OPINION: How About Console Support Instead of Company Hatred?

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

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Console Support - oprainfall

The following is representative of my personal opinion and nothing more. 

I am not coming to you as some spoiled princess who gets her every whim fulfilled (though I wish I did!),  but as a hardworking gamer who chooses which console to purchase based on one thing.

(Cue light bulbs flashing on and angels humming in the background)

Games! It is literally that simple. I want to play games. Actually, I want to play a large variety of games. I enjoy my hobby and I don’t want to miss out on any title that will bring me pleasure simply because I lack the hardware to run it. With gaming being what it is, you are almost never guaranteed which console third party games will release on. I refer you to the Vita game Legend of Raven to back up that statement. 

When I see the negative reactions people have when a game is announced for a console that they don’t support, I get a little bit enraged. Part of me understands. I get that some titles will be console sellers. I also understand that most of us want the company that we most root for to have amazing sales numbers for varying reasons. To boast that the company we love is on top is one such reason. The other, slightly evil part of me stands back, shakes my head and laughs because these people are going to miss out on some great games and I am not. While they spend their time complaining, I will spend mine gaming.

Konata Gaming - oprainfall

I would not limit myself to only owning one console unless I had no choice because of financial reasons. That someone would ever choose to do this absolutely blows me away. My question to anyone who has this stance is: why? Why limit yourself like that? If it is a money situation, I can understand. When you make this decision based on the company that makes the hardware though, that I can’t understand.

Let’s be realistic. Most of us have a preference of which company we best like out of the big 3. I am a Sony fan. You will notice that I did not say fangirl, I said fan. I don’t think that there is anything wrong with having one company that you favor above the others. What I do think there is something wrong with is picking one company and being unable to see any fault they might have. Refusing to support other companies simply because they are not your favorite also seems silly to me. I am not the biggest fan of Microsoft right now because of their recent choices, but I am not about to throw out my 360 and Wii because of it and become a Sony fangirl who screams into the abyss how wonderful Sony is and that no other company can possibly do anything right. If you ever see me doing this you had better put your gaming skills to work and save me because something has taken over my body or is threatening me!

Attack on Titan - oprainfall

I offer you this as proof that I put my money where my mouth is and spread the love around with each company. Currently in my home are the following systems: Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Nintendo 3DS XL, Sony Vita, Sony PSP and even a Nintendo Game Boy Pocket. There are also a couple of laptops that will play older PC games in the house. I don’t own a Wii U yet because I can’t afford it. Am I sitting here bitching about the games that are coming to the Wii U? No! You won’t ever see me complaining that any given game should release on a console that I do own and not on one that I don’t. Instead, I will save my money and purchase the system I am lacking as soon as possible.

The systems that I have were acquired over time. Around 13 years or so. They were purchased with a love of gaming in mind and not a love of any company. A company is a huge giant of a thing that could care less about you as long as you purchase their hardware. If you think any one company holds you in any higher esteem then the others, you are kidding yourself.

I hate to harp on money, but I am going to once more for just a second or two. If you can only afford one console right off the bat then you should absolutely purchase whichever one is going to give you the best experience. Whichever console has the broadest selection of games that you are interested in should be your first choice. Obviously. Speaking purely about home consoles, people who enjoy JRPG’s should, in my own opinion, own a PS3; those who like shooters and shmups should have a 360; and those who like platform games and first party Nintendo titles should have a Wii or Wii U. Obviously, each console will not offer you only these types of games, but I am speaking in terms of the majority of games available on each system.

Will Work For Rupees - oprainfall

For those of you who can afford to own more than one system and simply won’t because of the company that made it, I say this to you: Get. Over. It. Stop bellyaching that you are missing out on any given game, get off your ass and purchase the console that the game is available for. If you won’t do that then at least let the rest of us enjoy the games we will be able to play because we aren’t fanboys/girls who refuse to support more than one company.

Hyperdimension Neptunia - Consoles Get Along

Don’t hide behind the fear that if you support a company who isn’t your first choice you are somehow being disloyal to the company you love. This isn’t the second grade where we can only have one friend at a time. I promise you that it is OK to have more than one good thing in your life at the same time. You don’t start eating Pizza Hut pizza and give up on Domino’s do you? Then why would you give up on hardware that is going to offer you a fun experience because of the company that made it? Once we end this fight we can focus more on which games are not being localized to our area and what we can do to fix that. I think that would be a better way to spend our time.

About Crystal Colwell

What's up everyone? Crystal here! I spend my time writing up the news for you all and keeping us all up to date with incoming game info from Japan. I do a little bit of everything else around here, too. 🙂 Happy Reading!

