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Tales of Xillia has received some new screenshots for its upcoming English release. The game is set for release in Europe and North America this August, but the game was released in Japan all the way back in September 2011.

Tales of Xillia recently received its second official English trailer, but no gameplay footage was present in either of the trailers released so far. Luckily, if these recently released screenshots are lacking in anything, it’s certainly not gameplay. Almost all of the images released feature the game’s combat system. The generous selection of screenshots shows off tons of characters and special attacks, so if you’ve been dying to know how combat will look, wait no longer!

In addition to mechanics, the screenshots offer a pretty good sample of the game’s aesthetic, which looks to be quite similar to previous Tales games. Be sure to check out the huge gallery below, and stay tuned for more Tales of Xillia news!

Tales of Xillia is available for preorder on Amazon:

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