Final Fantasy V Arrives on iTunes Today

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

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Final Fantasy V

Square Enix’s  mobile revolution continues with a re-release of another Final Fantasy game. As of today you can now find Final Fantasy V on the iTunes store for $15.99.

This iOS port will include all the new content found in the 2007 Game Boy Advance port Final Fantasy V Advance. That includes the four new jobs, a.k.a. classes, Gladiator, Cannoneer, Necromancer, and Oracle. It will also include the optional dungeon The Sealed Temple that only opens up after beating the final boss. At the end of that dungeon, you will find the also optional boss Enuo. Square Enix likes to point out that Tesuya Nomura designed Enuo, which is a rather fitting pairing given how Nomura was the monster designer of the original Final Fantasy V.

They have also announced that Chaos Rings, previously available for the iOS and Android platform, is available for Windows Phone as of today. This game has price tag of $9.99, a dollar more than its direct counterparts on iOS and Android.

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  • I happen to be playing through V at the moment [was, anyways, not since Bioshock Infinite was released Tuesday] and I have to say that iOS version looks far better than the PSX version.

    • FrancisUnderwood0482

      16 dollars better?

    • If I didn’t already own the game, yes. Actually, if it was released on the Vita, for example, I’d probably see it as a worthy purchase, considering it’s been updated and enhanced. Then again, not everyone will think the same.

  • 15.99$ is less than I expected.

    Sadly phones only 🙁

    • FrancisUnderwood0482

      the sad part is that 15.99$ is what you expected. F Squeenix.

  • Vinicius

    FFV is my favorite FF, and it’s the only game Nomura worked where I dont hate him every time I see one of his designs.

  • I would pick it up if it was cheaper….

  • I’m still hoping they continue with actual full remakes in the vein of III and IV on 3DS.

    • RagunaXL

      yeah, a III/IV style remake of VI would be killer! if they did that as well as continued the ports akin to Chrono Trigger. Who wouldn’t want Chrono Cross and Xenogears on 3DS? Then again there’s psp…

    • FrancisUnderwood0482

      Then again there’s psp.

      Yeah, bring it out for the dead platform. That makes sense. Hopefully they’ll bring it out full-retail because I don’t want to pay any less than 40$ for that!

    • RagunaXL

      oh no, they are already on psp and those particular games are available on vita through psn as well. it’s all good! by dead do you mean fortune 500 companies stopped selling them and showing them in their ads?

  • madmofo145

    I hope this, along with Dimensions and some other of squares mobile games get ported to the Ouya. I might actually start paying attention to these mobile releases if I can play them with a controller.

    • RagunaXL

      agreed! ouya’s ‘killer app’ right now is final fantasy III, they have a couple ‘indie games ‘ as well. this game actually looks pretty sharp! 5 was awesome on anthology for psx.

    • FrancisUnderwood0482


  • SecretX

    really wish they bring stuff on the eshop or psn store. i only have a 3ds and psp 🙁

    • FrancisUnderwood0482

      go get yourself a GBA emulator pal. Square are rip-off artists and ripping them off is practically a public service.

  • Wow you mean I can overpay to have this game with terrible controls on my iphone! 😀 That makes me sooooo happy~ >_> Seriously, I have this in download form from PSN. The PSN Download I can use on my PSP system and PS3 and that copy would have only cost me 9.99, but I only paid 5.99 cause I bought it when they had it on sale… Seriously, 16 bucks? No sale… Ever…

    • FrancisUnderwood0482

      Bravo. The rest of the commenters on this thread are freaking Drones.

    • RagunaXL

      yes, because we are droning on and on about how this is not the final fantasy shooter for psp or the final fantasy that plays like ‘old school’ kingdom hearts for ps3. so OFF COURSE square enix sucks because I don’t have an iPhone and a whopping 16 bucks to buy a brand new game. so we’re the drone’s because no one seems to mindlessly agree with us? this game is gonna be SWEET!

      though, I wish square never merged with enix. so that way we had a shot at Spirits Within II

    • FrancisUnderwood0482

      First off, I don’t know how you got an upvote for the word and thought salad you just typed. I had to read it over to make sure I understood what you were talking about.”because we are droning on and on about how this is not the final fantasy shooter for psp or the final fantasy that plays like ‘old school’ kingdom hearts for ps3.” Hahaha. WTF? Forgot your medication this week did you?
      Anyway,a remake, that’s been remade many times over and over and over (and in another comment you refer to as a *stifles laughter* a “Killer App”) when it comes to Square you’re the proverbial Last Man in Europe. So you’ll forgive me for not giving your confusingly put opinion any merit whatsoever.

    • RagunaXL

      no sorry, no medication needed here, but it’s funny you went… there. whether you’re speaking on final fantasy III or V they have only been ‘remade’ once.

      what I was trying to convey in ‘my’ thought salad was a miming of the droning that goes on in these comments. I think it’s time that the kids who grew up on nes, snes, and/yo psx square games to be less forgiving to the younger kids who have verbally destroyed square-enix and their credibility.

      they are the ones who are sick of “ode’skoo retro games” being remade. These are the kids who grew up on Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy X-2. You ask them their thoughts on 3rd Birthday or Final Fantasy XII and it’s met with a blank stare.

      There is nothing that Square can do right in the eyes of many of you here. it’s just so phony, george

  • FrancisUnderwood0482

    15.99$ for something I can get for free on PC and is many, many, many years old with a lazy new paint job? Squeenix, please separate back onto two different companies as the only things you make worth a damn anymore are based on the old Enix IP’s and I hate that ANY of my money goes to Square.

  • NinjaApe

    We can always jailbreak! it is considered legal!