Persona 4 Arena title screen

Persona 4 Arena

It’s been a long wait for European gamers, but it looks like the wait for Persona 4 Arena is finally reaching its end. The Xbox 360 build of the ATLUS and Arc System Works fighter was recently submitted, the official Persona Europe Facebook page posted today.

“Though dependent on when it passes, of course – I think it’s realistic for me to say we’re looking at a May release,” the page notes. “I will update you all on the specifics very soon.”

No comment was made regarding the PlayStation 3 version.

It may not be an exact date, but it should be enough for Persona fans in Europe to breathe a collective sigh of relief, as the wait has been a long one since publisher Zen United announced a delay last year. Persona 4 Arena hit Japan and North America last summer under publisher ATLUS. As someone who has invested a lot of time in the title, I can assure you that the wait will absolutely be worth it. Look for Persona 4 Arena to hit store shelves soon enough.


Dan D'Antonio
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