Legend of Grimrock 2

The creators of Legend of Grimrock have been busy creating… something. At the beginning of the project, they couldn’t have even told you what they were working on. It started as simple DLC, and then grew to a full-blown expansion pack. But, these guys are coders. They’ve been working on their engine the whole time to make it look nicer. With this new engine, the team decided that the best way to use it would be a whole new game, as any kind of DLC would have limited what they could do. After all, you wouldn’t want your DLC system requirements to be higher than the base game, now would you? Legend of Grimrock 2 is born!

As of now, they’ve only revealed a teaser picture for Legend of Grimrock 2 (shown above), but they promise regular development updates from their blog, which have been slack as of late, what with the team porting the game to Mac and Linux.


Guy Rainey
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