Xenoblade Developer Monolith Soft Reveals New Xeno Related Game

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

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During today’s Nintendo Direct that focused on the Wii U, Monolith’s new title has not only been announced, but gameplay shown in a trailer at the end of the livestream. It seems the new game will be another title related to the name Xeno, like Takayashi’s other titles under his belt; Xenogears, Xenosaga, and of course Xenoblade. In fact the gameplay is very similar to Xenoblade, with regards on how the battle system plays out and the menu system with selectable skills and what not.

We even got a quick glance of the character driving a motorcycle and a mech around; similar to Xenogears and kinda of Xenosaga in this regard. The game looks absolutely stunning and quite breathtaking (that draw distance, which was one of Xenoblade’s appealing aspects is back!), so if you’re one of those gamers dissatisfied with Xenoblade’s texture work, here lies the remedy. Hopefully this time, there won’t be any issues when it comes to localization.


Monolith Creature Monolith Driving
Monolith Lagiacrus Monolith Waterfall
Monolith Mech Monolith Boy

Such exciting news! So what do you all think, do you think it’s Xenoblade 2 or something else entirely? From the glimpse that we saw of the game, do you think the game will have an online co-op action like Phantasy Star Online?

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  • It’s got so many Xenoblade elements to it. The battle system, the way the character runs (like shulk) and the guy at the end kinda resembles Shulk.

    What I do know, is that I will now be buying a Wii U.

  • Based on gameplay, i’ll say Xenoblade 2, the mechas don’t matter much because all the Xeno games have some sort of mechas.

    I don’t plan to buy a new Nintendo Console afte the deception of the Wii, but this got me really interested.

  • Mr Voodoo Potato Head

    Shut up and take my money!

  • I think it’s most likely Xenoblade 2. It COULD be a prequel, but anyone’s who has finished the game will realize that it’s probably a sequel based on some….. things. Plus that face cut in looks like Shulk.

  • YES!

  • It LOOKS so good! And because it’s a Monolith game, you KNOW it’ll have some meat to it. This looks like it’s going to be a must-buy for the Wii U, ESPECIALLY for a fan of the JRPG.

  • It seems like all signs point to Xenoblade 2. I mean, even the character model at the end looked very similar to Shulk. Not only that, but the battle system and character animations look so similar. Color me an excited little girl xD

  • Looks ok but it has the same ugly and boring mmorpg battle system than xenoblade

  • Inuboy1000

    I knew they should have made a Xenoblade sequel. Looks like this is about close. Awesome. Xenowhatever is gonna be awesome.

  • I wonder if this is a direct sequel to xenoblade….. That guy in last pic above looks alot like shulk after all. Could just be wishful thinking.

  • VInicius

    This games looks so good that I think we will need to create a new campaing to bring it to the americas. I dont think it’s a sequel since they said in the past that their new game would be a tottaly new game, but who knows.

    • AzureRyuujin

      I think we’re safe, but maybe just to be even more safe we should make it clear.

    • Because it was shown in both the American and European Nintendo Directs, I think we’re safe here.

  • This looks like everything I’ve ever dreamed of. My only concern might be that Monolith could be emphasising a co-op component to the detriment of a epic single-player storyline, but knowing Tetsuya Takahashi I doubt that would be too much of a problem. Otherwise, I’m in paroxysms of ecstacy. The massive open world gameplay of Xenoblade, in high-def, with MECHS and music from the guy who scored Gundam Unicorn. Not to mention the Xenogears logo font at the end. This is going to be the best thing ever.

  • Just hope we don’t have to do an Operation Rainfall 2.

  • This looks awesome. Just look at those graphics. This is Monolith Soft’s first HD title, and they are really looking to stun us. Again with the big world, this time with beautiful detail and effects.
    The game gives me a huge Star Ocean vibe. Also, it looks like they are expanding upon the gameplay of Xenoblade. Can’t wait to see what this game is about. Love the mechs.

  • To anyone worrying about localization — don’t. This game was shown off on a North American Nintendo Direct, on the NA Wii U Facebook page (with a specific nod to Xenoblade Chronicles), and is being spread like wildfire across the ‘net.

