PSN Games and PS3 Save Data will Not Transfer to PS4

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

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This morning, following last night’s big PlayStation 4 reveal, Sony’s Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida has confirmed that Sony’s current generation PSN games and PlayStation 3 save data will not be able to transfer over to the PlayStation 4.  Although admitting at last night’s PlayStation 4 reveal that PlayStation 3 games would not be compatible with its latest console, Sony will try and make PlayStation 3 titles playable “in some form”.

Keep in mind that because of the different architectures between the PS3 and PS4, they will only manage to bring some PlayStation 3 titles that don’t use too much of the PlayStation 4’s power when in emulation.  Shuhei Yoshiba also mentioned that Sony will aim to offer server-side and even cloud services to bring a bigger library of older games, but it seems that idea is in their long term plans.

The big news here is that PS3 save data and PSN games won’t transfer over to the PS4. Seems like something Sony should seriously reconsider, considering how many people have invested heavily both their time and money into their PS3. But it may just be one of those necessary evils that occurs with the birth of a new console generation.

What do you all think? Let us know in the comments.


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  • dk

    I think it is fine, especially since i still have a fully working and functional PSX, PSOne, PS2 slim and fat, and a 40GB model PS3 after PS2 emulation ended on the PS3. It is also perfectly understandable, since they moved from a Cell Processor to an AMD Processor.

    • crystal baltimore

      I agree. If they add the components to properly play PS3 games and raise the price people will bitch about that. People are acting like they are suddenly doing away with PS3 games or that your PS3 will be obsolete, which simply is not the case.

    • dk

      yes, this is true. They are working on a way to steam PS1-3 games using Gaikai. There is no news on how it will work, though. A processor is the major factor in determining what WILL and WILL NOT run. It is actually pretty common for newer systems to not play older games. You can’t sell a system for its own merits if you always include BC, either, which is only possible anyway if nothing changes or the cost would still make it so consumers will buy it. In this case, it would increase the price by $100-200 to put a Cell Processor into the system as well, and even then, the two processors likely would fight for control of the system and cause problems.

    • Johnson Cameron

      True, i also do think Sony will figure out a transfer method eventually for those who bought the games on their PS3 with a 4$ fee(like the WII-U eventually did with WII-U Virtual console classics) or it might have everyone repurchase the games for a small amount(4$ for Katamari Damacy?).

      This is Sony we are talking about, they always find unique ways to solve a problem. Personally i was upset, but really i do not mind if i can not play older games anyways. I am just optimistic at what the future games for the PS4 may hold.

    • Mizu D

      That not a good enough excuse, they have to try to find a way to let us play all that money invested on digital good.

      People were mad about how Nintendo handle the VC case, but this one just somehow managed to TRUMP it of all thing!!

      What message does Sony give to us gamers about their future digital market? The way I see it is, I ain’t plucking any money on any digital offering from Sony.

      And yes I still have my PS1, PS2 and PS3 and I am one of the advocate for physical media format over digital one.

    • Depends, we haven’t really heard much about how Gaikai will work with b/c. If they can work it out that we can use Gaikai to stream all our past PSN purchases, then that’d be nice.

      Otherwise, keep your PS3. Which everyone I know does anyway, and a lot of people do.

      Annnnd, Sony isn’t sending a message you think. There shouldn’t be this issue in the future, because they turned away from the cell. They’ve caved to industry pressures to something more workable and normal. If there is something like this in the future, then sure, be mad about it.

      But here there’s a legitimate reason. And people wouldn’t pay the price to actually have a PS4 with the cell in there on top of what the PS4 itself packs, if it’s even technically possible to do.

      People say they “value” b/c, but they aren’t willing to pay the price for it.

  • J.e.walters09

    Sony love’s trying to pull this shit. The PS3 itself is an INVESTMENT. Not to mention the library of games for it. Hell, there are still people JUST NOW putting their hands on a PS3. To say you’re already phasing it out is a shame. I really hope they don’t pull that “we’re only making games for our new console” shit.

    • dk

      They aren’t pulling support on the PS3 until at LEAST 2016, when its 10 year cycle comes to an end. There are still plenty of PS3 games coming out, and they are even making some of their PS4 games for the PS3, still, also.

    • Sony has traditionally been a huge fan of supporting old hardware as long as theres demand for it – PSP died out in north america because it didnt sell, not because Sony killed it. It’s still strong in Japan, so they still support it. The PS2 stayed strong for a very long time, and you could buy new systems up until a year ago, giving it a life cycle of ten years in north america.

