any offspring he has will inherit that power. Anything stronger than him would be a massive plot hole.

    • “There have only been two characters in the game who could stand against Shulk’s power at the end of the game, and neither of them are in a position to do so now (one is dead and the other doesn’t have that power anymore).”

      What about Alvis ?

    • dubaloseven

      Alvis is a special case, because he doesn’t really have power in the same sense those three had. He’s hardly even able to counted as a “person” at this point. MASSIVE SPOILERS LOOK AWAY NOW He’s a switch for the universe. None of the power is really his, he simply redirects and resets it.

  • Ray Park

    Man I hope Shulk gets into Smash Bros he’s derserve to be in the roster. Me and my closet best friend could play him all day long. Its me to choose him in battles.