    I’ve never been MORE confident that we’ll see a stateside/European release for this game, because it was shown GLOBALLY across multiple Nintendo Directs.

    • Guest

      Plus, the Japanese Nintendo Direct had a bunch of MOTHER announcements, those were censored from the North American Nintendo Direct. If NOA didn’t want us to know about it, this would have made the cutting room floor as well.

    • Guest1

      Pardon my cynicism, but Xenoblade was announced at E3 2009 and we all know how that turned out. I want nothing more than this game to make its way over here. I’m a huge fan of Monolith Soft and Xenoblade was one of the best games I’ve played in over a decade and that includes every game outside of the JRPG genre. I just don’t know if a North American Nintendo Direct spot is enough to consider this game a lock on reaching our shores.

      Again, pardon me for being a Debbie downer, I’m just not sure what to expect after Nintendo’s reluctant launches of the 3 OPRainfall games to our shores.

    • That’s all well and good, but — why would Nintendo of America and Europe go out of their way to show off the trailer above on the Wii U Facebook page and other social media?

      It is BECAUSE of Operation Rainfall/the success of Xenoblade Chronicles that Nintendo of America/Europe will NOT cause a stir by being selective with another game from Monolith Soft, much less what could be a sequel to Xenoblade.

      Keep the faith. It’s already been confirmed. The reason they haven’t officially announced it beyond the Nintendo Direct is because it’s apparently in its “early stages”. Expect one of the best E3’s ever this year, to be sure, as well as the proof you’re looking for.

    • Guest1

      It’s true that they are going out of their way to showcase it more. I sincerely hope you’re right. The few seconds of this trailer made me crazy with joy.

    • droidhen

      can’t hurt to do a little campaign anyways, even if the game is officially announced, just to help promote the game and build sales and show a little PDA to Monolith Soft

    • Ryan_oprainfall

      We’ll promote the game where possible, but ugh no, no campaigns. Unless you want to start your own that is 😛

  • Mark my words: If any of you do anything funny related to this game, I will be there to oppose you again.

    • Excel-3000

      funny? You mean like start a shit campaign for La Mulana after it was already picked up by Enjoy Up? Or funny like spreading awareness and providing free marketing for Nintendo and XSEED? Or funny like writing a 3000-word blog saying how much you want Operation Rainfall to fail, when they never actually even did anything except ask a company to localize a game?

    • Something or other, let me think.

  • Look out Western Rpgs, Jrpgs are coming back with a vengence!!!!

  • Now i need to buy myself a Wii U, so many great news for an rpg fan this year, and this is only the beginning of a new great year for gamers!!!!

  • guest

    1. The battle menu/arts system looks nearly identical to Xenoblade.
    2. The HUD placement is nearly identical to Xenoblade
    3. The music in the trailer sounds like “Field of the Machinae” was used as the background layer.
    4. Weapons and art are styled very similar to Xenoblade.

    5. The towering size of the monsters is similar to Xenoblade, but on a much grander scale.
    4. The “X” is red like Xenogears, but the style of the “X” from the lower left corner to the upper right is IDENTICAL to the “X” used on the Xenoblade box.
    5. Gears and transformation is highly reminiscent of Xenogears & Xenosaga.

    Could this be a prequel or sequel to Xenoblade?
    Will it try to tie -gears and -saga to Xenoblade? (for those that have completed the game, there are many, many points that could be used to tie the universes together – trying to avoid spoilers here!!)

    They showed it in the US Nintendo Direct, with Iwata prefacing the trailer in English. Nintendo Directs are generally highly edited, and references to games that will not make it overseas are NEVER left in, meaning a localization is guaranteed.

    And NOW… NOW, I must get myself a Wii U.

    Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate, Bayonetta 2, Wonderful 101, Pikmin 3 – those were all fine and dandy… but THIS? THIS is a no brainer on itself alone. And glad we won’t have to send in plastic swords or spam Facebook for this one.

    • Anon

      You forgot another HUGE thing:
      6: Character design is by the same artist that worked on Xenosaga I & II and Xenogears…. (another “xeno” connection?)

