oprainfall E3 Predictions: 2013 Edition

Monday, June 3rd, 2013

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E3 2013

E3 Predictions: What WILL come next, exactly?

E3 2013 marks the beginning of a new and exciting era. Whether some of us go into the next console generation kicking and screaming, or whether we run towards it with open arms… this is happening, ladies and gentlemen. As aforementioned, four members of the oprainfall Staff will be headed to Los Angeles to cover the event first-hand. We’ve got all sorts of amazing things lined up already—from attending the Nintendo E3 Media Event featuring Reggie Fils-Aime and Miyamoto, to going hands on with many of the games you’re all excited for this year like Killer is Dead, Time and Eternity (and much, much more).

I’m not telling you all this just to talk business, though. One of the most fun parts of E3 for the oprainfall Staff is casting our predictions for the crazy announcements that might come from the proverbial “Big Three” in less than ten days. A lot of us have fond memories of the Bomberman franchise—so we want to see the Big Three drop bombs.

…For those of you still speaking to me after such a cheesy line, here’s a look at what some of the oprainfall Staff think could, will, or won’t happen during E3 2013.

A look at who you’re hearing from, first of all:

Jonathan Higgins (me) – Admin
Richard Ross – Admin
Ryan Tyner – Admin
Charlotte Buckingham – Editorial Head
Jeff Neuenschwander – Editorial Head
Steve Baltimore – Reporting Manager
David Fernandes – Community Manager

David Rawlings – Editor
Will Whitehurst – Editor

Arik Yates – Staff Writer
Justin Graham – Staff Writer
Kyle Emch – Staff Writer

The Staff’s snark in response to “What will happen at E3?”

Richard Ross: Murder, lots if it…. one of us dies, probably me.
McDonalds joins the console race with their quarter pound console that doubles as a fryer. Exclusives include a new McKids game.  Burger King responds by having an exclusive app on the Xbox one.

Ryan Tyner: Nintendo: Announces Wii U being remade. Super Nintendo 2 debuts Holidays 2013
Sony: Announces their new tablet controller. Oops.
Microsoft: Announces the system does actually play games, as there was some confusion about that.

Will Whitehurst: Nintendo announces something, Sony announces something, Microsoft announces nothing and OUYA announces everything.

Justin Graham: Microsoft spends half of their press conference talking about Halo: The Series. Jonathan will be injured in a tragic bacon storm encountered at the XSEED booth. Paramedics on the scene will refer to his injuries as crispy, with just the right amount of grease.

Enough of that. What are you all hoping for?
Even if it seems impossible, we can dream…right?

Jonathan HigginsI know it’s never going to happen, but I want Chrono Break. Bad. See, when I was younger, I always had these unrealistic, lofty game hopes that I held onto over time. One was a sequel to Golden Sun: The Lost Age, one was a traditional 2D Mario platformer that actually stars Luigi… and the only one that hasn’t come to pass, ladies and gentlemen… is Chrono Break. There’s the “last hope” of my childhood. I don’t care what console it appears on–wherever it goes, I go. If only because I’ve invested far too much in the franchise already.

What else? I want A Link to the Past 2 to be perfect and absolutely gush with Link’s Awakening and Oracle of Ages/Seasons references in addition to stuff from the original game. I want Gamecube games, cross-compatibility, and a completely revived Virtual Console in the wake of the “lol” offered so far. But alas, dreams are fun. And so is Kirby’s Dream Land 2. Might Nintendo of America finally throw that on the 3DS VC so it doesn’t remain exclusive to Kirby’s Dream Collection? 

Charlotte Buckingham:
Golden Sun 4, because Dark Dawn came out 3 years ago and it ended on a cliffhanger
MH4 localisation announcement
– More on the PS4 cloud system for downloading PS1, 2 and 3 games

Jeff Neuenschwander: Nintendo – X given a release date for early next year; Xenoblade given an HD upgrade and coming this holiday season; a localization we have yet to even hear about yet; Dillon from Dillon’s Rolling Western announced as SSB character; Dragon Quest X localization.
Sony – Word about a release date for The Last Guardian; Gran Turismo 6 has 1000 different cars; Final Fantasy XV made from Versus XIII stuff; Final Fantasy Type-0; Vita given a price cut.
Valve – A game with the number 3.
Ubisoft – Far Cry 4; something that creates buzz like Watch Dogs did last year.
EA – Not sports.
Microsoft – Actual good games; Halo Trilogy.

David Fernandes: Sony: Reveal the price point of the PS4, announce two models for PS4, show off Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Show off Last Guardian. Announce that the PS4 will not be region-locked. Vita getting an official price drop.
Nintendo: Announce an official Wii U price drop, a new Wii U bundle announcement. Release dates on some Wii U titles like “X”. I also hope Microsoft finally clarifies how used games will work on the Xbox One.

David Rawlings: I want F-Zero U, 1080 Snowboarding U, Streets of Rage 4 (Wii U). …Seriously, Higgins, you better mention my demands for Streets of Rage 4. It’s long overdue and would make a perfect eShop game with 5 player local co-op and 6 player online co-op. Plus the classic beats of Yuzo Koshiro.

Will: Nintendo localizes Fantasy Life, Time Traveler, Layton vs. Ace Attorney and Tomodachi Collection, as well as a title for X. Bayonetta 2 release date announced. Nondescript Action Figure to ship with all copies of The Wonderful 101. Sony announces Genji 3, talks about some other historically inaccurate enemy that will become an Internet meme, and announces The Last Guardian and/or FF Versus XIII. Microsoft partners with XSEED and Mistwalker to bring Lost Odyssey 2 as Xbox One launch title.

