Microsoft Dropping Xbox One’s Used Games, Always-Online Policies

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

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Don Mattrick, President of the Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft, has posted some very surprising news today regarding the XBox One’s controversial DRM policies. Mattrick has stated that he and his team has taken every readers’ feedback into consideration, and is addressing their criticisms by reversing the same DRM policies that had put them and their system under heavy pressure.

According to what had been posted, the Xbox One does not have to be connected to the internet anymore for people to play their games. With the exception of a one-time system set-up, the Xbox One can be playable without ever having to be connected online again. Mattrick also announces that Xbox One games will be playable on other Xbox Ones consoles without any regional locks or restrictions.

As for the used games policy, the system will support used games just like the Xbox 360. Players can buy, sell, trade, lend, and gift used games to anybody like they have always done up to this point without any limitation. Furthermore, games that are downloaded on Xbox Live can be playable on any Xbox, offline. There has not been any address towards the worrying concerns over Kinect’s surveillance, or if there is backwards compatibility; but hopefully, these questions will be answered in due time.

Until now, Don Mattrick and his team have defended the former policies throughout the Xbox One’s reveal, and have been universally slammed. This was especially so after Sony revealed its support for used games and offline usage as well as the price for PlayStation 4.

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  • James Fox

    and if believe this and buy the console… You are a confirmed Xbot crack head
    Good luck finding a job to get all the dough for every goddamn thing on that console!

    If you find yourself on the streets and penniless thanks to Xbox, don’t come crying to me

  • davidvinc

    The damage has already been done, they’ve shown their true colors and I will not be buying their system.

  • Jonah Rosen

    I’m essentially copy-pasting my comment about this from gamnesia, but…

    Still wont buy the system. But hey, at least they realized how much shit they’ve stepped in with the always online and used games BS, though too bad the damage is still irredeemably done. Though fans who exclaimed they would’ve bought the system anyways before the announcement are still blind, stupid shit-eaters who’d love to take it up the ass from Microsoft, IMO. The always watching kinect is also somewhat disturbing.

    …Still a little disappointed that my “XBone will be the next Dreamcast” prediction will be less likely though…

    • zeezee

      That isn’t even an appropriate comparison. Dreamcast didn’t die for the same reasons that people dislike XBone.

      Dreamcast is loved by most gamers; many of which didn’t realize how awesome it was until it was gone. It is a great system that had some amazing games and didn’t get the chance that it deserved. XBone is universally panned. Most of us would not even care if it is a failure.

      I love my 360, but I will not be buying XBone.

    • Jonah Rosen

      *facepalm* That wasn’t even the comparison I was making. The only comparison I was making is that they both are dead. At least it looked like it was with the crap microsoft was doing with it before this announcement came along. So yes, it is an appropriate comparison, minus the fact that the Dreamcast was a loved console and the XBone is utter crap.

      Maybe you should try thinking about WHY someone would make such a comparison before you reply to them.

    • zeezee

      Dreamcast is dead. PS2 is dead. Gamecube is dead. XBox (original) is dead. Though, if you want to get technical about it, Dreamcast is still getting new games.

      XBone is unreleased. Still not sure what you are getting at.

      So, by your logic: “Xbox One is just like a PS2! Both are dead.”

    • Jonah Rosen

      I meant it died early. You’re being a overtechnical jackass.
      All the other consoles faded away by due time. the Dreamcast on the other hand, died early.

  • smacd

    If its so easy to turn it off, it’s going to be easy to turn it back on. They’ve already done a 180, nothing will stop them from pulling a 360 after all the schmucks buy in and turn it all back on. All the infrastructure is already there.

    Too little, too late.

  • Dakota Fisher

    No thanks, the trust has been lost. I’m going PS4 this generation. Too little, too late, Microsoft.

  • dbclick

    The only downside (aside from having these restrictions in the first place) is the lack of the family sharing plan for digital purchases. That looked like a neat feature (assuming it did what I thought it did).

    Backward compatibility won’t happen except through a streaming service since the architecture is different and the XB1 doesn’t seem powerful enough to emulate the 360’s architecture – they’d have to include the 360’s chipset to do it.

    • James Fox

      Sadly gamers don’t care
      Gamers today are a bunch of idiots and slaves to Microsoft and Bobby Koctick

    • SteveThompson1

      well, slaves to generic brown shooters, which is what microsoft peddles like crack.

    • James Fox


      That and their fans are slaves to Xbox Live

      I swear, It’s like they will pledge literally EVERYTHING including their first born just to watch films on Netflix or kill someone on Call of Duty

  • Sparticus112b

    I worry a little bit that companies will start taking less chances this generation. Of course, Sony has always respected niche titles so maybe I shouldn’t worry. Maybe Sony should do so sort of extended Playstation plus. Like a Indie plus for $30 bucks more a year, or RPG plus or Strategy game plus. Something to that effect. Maybe it gets you extra discounts and an extra game a month for that category. They could advertise it as ‘support your favorite genre’ and have most of the money be some sort of profit sharing. Just some random thoughts.

    As far as this goes, Microsoft did a lot of damage to themselves but this was a step they HAD to make.

  • James Best

    Can’t say I blame them. Apparently, it hasn’t won them any converts, but the Xbox One would have been a PR nightmare had it released as it was.

    • Johnson Cameron

      I agree with the first part but not the second.

      It still is a PR nightmare. Even if they do reverse their decision, the damage can not be undone. “If you do not like Xboxone then go buy a Xbox360 as your next generation console” or my favorite one from Adam Orth “Deal with it”. Nobody is going to buy it still even after this. If they do it is out of pity.

    • James Best

      I would say they would buy it more out of brand loyalty than pity. I doubt very many have enough pity to pay $500 with the PS4 and Wii U being significantly cheaper.

  • Brad Williams

    Here’s a fun thing to think about. Microsoft’s reasoning for all of this was “the cloud.” They would use their Azure setups to handoff calculations that were not frame dependent to be done in the cloud. Now none of that will be done, and a lot of the talking points of the Xbox One are out the window.

    So, with that said… what differentiates the One from the PS4? I don’t see much, aside from slower RAM, so how does Microsoft justify the higher price point to consumers?

    This holiday season/generation is going to be interesting.

    • Steve Baltimore

      The 100 buck price difference and a camera not staring at you are two major differences. MS has show they have no respect for the consumer based on their actions and what has came out of their PR guys mouths the past few weeks. So I personally have nothing for them.

  • Johnson Cameron

    I completely agree with everyone here, Nobody should buy an Xboxone after after the things Don Mattrick has said(look it up on Youtube), after the fact the games played on the showroom floor were fake(Windows 7 and GTX600 graphics card). Anybody who does buy an Xboxone after this fiasco, clearly has no room to talk about them being a true gamer and has a passion for video games.

    Microsoft has been a failure since Windows 8 and are on a huge decline. I can not wait until the Steambox by Gabe Newell comes out to replace it as a third competitor.

  • Umar Kiiroi Senkō

    Is it really that easy to just turn everything around after all that’s been said? What happened to the statement about the 360 being an alternative? All the shut up and deal with it attitude. How exactly should we trust MS….how do they regain the respect that was lost…after this they expect us all to bow down and be happy. Most people still won’t buy this machine and then all they will say is…there’s no pleasing gamers, as we’ve always been branded..but hey if anything it’s a very proud moment for gamers…we took a stand and our voices were heard 🙂

    • RedAPPLE

      People in this industry don’t have memory, look at the Ubisoft/Rayman fiasco.