  • Diego de Sousa

    Really liked it, congrats.

  • Bakuryukun

    I just play video games on things that have video games on them, and if a video game system gets enough video games that I want to play on them, I will buy that video game system for it’s video games.


  • Geminiman555

    You know, it’s sad when Nintendo fanboy 11 year old me was far more reasonable and cool and enjoying other consoles and their games vs. a lot of people on the internet, some of which are likely in their 20s at least. Like I think the rise of indie and every 1/3 game being released on a billion platforms has hurt part of the fanboy nonsense but it’s still embarrassingly popular.

  • Andrew

    Nice piece. I know I love Nintendo the most, but also love my Gaming PC and 3DS. And well the PS3 gets some use. Like you said, I”m not a fan of Microsoft because of their actions. Thankfully none of their exclusives appeal to me. But yeah, since a Jimquisition a week or so back that talked about too many gamers are being super hatefull all the time, I’m TRYING to be nicer with posts/comments.

  • Pyrotek85

    Good piece, I agree with everything you said. Competition is good for us too, we don’t really want just one company to thrive, even if it was our favorite.

  • TheLast

    I have no company hatred; so much as fan hatred. I love Nintendo’s exclusives and overall creative vision, but I hate how divided and broken their fans are. The Zelda fanbase is the perfect example of this absurdity. “Ocarina of Time and Super Mario 64 are the best!!!” and “OMG Samus wears heels?!! Worst game ever!!” is tiring to hear.

    I love Sony’s hardware, but I hate how their arrogance and self-worth bleeds into the misguided mindset of their fans, making them think they are the best by proxy because they’ve bought a PSVita.. It’s because of this reason I’m struggling to decide whether to get a PS4 at launch or not at all.

    Microsoft I have zero problems with them as a company (other than the fact that they lack exclusives), and I definitely like how much they focus online, but the fans ruin it for me by being so…. stupid and childish. Like a mixture of college drunks and psychotic preschoolers who refuse to acknowledge that other consoles exist outside of the 360 (example).

    Can’t believe I wasted 15 mins of my life typing this out….. -_-

    • Ryan_oprainfall

      Sharing your insight with others is never a waste of time. Wasting time is what internet trolls do.

    • TheLast

      Thanks. :] I was kind of angry that day. lol

  • Larry Irvin Hullum Jr.

    I really great article. But honestly, I actually do not support Microsoft and I actually have a logical reasons for it. When I originally announced the Xbox one with all of its DRM there was no way I was going to support that and I was not for at all. Then they removed all the restrictions and then I want WTF? Because of the fact that they went back on their vision. At that point, they had no vision, they had no real goal and goiing back on there vision made them look weak. They really need to get their stuff together and they were just clearly showing that they did not have anything together. then the announcement that kenect will not be required. they are unsure of their own message in cannot give me a good reason to want to buy an xbox one with their current situation. the fact that somebody had to come out and say something to start a fire under their butt in order too get them to ease up on indie developers and their policies, really showed me that they were out of touch with their own customers.what I worry about is them and their counsel. They seem inconfident. Games look good yes, but their system is something I’ve been worried about. why should I spend $500 on a game counsole when you’re unsure what you’re doing with i?

    • Larry Irvin Hullum Jr.

      sorry for the typos, I was using google voice to text

    • Ryan_oprainfall

      You know, I agree. But at the same time, they did try and turn things around and give consumers what they want. Right now they don’t have a clear direction for the xb1, and until they do I am staying away. In two years or so I’m sure we’ll have a pretty good idea what xb1 is and where it is heading.

  • Stealth

    Crystal is dropping truth bombs

  • Pedro Rosas

    It’s not that I mind a game getting ported, but what I really hate is people bitching about that game later on. Perfect example is Final Fantasy XIII. The game is good, but Xbox owners just made it sound like the biggest crap ever. Consequence to this was poor sales; game did not profit, they had to make XIII-2 which took a graphical hit so it would not look like crap on the 360.

    I’m pretty sure KH3 will looks as good as in the PS4, but xbox followers never owned it, they will bitch about the story and they will swear and per-swear that there is holes and blah blah blah and I am sure they won’t port KH1.5/2.5 to xbox nor Nintendo.

    I personally do not own an xbox because of all their exclusives, I only like 1. I don’t consider it worth it to buy a system just for one game. Maybe if it was your favorite series but not for a “yes, I would like to play it” game.

    • FF13-2 was not much better

      But…it IS the biggest crap ever. What an awful game.

  • Support.

    3rd party support. That’s really what we are talking about here. Supporting a console with games.