    • air_dex

      6bis : The character at the end of the video definitely looks like Shulk ( http://operationrainfall.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Monolith-Boy.png ).

      7 : Landscapes looks like the Eryth Sea in Xenoblade Chronicles.

      They are other clues for a “Xenoblade Chronicles 2” game (Bionis’ awakening ? Zanza’s comeback ? Mekon’s revenge ?).

    • dubaloseven

      > another “xeno” connection?

      the gears, the saga, and me

    • Anonymous

      Xenoblade sequel is definitely a possibility, according to the developer himself:

      Nintendo Power: Over the course of Xenoblade Chronicles, players explore the world so thoroughly that it doesn’t leave much room for a sequel. Do you have any thoughts as to how you might build it into a series?

      Tetsuya Takahashi: Do you really think so? I always build room for sequels into all of my games.”

      [SOURCE: Nintendo Power, April 2012, p.84]

      (I saw that on another article on Oprainfall: http://operationrainfall.com/what-is-monolith-soft-working-on-now/)

    • Anonymous

      From the same article:
      On February 22, 2011, Monolith Soft posted several openings for Wii U developers, requesting programmers, planners, and artists. Specifically, they were looking for effect designers who could create map and battle effects. Monolith Soft also needed a motion designer for event and battle scenes. Another job was for an experienced 2D designer who could draw mecha.


    • Ryan_oprainfall

      Impossible for it to be a prequel really. If you saw how Xenoblade ended

    • Guest

      Without spoiling the ending too much, let me try to explain the idea of a prequel….
      Prequel Idea A: It could take place before ‘the incident’, making it hundreds or thousands of years before the start of Chronciles.
      In a world where there are normal-sized gears, closer to the world of Xenogears.

      Prequel Idea B: Or, it could be the adventures of a young Dunban, Dickson, and Mumkhar, leading up to the “discovery” of the Monado and a young Shulk. Obviously, this scenario would take place far closer to the events in Chronicles. This is the same type of scenario Monolith Soft visited in Baten Kaitos Origins, another series that no one expected a prequel for.

    • Ryan_oprainfall

      In scenario A, you aren’t really taking about a prequel, more like a new game based in the same universe or world. The problem with scenario B is that from the trailers we have seen, this is clearly not the same Bionis from Xenoblade. In fact, it doesn’t look like it takes place on a god at all. That and Homs would not have had the ability to fly around in dolls before Xenoblade. They were quite inexperienced when it came to robots and mechon. Seems futuristic.

      I’m not trying to cut down your ideas, it just seems to me that a sequel is far more likely than a prequel when it comes to Xenoblade and all that we know about that game.

    • Guest

      The people of that civilization lived on a planet much like our Earth, not “gods”. “The incident” is where the “gods” were created. A prequel could basically be the story leading up to *SPOILER* Zanza and Mayneth playing with their newly discovered “toy”. Or any other scenario involving Alvis and the Monado, really. But clearly those people (as with Shulk’s vision of the future, which makes the “sequel” idea a possibility as well) lived on a spherical planet akin to Earth.

    • anon

      Be careful what you write bro. even if you put a spoiler warning Oprainfall mods will delete your posts. OR is heavy on the censorship policy

    • Ryan_oprainfall

      I do know all that of course. I was referring to your scenario “B”. In that scenario, this game could not be a prequel. While Dunban has been alive, Homs have lived on the Bionis.

      As for your other suggestion, It is possible that this game could take place on that earth like world, sure, I’ll give you that but personally I just don’t see it.

    • RagunaXL

      couldn’t this world be the bionis shoulders. in the very first sequence there is a jut in the mountain that looks very unnatural. show someone ‘under a rock’ shulk running around bionis leg at a later point in the game and ask them what kind of world they live on. put that video on the bionis shoulders, which would be just massive, or other leg and we got a setting for this game. we have only assumed at this point that is is fully explorable. they could be rat-race areas similar to phantasy star online. and the scene where dunban flies the gear about the vast canyon could be a limited area with invisible walls and the canyon ground is unavailable to land on, just eye candy.

