Vote to Localize — SEGA and Konami Polls: Your Thoughts

Friday, July 26th, 2013

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Vote to Localize with oprainfall and LAI

Our inaugural Vote to Localize poll to determine which SEGA and Konami games our friends at Language Automation, Inc. (LAI), should pitch for localization got a great response. Thousands of people participated in our polls (assuming it wasn’t nine people somehow voting thousands of times), leaving hundreds of comments. For those of you who don’t take the time to read comments, we’ve selected some of our favorites, organized by game, for your perusal. Enjoy! And on the off chance you haven’t voted yet, please feel free, since voting is ongoing.

Yakuza 5

Yakuza 5 logo

So far, Yakuza 5 is leading in our SEGA poll. Though starting off slow, some passionate fans advocated for it over the then-leading title, Valkyria Chronicles III, and it seems to have paid off. Let’s take a look.

Kamille: for the love of god, YAKUZA 5 please, I need that game in my life! That was/is my most anticipated game of the year, my most favorite discovery of this generation… People please, this series is amazing! ;____;

Adam I.: Yakuza 5 *would* have come out overseas already if the guy who normally heads the localization efforts wasn’t laid off a while back. The series has a good track record outside Japan, managing to at least break even with every game (except that zombie spinoff ‘Dead Souls’, maybe?) and has been ongoing for a while. My vote is going to Yakuza 5, it *should’ve* been released over here already but for the go-to localization guy unfortunately losing his job.

VC3 is at least getting a fan translation, whereas Yakuza 5 isn’t and fans outside Japan are missing out on the largest Yakuza game ever.

Sisko: I have never been so excited about a new game as I have been about Yakuza 5! And I mean almost two years full of anticipation and I’m still on pins and needles whether or not SEGA will announce a localization. Reading about the improvements and all the new content has made me want this game so badly. And I adore the story and characters of Yakuza-games! I was torn between the fifth game and 1&2 HD ( I want both!) but at the moment I really need the fifth one! The HD collection would be more than awesome also!

Valkyria Chronicles III

Valkyria Chronicles III wallpaper (1280 x 800)

The surprise turnaround of the poll, Valkyria Chronicles III so far is a close second to Yakuza 5. Considering fans have been begging for it for years, that’s kind of a big deal. But fans will be fans, and fans evangelize.

DivinePhoenix69: Normally I would have voted for Yakuza 5 but if anything that game has a way bigger chance of getting localized than VC3 due to Sega’s track record of localizing all the mainline Yakuza games (minus the spinoffs except Dead Souls). Which is why I voted for Valkyria despite a fan translation being almost complete and it being on the PSP (if anything it can just get a digital release). Go Valkyria!

Shining Hearts

Shining Hearts

A distant third, Shining Hearts, one of the few Shining games we don’t have in English, doesn’t seem to have the same following that the two leaders do. There was, however, one voice that spoke up in favor of the obscure.

Irene: Voted for Shining Hearts.

Fan translation for VC3 is coming out soon.

Don’t have a PS3 so Yakuza 5 was out of the question.

Although if I did I’d probably go with Yakuza 5.

Genso Suikoden: Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki

Our Konami poll is close, but Genso Suikoden: Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki is maintaining a short lead on Beyond the Labyrinth.

Genso Suikoden: Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki

Sarydactl: I want the new Suikoden game so bad ; v; . I have the Japanese version, but so far it’s just me piddling around with no idea what to do because I don’t know Japanese! And yet, it’s so pretty ; v; . I have Suikoden III, IV, V, Tactics, and Tierkries, and would love to add an english version of this game to the collection! TT vTT It’s a shame that a series I love has been pitted up against such a lovely IP, but hopefully the huge number of votes that I’m seeing will show Konami that there’s plenty of interest in both!

Jesse Richters: Really hoping that Suikoden gets a localization… Lord knows the fanbase needs some good news. Guess the first step is winning the poll and the second is hoping Konami doesn’t laugh in their faces!

June: Suikoden already has a dedicated fanbase who have been begging for localization of this latest installment. If you’re unfamiliar with both Konami titles, please consider voting for Suikoden. It would mean the world to thousands of people, and you’ll probably love it. The Suikoden games are absolutely life changing. If you’ve played them you know how deeply they affect you.

Jona Franscius: VOTE FOR SUIKODEN!
If you’re not sure who to vote in Konami one’s, please consider to vote for Suikoden, West Suikoden fanbase is already dying without getting the attention of central Konami for a LONG time. So if Suikoden wins, central Konami will recognize us.

Beyond the Labyrinth

Beyond the Labyrinth

While Suikoden fans are passionately advocating for the latest game in their favorite franchise, the new IP in the list isn’t a slouch, either, following closely behind.

Krunk: You should vote for Beyond the Labyrinth, it is a new original game on a platform that is region locked (making import impossible unless you import a foreign console as well) while the other choice is a poorly received spinoff. It should be an obvious choice.

Ivan Junior: Since the announcement, I’ve been listening to Beyond The Labyrinth’s ost all the time, they’re so well made. I think this game should not be skipped when it comes to localization, if people giving it a chance, it’s really a piece of art.