    Sadly 3rd party companies only support consoles they believe they can make money on (essentially consoles with large install bases and certain gaming demographics). So they won’t bring their games to every system (even if every system can support that game).

    I’m all for supporting games on other consoles, but the problem still becomes that when you are buying a game for another console, it means that those developers will simply continue to release those franchises on those specific consoles.

    They won’t spread them around if they are supported by even more groups of gamers. Developers only shop around and release on different systems when they don’t find success on a single console.

    It’s frustrating for everyone.

    It’s funny because this article is asking people to go out and shell $200-400 for a new system to just play that one game that you want on another system (for the sake of supporting the company), yet it’s hard to justify buying a new console at that price for that one game. I mean for $200-400 I could just as easily purchase 5 or 6 new titles for the console a person already owns.

    Also why is it that it should be expected we shell out cash and buy the appropriate system, versus a developer shelling out on their end to port their title across all platforms for everyone to enjoy.

    I don’t specifically hate any game company, I just can’t bring myself to buy a whole system for a single franchise, or a single game. I’ll sooner look into alternative franchises that will fulfill my gaming needs.

    • Raymond

      See, i agree with this guy so much right now. It’s mostly 3rd party support that makes people go stupid on what system is best.

  • taekk

    Systems I own: Hello Kitty Dreamcast, NTSJ Fat White PS2, NTSJ PS2 slim white, PS3 Slim, PSP, SMT IV 3DS, DS Lite, GBA SP. If it’s region-locked, I don’t buy it unless it’s a limited edition model that’s cool enough to own. In fact, the only reason I imported the NTSJ PS2 slim model is because my Fat white one started making funky noises.

  • IceTheRetroKid

    Great article, although I personally prefered 360 for JRPGs, WRPGs and Tecmo (at least by the day they were released) and PS3 for cinematic action-adventures games this generation.

  • I will usually buy games I want and wait for the system to drop in price. I almost always do this with everything Nintendo, I don’t own enough games for my Wii to justify anything above 100USD for the system. So I bought the Operation Rainfall games and waited for the Wii to hit 89USD last holiday. Any other games I pick up will be second hand and cheap, I really haven’t been behind Nintendo since the gamecube, I felt they lost what made them great with the Wii.

    I’ve already purchased two WiiU titles, and probably three more here soon, and will wait for the WiiU to go under 150USD to buy it, unless I find it cheap somewhere used.

    I did the same with the 360, outside of Gears, Halo, Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, Infnite Undiscovery and Fable, I have no reason to have a 360, everything else ended up on Steam if I really want it. I have sine sold my 360 for a 3DSXL, but I might get a 360 again when they become relics and show up used for less then 100USD.

    Playstation is the only system I buy on launch because I know I will own enough games to justify the launch price of the system, I have at least 80 games on disc and another 100+ digitally. So I know I’m getting the PS4 like I got the 3, 2, and 1.
    I do own a vita and have gotten enough games to justify the 199USD i paid for the AC Bundle edition and the 32 gig card.

    My 3DS just starting getting non mario centric games for it I feel are worth owning, but even at that I still only have 8 physical games and 3 downloaded games from the eshop.

    So I don’t hate any system, but I also don’t like throwing money down my toilet to early.

  • Red

    I love every system myself, but i dont see myself owning a ps4 right away cause it has nothing that interest me. xbox one sure is 100 bucks more, but at least i know ill actually be using the services and features and IMO it has more quality games thats avalible day 1.

  • Gaming is expensive

    But…financial reasons are a big reason. You can’t just trivially throw it away with “well get the console you want and stick with it”. I never owned any Sega console growing up for this exact reason. Think of how many games I missed…..and no, playing them now will not provide anywhere near the same experience. I tried playing Terranigma recently and it’s just so…..crude…compared to later masterpieces like Zelda and Alundra.

    People want to be able to play every game. The best experience for the consumer would be if there was just one console. Companies playing games with exclusivity is getting old.

    • zeezee

      Gaming is cheap. Most games can be purchased for $15-$20 USD mere months after release. The amount of entertainment vs.cost is way lower than other types of media; movies, comics, manga, etc.

      Consoles are only overpriced when they include optical *movie* drives (Blu-ray) and when they are designed to be an all-in-one media center.

    • Gaming is expensive

      Gaming is sure as hell not cheap. How many games would you have bought growing up if your parents hadn’t gotten you the console and relatives gotten you games on your birthday?