    • Guest


      So true. And since this would have taken place before the war between the Homs and the Mechon, and before the other colonies were destroyed and faces were created, it could explain how there was quite a bit more life on the surface that was wiped to extinction (or absorbed by Bionis) by the time Xenoblade took place, as Zanza was preparing to revive himself.

      Now the only thing that doesn’t fit in line with that is the fact that the lead player character is able to enter and use “dolls” or “gears”, because as Ryan_oprainfall mentioned, the Homs seemed to have no prior knowledge of how Mechon worked, much less that there were a race of machine people.

      An alternative to all of these theories could just be the fact that Zanza himself said that he had wiped out all life and started over many times, and the instance where we meet Shulk & Co. just so happens to be the end of Zanza’s reign as a god.

      However, far more likely is the event that this is a SEQUEL, as Xenoblade was originally titled “Monado: Beginning of the World”, most likely pointing to Shulk creating a new world. That new world is what could possibly be this game. It could also mean this is the beginning of the Xeno series, like Xenoblade was a distant prequel to Xenosaga. Or, since this is the start of a new Xeno series under Nintendo, maybe Monolith Soft will basically rewrite the entire Xenosaga from scratch the way they originally intended now that they have major funding as a first party developer for Nintendo.

    • RagunaXL

      hey, too true! i guess either way there is a new xeno series underway funded by nintendo. i see what you’re saying about the gear. but a few times in xenoblade homs are seen in ‘walkers’ or anthropomorphic mechanical suits. colony 9 soldiers, fiora, and even otharon. i didn’t really think the particular gear in question was necessarily a face but i’ll give you and ryan that. *eagerly awaiting to see what transpires* and starting a wii U fund 🙂

    • TTPR_Level7

      You’re right! I totally forgot about that! Fiora was inside of a mech when she, well, um, you know. Maybe just most of their mechs were destroyed in the war with the mechon, explaining why the homs had less technological stuff in Xenoblade.

      My quesetion would be who the main boss is. It’s firmly established in Xenoblade that none of the homs (Dickson aside) are aware of the existence of Egil. So unless the main boss is just some super Mechon that they destory, or some commander or something, it would make for a weak, uncompelling story compared to the epic clash between Gods that takes place at the end of Xenoblade.

      The more I think about it, the more I realize that although a prequel could technically work on a few different levels, the liklihood is that this is a sequel or an entirely new game, because it just leaves more options open for creating a grand story.

      As Baten Kaitos Origins proved, it takes some of the fun out when you have to fleash out a story so that the ending satifies the needs of the already released “sequel”. It makes the story weaker and less compelling and it also spoils surprises. And if they do introduce new surpirses, then why does no one seems to know about or mention them in the sequel?

    • RagunaXL

      that’s a good point! right when the story could be getting good in the prequel they have to start rapping up the ‘odds and ends.’ the story couldn’t be as grand as a prequel but it could be more optimistic or more innocent. but a homs or high entia villian could really put a wrench in the works for heroes trapsing the country side in search of the mythical monado. or it could have political twists and turns amongst the colony leaders who are seeking a homs champion to wield the monado in an upcoming war. the story could end with the first wave of mechon attack that nearly wipes out all the colonies. i totally agree this is most likely a sequel but most everyone is ruling out a prequel based off the first trailer.

    • RagunaXL

      i totally agree and feel that prequel idea B is quite close to what i was trying to convey.
      at risk of a spoiler: *spoiler, maybe* whether you look at a story as a chronological event or number crunching from a computer diagnostic program you can assume that something very naturally or mathematically took place before the events of xenoblade chronicles.

      i would hope that ‘X’ is a story of a young adventurous dunban during a simpler time on bionis searching for the monado. with the other colonies not yet destroyed. it could be a very dear tale about the Homs leading up to the particular surge of war that is going on right before xenoblade chronicles.
      i like your thought on prequel idea A. i just assumed what was shown at the end of xenoblade took place in the world or xenosaga, which 😉 would explain why the last three games of that series were never made.