So, there you go. Thanks to all our voters, and thanks to all those who took the time to comment. Again, if you haven’t voted yet, please do so.

About Guy Rainey

I’m Guy Rainey. I’m a hardcore Nintendo fan, a PC enthusiast, and a Sony sympathizer. Also an amateur/aspiring game creator. I love any game that puts story as the main focus of the game, so that means JRPGs are my favorite genre almost by default.

  • Hmm… maybe I should’ve thrown my own words in when I had the chance.

    I can at least make a summarized version of my thoughts… of all of the games listed, Beyond the Labyrinth had the most unique concept in gameplay that had yet to reach the States. The others are amazing titles and sequels that certainly need to be enjoyed by their fans — but I think supporting, nurturing, and encouraging new, amazing titles is more important than continuing a solid series.
    Solid series (that have released in the country at some point) will always have huge support and have higher chances at localizing their sequels at one point or another (even if it takes years, collections eventually release for these titles)… but new titles can easily vanish in the wind and forever be forgotten.
    That’s why, even though I’m a HUUUUUGE Suikoden fan, I voted for Beyond the Labyrinth.

    • Hey, I voted for Beyond the Labyrinth too, sweat right! 🙂

    • Atralane

      I’ve only recently been exposed to tri-Ace’s work (mostly, titles from the Star Ocean series), but I’ve found their style and design to be beautiful and enjoyable. If Beyond the Labyrinth could be a starting point for the group to develop more titles for Nintendo as well as Playstation, I’d be thrilled to have both a new title as well as a wider diversity of developers. I don’t doubt Genso Suikoden is a good game in its own right (unfortunately, I’ve yet to try the series myself), but there’s something about the aesthetic charm and chance for new possibilities from Beyond the Labyrinth that really motivates my desire for it.

    • I totally agree with you 100%! 🙂

    • Guy Rainey

      I want Beyond the Labyrinth as well. I’m hoping that the close lead that Suikoden has can be shortened. Yes, I understand the frustration of Suikoden fans, but still…

    • yeah, for once he’s right because there are so many fans that want this new Suikoden video game to be localized in the United States when it’s a big hit in japan, yea know! 🙂

  • so this is it, I knew this J-RPG video games would make it! 🙂

  • Fuck Wii U

    Fuck those other games, ESPECIALLY Yakuza 1 and 2 HD for Wii U, WE WANT Yakuza 5

  • Nicholas Perry


  • AdamDuffiled

    Yakuza 5 is my more desired and more likely to suceed

  • James Fox

    How about coax LAI to bring Zoo Keeper 3D and the Project Mirai games here, if not… support #NintendoRegionFree

  • Come on now

    You guys need a better voting system, there was clearly mass cheating.

    • Hey, there is nothing wrong with the voting system of there’s, and there wasn’t clearly any mass cheating either, so there system they have is working just fine, I think your just complaining about all of this, so just chill the heck out dude! :/

    • Believe me cause I said so!

      Denial is a powerful thing.

    • how can you be so sure? :/

    • Guy Rainey

      I put that joke in there to be funny, not because I think that 9 or 10 people really voted thousands of times. And if they did, some of these games have some really passionate fans.

    • what makes you think that? :/

    • Guy Rainey

      It means that 9 or 10 crazy passionate fans went out of their way to find a way to vote thousands of times just to try to get their game of choice localized. I’m not sure how they’d pull it off, but if they did.. wow. All that work for a video game.

    • True, but hey, we are fans of video games after all,if yea know what I mean! 🙂

  • SupaPhly

    y-y-yakuza 5 ;_;

  • Tom

    How can I get this fan translation get to work? I assume I need the original game and a custom firmware PSP? Than no, thanks. Stating that someone won’t vote on the VC3 because the fan translation is on the way is just plain bullshit! I appreciate the work of the fans but I won’t hack my PSP to run the language patch. With that attitude I could easily download console games from the next but I refuse to!

    • maybe you should try Kickstarter, thats one way that you can get this fan translation to work, if you have an account that is, but if you don’t then you can just sign up to the website and after that, you get started, if you can, but sense I’m telling you all of this because I’m being helpful, I can show you a way of getting to the website faster, just click on this link and you’ll be there just like that:
      I hope this is helpful enough, hope your fan translation becomes a big successful hit, so good luck! 🙂

  • capristrider

    A friend on my PSN’s friend list asked me to come here and vote for Y5, so I have.

    Go Yakuza 5!

  • OK guys, lets keep this up! 🙂

    • navarro pls go

      Navarro. Go away. You don’t provoke interesting conversation, you just sound like a person that speak English as a third language.

    • that’s not true, I don’t provoke anyone, but if that’s how it’s going to be then fine, I will of that’s what you really want because I can take a hint and i can even tell that I’m not wanted on this website because you guys are becoming like jerks, so goodbye, but when you guys are hopeless without me, then you’ll see when you guys come crawling back begging for forgiveness or better yet if it makes you feel any better, just don’t sense you guy aren’t nice enough to do that yea jerks, see if I care! >:'(