    • If anything, this is just saying even more that they are NOT phasing out the PS3. PS3 games are still coming, and will continue to come. You’ll just need a PS3 to play them, instead of being able to play them on PS4. (sans games on PS3 and PS4 of course)

  • alucard_sCRYed

    Just keep your ps3. I don’t understand why it’s a big deal. I kept my PS2, AND my PS1.
    It’s not that hard to do guys :/

    • Yea but what if people try to trade in there ps3 to buy a the new ps4 because they don’t have the money? XD

    • dk

      You don’t get much in trade-in anyway. If you couldn’t afford the system before, just trading in the previous system won’t help make it more affordable. It just isn’t cost-effective to trade an older system for a newer system. It never has been. People just fool themselves into thinking it is when it truly isn’t.

    • Gamestop typically knocks up to 100+ USD off the price. That’s significantly more affordable.

    • Save up.

      Crazy concept.

      No wonder so many people are in debt up to their ears these days. “HOW COULD I POSSIBLY BUY SOMETHING WITH JUST MONEY?” Gee, I don’t know… so hard to work that out.

    • Ryo

      yeah cuz its always that simple

    • Elvick

      It is that simple.

      If you can’t, then you probably shouldn’t be buying consoles to begin with.

  • Well, this is Sony. They had to screw this up somehow.

    • And had they stuck with cell, they would have had stubborn and lazy developers not bother again.

      And you’d probably bitch about that too. “STOOPED $ONEE UZIN SEAL AGUN”

  • Aiddon

    what, you expected Sony to NOT do something stupid?

    • Roto13

      Yeah, how stupid of them not to stick with the impenetrable cell architecture that failed to catch on for anything else.

  • Bob

    Wait what. PSN games? Meaning the games I bought digitally won’t be playable on the PS4?

    • dk

      yes, but it is becuse of the new CPU and nothing more. People need to learn that is a vast difference between a Cell Processor and an AMD Processor.

    • crystal baltimore

      They are also working on what they are calling “Everything Everywhere” that will allow you access to all of your digital content on any Sony device.

    • Guest

      would you be okay if Sony offered a “PS3 in a PS4”, or would you complain like everyone did with the “Wii in a Wii U”?

    • Roto13

      “PS3 in a PS4” Would be a lot more expensive and nobody wants another “FIVE HUNDRED AND NINETY NINE US DOLLARS!”

    • Roto13

      PSN and retail PS3 games are exactly the same aside from the delivery method. If one doesn’t work, neither will the other.

    • Bob

      That’s not the same for the PS2 though. I can’t play my physical copy of Persona 3 FES on my PS3, but I can play my digital copy. Yes, I know the digital copy is optimized for the PS3 and it was never meant for the PS2, but still, I wish they would transfer over somehow. They have a record of me buying a digital copy of a game, the least they could do is when the PS4 “version” of the PS3 game comes out they give me a copy of that.

    • Roto13

      PS2 Classics are still pretty much PS3 games since they’re running in custom emulators designed for PS3. As they are, those emulators wouldn’t run on PS4 any more than Super Stardust HD or Metal Gear Solid 4 would. It would probably be a lot simpler to create PS2 emulators for PS4 than it would be to port normal PS3 games, though. Honestly, I was kind of hoping for backwards compatibility with PS2 discs, the way PS3 is backwards compatible with PS1 discs.

  • Sony loves shooting themselves in the foot, don’t they?

  • Guest

    Wow. I guess this is a slap in the face to all the Sony fans that made fun of Nintendo’s Virtual Console. Looks like Nintendo wasn’t the only one making stupid decisions.

    • Johnson Cameron

      Trust me this is not Micro$oft we are talking about here. This is Sony, i have heard rumors that they will find a way to do Gaikai, but they also mentioned they are trying to figure out a way do what the WII-U is doing with Virtual purchases. But i am willing to bet Sony is going to do a weird deal thing, where they put their games on the digital store and it will be at a cheap price( 7$ per game. optimized for PS4 AMD with graphical enhancements etc)

      Personally Sony has a history of figuring out problems and making a unique decision on them. Besides it’s not that big of a deal,like DRM on Xboxone.

  • This is a let down but I still have my PS2 and PS3 so it doesn’t effect me (much) I just hope Sony is easier on the restrictions this time around.

  • This is how you make me not want your console, Sony.

  • as long as the psn stays up indefinitely (i.e. 4ever) for ps3, 4 and vita…if not, I’M TALKING 5TH SEASON NIGHT COURT LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME!!!…

  • James

    Just gonna keep the PS3 until it’s bled dry on games and I’m bored of my current multi

  • Alex

    It is really crap that we can’t get our money back for games we bought of PSN

  • railroad1125

    I’ve invested a lot of time into my PS3 games (Dragon’s Dogma, Dark Souls, Oblivion/Skyrim, etc.) I most assuredly do not want to lose all those characters! Until Sony can figure out how to “port” my saved game data from PS3 to PS4, there’s no reason for me to invest time/money into purchasing PS4.