  • Warboss Aohd

    Amen humie

  • NinTemple

    I have some significant financial reasons for being a one-console gamer. In fact, right now, though I really want a Wii U, I simply can’t afford one. Even with the recent price drop, I just told my friend I could get a Wii U “…if it was $20 and all the games became $4.99” Hopefully by the Spring semester I’ll be more employed and less exploited and I can buy the Wii U for more realistic prices. =)

    Now, I was the same way with the Wii during the previous generation. I have almost zero ill-will towards Sony, and my only ill-will towards MS is practical reasons, not personal (charging for online? all the XB1 attempts at BS?). I have a PS2 on my entertainment center right now, a PSP to the right of me, and I had a TON of fun playing Halo back in my undergraduate days.

    But there is one thing about living in a reality where I can only buy one console at a time that does make me very upset. The fact that, as a Nintendo gamer, 3rd party games that COULD come out on the console I own, and probably SHOULD come out on the console I own, often do not because devs and/or pubs are either lazy or have strange image concerns over being seen at the same lunch table as Mario and Kirby.

    Now, I know, it’s a chicken and egg thing, right? If 3rd party games sold better on Nintendo platforms they would get more games, right? Well, not really. Since the games used by 3rd parties to test that theory are usually not very accurate measuring sticks. “Oh, Nintendo gamers don’t buy crap? They must not want this good game!” … really?

    And processing power? Come on. Somehow Nintendo knows how to make gorgeous, deep experiences on its little white boxes. I bet those 3rd parties could figure it out if they twied wewy hawd*!

    So anyway, I never, ever, ever bash Sony or MS**. But I am always very vocal when I think a game that should come to a Nintendo platform does not. I couldn’t care less about exclusivity. Release Bayonetta 2 on the Nokia N-Gage for all I care!! But there are THREE major hardware companies, 3rd parties. Not two. Whoever told you it was only two should be fired immediately! Now get to work….

    *baby voice used for mocking purposes.
    **unless it’s for something practical like used-game trickery or DLC ass-hattery.

    • zeezee

      I also have a PS2 in my entertainment center and a PSP. Even in spite of the new hardware out there, these devices have some of the best games and gameplay that you will find.

      There is nothing wrong with gaming last-gen, aside from the fact that some rarer games can be tough to find reasonably. But for these two machines, that fortunately isn’t really the case. New games are still plentiful and cheap online. Even most “rare’ games can still be purchased for less than $20.

    • NinTemple

      Totally agree. Before the 7th generation (Wii/PS3/360, right?) I was actually planning to ALWAYS game a generation behind. I came to this conclusion after realizing that awesome games and systems are a FRACTION of the price a generation later. Unfortunately, just as I was about to enact this plan, online console gaming became commonplace and awesome games like Monster Hunter Tri were not going to have their experience substantially diminished a generation later after online support was pulled. Ah well. =)

  • osteo7

    I used to be a brash Nintendo fanboy, but then I realized that I was missing out on so many great experiences.
    Now I just need to find a job with I can work during the school year so I’ll be able to sit down and thoroughly enjoy more games 😐

  • davidvinc

    I agree with the majority of your sentiments written here and in the comments. I own all 3 systems as well as both portables. However, it just upsets me because I only own 3 games for the Xbox360 and I feel that I have the right to complain about that. They misrepresented themselves when the console launched by saying that they would support JRPGs – I bought it for Tales of Vesperia, Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon. That’s it, and that’s pretty pathetic. I will no longer be supporting Microsoft because I simply can not trust them, they change course when it suits them. They changed course on supporting JRPGs, just as they did in their support of DRM for the Xbone.

    • zeezee

      I got a lot of good RPG gaming out of my XBox 360, but I believe that you are right. Microsoft started strong and really became fairly week by the end of this generation. But there are still a large number of great RPGs. You just need to ignore some of the negative reviews. For instance, I really liked Infinite Undiscovery, Tales of Vesperia, Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, and more. These were exclusives. Some of the cross-platform games were great as well.

      But I would have to agree that the PS3 has a greater quantity of top-notch exclusive RPGs.

      In the end, I found that I was playing my Wii more than the 360. That’s because it had some awesome exclusives over the last year.

    • Hopefully everything goes PS4

      Yeah after Vesperia not a SINGLE real JRPG has come out. No, multiplatform Square games don’t count.

      It’s a sickening bait and switch really. Microsoft saw that Japan had turned their noses at the console and just gave up.

      The Xbone looks even worse from this perspective. I sure as hell am not playing Fable.

  • zeezee

    People don’t generally hate consoles because they don’t like the company or the console itself. They hate because they are insecure sheep that need to feel justified for their brand loyalty. They hate because they need to feel confident that they made a conscious decision for one brand over another.

