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Framed is Loveshack Entertainment’s debut game. It’s a narrative-orientated puzzle game with a very interesting twist that has had a lot of people talking about it.

In Framed, you follow a man as he tries to escape from… a whole bunch of things. His exact motives remain a mystery, though I suspect he’s up to no good due to the large number of police officers in his way.

When you start a level in Framed, a scene will play out on a number of panels, and the man you are trying to assist will end up either captured or dead. It is your job to rearrange these panels so that he is able to make a successful escape, and every mistake you make will lead to a different scenario playing out, and hopefully you’ll eventually learn who he is and what he’s trying to do.

Framed - Table Rolling
One of the puzzles in the demo. The panels had to be manipulated so the table was used as a shield for the bullets.

The gameplay is really simple, and I really like the concept of this game; just the idea seems interesting. The demo they had running at PAX contained three puzzles, successfully whetting my appetite for the full version. I’m looking forward to playing through the rest of the puzzles in Framed’s full release.

Framed will be out for PC, Mac and iOS later this year, and will soon be up on Steam Greenlight. Stay tuned for any and all news related to this game!

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