    • RagunaXL

      this and monster hunter tri are making it very hard for me to resist not trading in a bunch of old games and systems to get a wii U which i can definately not afford right now. and everything is pointed for an english/US release.
      i’m with you and agree that the xeno stories can all still be tied in. i believe we’re looking at a blade prequel with a young dunban on the bionis shoulder. there were at least 7 other colonies before the war with mechonis got ugly, we have another leg, arm, and some more interior to explore.
      much the way the hobbit doesn’t explain the dire nature of the master ring until lord of the rings, the monado could be a more optimstic symbol in a more innocent time (xenoblade prequel.) all the colonies could “hunger games’ there way to the privelage of letting the hero wield the monado in the upcoming battle…

  • This game looks amazing. I didn’t like Xenoblade, but I’m still pretty interested in this one.

    • Same here

    • Guest

      I can’t comprehend why someone wouldn’t like Xenoblade.

    • It mostly had to do with the battle system, which I found to be quite sloppy. I also felt the main story was too long, which didn’t go over well considering how much I disliked said battle system.

    • Ryan_oprainfall

      Some people don’t like it but far more do. I like it when people like what I like but I also understand that people like different things.

  • Goose


  • I am so happy right now.

  • I’d like to think this is a new Xenogears. But I’m a deluded Xenogears fanboy so…

    • Ryan_oprainfall

      unlikely since Square owns the rights

    • Is it possible that Nintendo licensed or outright bought the Xenogears property to do this game? Okay, probably not bought, as Xenogears would probably have been de-listed from PSN, but you get my meaning.

    • Ryan_oprainfall

      Anything is possible surely

  • Mr Voodoo Potato Head

    With the success of Xenoblade here in the west, I don’t see localization as being an issue.

  • I think Monolithsoft is becoming the company that square enix should have become. Take note Final Fantasy.

    • Mr Voodoo Potato Head

      Hopefully it doesn’t end up being dull and repetitive like the FF series. These screens have me drooling so far though. I was going to wait for Zelda to get a Wii U.

  • Flannery

    holy mother of god…

  • Alfredo

    MUST GET WII U. MUST. GET.. J… O…. B…..

    • Vinicius

      I was taking my time looking for a job, but after all this anoucements I need to find one ASAP.

    • Anthony

      I have a job. Now I just need to start saving my money. Maybe if I cut out beer and cigaretts

  • anomandaris.

    I cried, its so much to handle. and everyone at oprainfall give yourselves a pat on the back, because without you this might not have even happened.

    those developers worried about whether the wii u could handle their games…….indeed

  • Holy hell…I was floored by the announcement of SMTxFE, but now THIS?!

    I’m getting old…gonna be all of 32 years old in a few weeks…not sure if my aging heart can take so much Vitamin-Awesome at once…

  • Guest

    Get ready for Operation Rainfall 2.0

    • Flannery

      Operation MonadoFall

    • Get a life

      Operation STFU-FAIL

    • dubaloseven

      Not sure if lived up to username…

      …or irony

    • Alyssa

      I highly doubt that this will require another operation.

      But I do think it would be smart for Oprainfall to pool their resources together to spread awareness of the game. Maybe Nintendo is using this as a test.

      “Okay, this is what would have happened to Xenoblade if we announced it on day one and released it side by side with Japan”, and then when it inevitably fails, they can say “see, we told you so”.

      I think it’s even more important to make noise for this one than it was for the first Xenoblade or even Pandora’s Tower.

      You guys should do a huge “Buy Xeno____” campaign as soon as its available for pre-order. Make banners and fliers and stuff and spread the word like the good ol days. Make THIS a success, and I think Nintendo will get the point for real.

    • Ryan_oprainfall

      It’s a good idea. However, we’re not going to do it , maybe somebody else will. Our campaigning days are behind us, we have this website now. We will of course promote the game whenever possible, but our handing out fliers days are behind us. Quite frankly, after the 1 year of “hell” Nintendo put us through in what at times seemed like a hopeless campaign, we’re all pretty tired of it all. Nintendo is going to have to do their own advertising and promotion for this one by and large. In other words, we did our part now everybody else needs to do theirs. We were only ever just a couple of people doing nothing more than what anybody else could get together and do.