Chrono Break Fanart Logo?

So, there’s that. Our jokes and our hopes for E3 2013. “But wait,” I hear you saying, “These aren’t actual E3 Predictions!” I know it, ladies and gentlemen, and that’s why you must head to the next page in order to figure out what we think will and won’t happen.

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  • multibottler0cket

    I’m definitely hoping for Golden Sun 4! I also want to see Lost Odyssey 2, but not on XBOX ONE since I don’t want to have to own all three consoles again. I’m already short on room with twelve. PS4 or Wii U, with a port of Lost Odyssey would be great! I would love to see a new Mistwalker RPG for Wii U, either turn based, or Last Story 2 but a lot harder and with more towns and freedom to go where you want to.

    More realistically, I want to hear more about SMTxFE, X, and Bravely Default! Actually, I’d love to hear them say that we’re just getting a Wii U Fire Emblem game instead 😛 I’d like to hear news about Metroid too. Maybe a 2D game on 3DS or a third person halfway-between-Prime-and-Other-M game on Wii U. But that’ll probably be for another E3. Hear more about Tales in general, PS3, PS4, Wii U… Whatever, you know them. And Where’s Star Ocean been lately? PS4 new Star Ocean?

    Unrealistically, I would want new console Mana game with local multiplayer for Wii U, new turn based Final Fantasy for all consoles, new Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles for Wii U, Startropics 3 for Wii U, Dragon Quest XI for Wii U as a single player game, and a new console turn based RPG from Square. Also, Arcana 2 for Wii U.

  • MusubiKazesaru

    Also Shulk for Super Smash Bros.

  • Ben Baker

    X, SMTxFE, Golden Sun 4, Smash 4, and a new Star Fox; that is pretty much all I would need to be satisfied with this E3.

  • Nonnahswriter

    Golden Sun 4 Golden Sun 4 Golden Sun 4 GOLDEN SUN 4!

    Also, you guys earn 50-billion bonus points for using a Golden Sun picture for your link on Facebook. *thumbs up*

  • Gemnist

    Nintendo- Wii U Price Drop, X release date, more consoles for the Virtual Console, and tons more SSB4
    Sony- Actually reveal the PS4, not its components and controller
    Microsoft- “About no backwards compatibility- April Fool’s”!
    “BOO! It’s not even April!”

  • Vallen

    “X/Y release date given, more info on the game”

    We already have a worldwide release

    • Vallen

      And as for my actual hopes/predictions: well, I don’t have that many, but here goes;

      Want to happen
      -Versus 13 announced (don’t care if its ps3/ps4 or renamed as 15, as long as its still happening)
      -Xenoblade HD WiiU port

      -PS4 costs no more than 400$
      -Vita price cut
      -More news on “X” and fire emblemXshin megami tensei

  • Shulknameholderthing

    Versus will definitely be shown off. Doesn’t mean it’ll be out anytime before 2024 though.

  • James Best

    Here are my predictions and hopes for E3 2013 (or at least the Nintendo part of it):
    -all the stuff that’s already been confirmed (i.e. 3D Mario on Wii U, Smash Bros., X, etc.)
    -Retro’s new game
    -Nintendo buys back Rare, Banjo Threeie and Killer Instinct reboot announced
    -Exclusive Capcom games on Wii U: Mega Man, Resident Evil, Monster Hunter fighting game
    -Localization for games like Monster Hunter 4 and Dragon Quest X
    -The Last Story sequel or sucessor
    -Shadow of the Eternals published by Nintendo
    -Indie stuff
    -Soulcalibur VI with Link as the guest character in Wii U version
    -New Rogue Squadron

    • Johnson Cameron

      I actually agree, if Nintendo were to buy back Rare, i would literally forgive Nintendo for the whole LP controversey situation. It seems like a possibility. Maybe then Nintendo can finally make a Donkey Kong game with Kremlings again.

    • It really pains me to say this, but with the seemingly half-finished state that Soul Calibur V shipped in and its critical response, I’m fearful that Namco might be ready to kill the franchise.

    • James Best

      NOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooh well… I only have Soulcalibur 2, so I guess I can go play that if I get desperate.

  • Nelson Quintanilla

    Prediction: “The World Ends With You 2” 😀

  • Rick Xeros

    My HOPES for E3 (not really expecting any of this to happen any time soon or at all really)

    Nintendo: A new Metroid title that improves on Other M gameplay and story telling elements rather than sweeping it under the rug and pretending it didn’t happen, More X details, more Monolith Soft in general, a new Zelda title that doesn’t use the wii motion plus, Shulk as a character in Super Smash Bros 4, Super Smash Bros 4 getting a release date that is SOON so I can justify buying my Wii U… A new Pokemon Colosseum or Pokemon Stadium title (I can dream can’t I?) The Last Story 2! Yeah, I think that’s all I got in me, Maybe just some awesome RPG titles? 😛

    Sony: Backwards compatibility of SOME SORT for the PS4 so it doesn’t end up being made of fail… More games being announced for PS3 not just the PS4. Portal 3? Some details on Konami’s new Metal Gear games. A new .hack// game for ps3, Persona 5 on ps3?

    Microsoft: That they fail hard and do so poorly they’re laughed out of E3…. You can tell I’m not a fan huh?

    Square-enix: Final Fantasy XV and it not to be online or stupid…. Final Fantasy XVI to be announced to release less than a year after XV and them both to be awesome and not lame and not online…. Just… Something GOOD from them in general…