    Its the same as when people hate those of other races and religions, or other countries, or Ford vs Chevy (or for frack’s sake those Honda nutjobs who believe that their cars are superior to everything else). Or perhaps all of the uncoordinated mutants out there who obsess over football teams. These are the types of people that usually also buy stupid brand-name clothes.

    Here is an idea… Buy all of the game systems that have the games that you want to play. It’s that simple.

  • Kashi Persona Canpy

    I entirely agree; just like Crystal I own a Wii, PS3, PS2 and 360 (even though the 360 and Wii have been collecting dust). Hell even own a 3DS, PSP, DSi (as well as the older models), and a Vita. I buy a system not because I love Sony (which I do) but because I want to play the games on it. For instance, I pre-ordered Persona 4 Golden before I even HAD a Vita and bought it just FOR P4G. Another two examples: bought PS2 and 3DS for Kingdom Hearts (even though, in the end, I really really don’t like DDD). All’s it takes is one game for me. Probably later I’ll buy a Wii U just for SMT x Fire Emblem game. Point is, throw me a Tales, SMT or Fire Emblem game and I’m all over the system faster than you can say “Gald” lol don’t give a damn which system it’s for.

  • Tiredman

    Sigh, sanctimonious, or however it is spelled, bs. It is very simple. If all games released on all consoles, then some games will inevitably run worse on some consoles versus others. Well, unless all the consoles are the same, in which case what is the point of having 3 competing consoles? Oh, wait, if we only had one console to pick from, what would determine its price and keep it from being sold for $600 + like Sony did with the PS3 at the start? What would keep these companies working hard to innovate the gaming space instead of just releasing a slight upgrade every few years and then making new games only work on the new console?

    You don’t really understand competition and the good that comes from it, from the sound of this article. Having console competition guarantees we get more good games than crap. The original Wii went its own direction instead of trying to compete against Sony and Microsoft, and their good game to crap game ratio skewed greatly towards crap. That is what happens when you have no competition. Why should developers spend all that money to make a good game when they know they can get away with crap? Integrity? Yeah, not likely. Most developers and publishers are in it for the money, not to make our dreams come true.

    Fanboys and Fangirls are integral to competition. Yes, severe versions of them are not good, but fans of each system give each company a reason to try their best to keep those fans from wanting to leave to a new console. This breeds new ideas such as gaming consoles as media centers, the creation of online gaming, the creation of online stores and digital gaming on console. All of this comes about from competition brought on by each company vying for a chunk of the market, meaning the gamers. Without that competition, your, and mine, hobby would be nowhere near as advanced, and a good deal less fun.

    Part of this competition is exclusive games. Without exclusive games, all arguments would be over how miniscule the graphics differences are, or what small upgrade in some other way the games offer. At this time people will pick the most powerful console, that console will win the console war, and then competition will go downhill from there.

    So yes, it is annoying hearing people whine about games being on consoles they don’t own. And you also don’t give enough credit to the actual price of these machines and the average income of the average gamer. Many gamers have a hard time affording 1 to 2 games a month, let alone making big purchases like multiple consoles. You really take your article down in thoughtfulness by making owning one console sound like a bad thing. Many members of my family aren’t like me and in a good enough place in their lives to own every console that comes out. I actually buy the console they own first just so I can play with them, same with certain games that I would not normally buy full price if it wasn’t for them. Money is a “HUGE” issue in the console market space. Sure the consoles are now hitting the $229 to $299 range, but prior to that they were $400 to $600, and were that much for the first few years.

    Yes your article is opinionated, but it sounds like somebody who lives a better life than most people. I am lucky enough to live a better life than most people, but I don’t look down on those people, I understand them since many of them are my aunts, uncles, cousins, and even my own brother. Money doesn’t rain from the sky and is a very real issue in our hobby, and one that should not be looked on with as little significance as you make it sound. My cousins are Sony Fanboys because it gives them more of what they want than the other consoles. I am too, at least to some degree, as I am an rpg fan and while I started with the Xbox 360 as it had more rpg’s after 2 years on the market than the PS3, but that drastically changed in the following years. Now Xbox offers me nothing that I can’t find similar or better of on the PS3, and more than likely the PS4 and Wii U.

    I am getting a Wii U this Christmas. I am getting a PS4 the following Christmas. I am not touching an xbox one so long as kinect is a required part of the system, and even if they do remove it, I just plain don’t like Microsoft anymore after all the crap it has tried, and actually gotten away with, over the last few years.

    Anyway, I have said enough here.

  • TwinTails

    I know right? It pisses me off when people bitch about Sonic Lost World being Nintendo exclusive.

  • Tom Greene

    What is she blabbing about?