    • Ryan_oprainfall

      haha not needed this time. Nintendo finally got the message.

  • Carter

    No boobs, no buy. I kid.

    • Ryan_oprainfall

      SHARLA <3 Just put another Sharla like character in there and I'm happy.

  • Dan

    I think it’s a sequel to Xenoblade. Same developers, “X” must be Xeno something, character in the last screen shot looks like Shulk (keep in mind I have no finished the game yet, so I don’t know what happens), Gameplay looks just like it. I say it’s Xenoblade 2, but I obviously could be wrong,

  • Francisco

    WHA?!? why only 392 people like this? shouldnt like 13000 people like this since thats how many are on the faceboo k page? cummon peoples!

  • lovesheerpanties

    Just saw the news! This is awesome! Now I just need to get a Wii U!

  • When I first saw the video I was thinking of something either Monster Hunter related or Xenoblade related. Yesterday I didn’t think that Nintendo Direct would have this….. now I’m even more excited. (Since Pandora’s Tower was announced for USA…)

  • RagunaXL

    did anyone mention/notice has icons on the left side of the screen that say “player” 1-3 or sometimes “tester” as opposed to ‘character.’ It leads me to believe this is some kind of online game. below that is chat field with character names in english and japanese text after each ‘post.’ xenoblade online maybe

    • tartarus

      it only appears to show up occasionally, most of the time there are no chat windows or other “players”.

      Most important is that it has a solid story and core-single player experience. The music already sounds fantastic, at least from what’s in the trailer. As long as they can nail single-player, story, and music, anything else is just a perk. And as long as all else is done well, I think it would be pretty cool to have a buddy jump in and tag along to explore a giant world like this.

      Even still, it doesn’t really seem like an MMO, it just seems like a massive RPG that allows you to have a few friends join in.

    • RagunaXL

      good points! I do hope you’re right 🙂 a large world to explore, side quests and a great story is all i want. i love phantasy star’s online titles but i REALLY love the original four.
      i’d prefer not having any co-op but trying to explain this game to my friends or handing them the controller has been an up hill battle. so co-op might be a great way to introduce them to the game.
      however ,how would local co-op work? only two wii u game pads can run on one wii u at a time. i’m sure by the time this game is ready for release extra wii u gamepads will be available if that’s the case. i just can’t imagine everyone fallowing the main character off-screen and pointing the wii mote at the same list of commands.

  • XenoFreak

    The X looks like a hybrid of Xenogears and Xenoblade?

    Could the two games (and Xenosaga) take place in the same universe, and this game will be the bridge that segues the franchises?

    • They’ve said before that Xenoblade doesn’t have any connection to Xenogears/Saga other than certain themes. I doubt this new game will establish any such connection.

    • Guest

      Maybe Xenoblade didn’t at the time, but with so much in common, it wouldn’t be too far of a stretch to make it work.

      Theme of challenging fate, destiny, and “gods”? Check.
      Mecha/Gears? Check. (Xenoblade features the “titans” and the “Mechon”)
      And “the incident” (shown at the very end) that leads up to everything (trying to stay spoiler free), seems like it could easily take place in the same universe as Xenogears. For goodness sake, watch the intro movie to Xenogears and then take a look at the Space Station at the end of Xenoblade and tell me that they aren’t taking place very close to each other.

      So even if the original intention wasn’t to place them in the same universe, there is plenty of room for that to take place.

      Finally, according to Xenosaga Perfect Works, the conclusion never came to fruition, leaving the story wide open to end any way the developers saw fit.

      Monolith Soft may not work for Namco Bandai anymore, and they may not own the rights to Xenosaga, but whats to stop them from using this sequel/prequel to Xenoblade as a means to tie the universes together and create a thrilling conclusion to the Xeno franchise?

      I mean, it’s all speculation, but that’s a pretty thrilling concept if you think about it.

    • Guest


      Look at the intro to Xenogears and the ending (technically the beginning) of Xenoblade. Tell me they can’t be part of the same universe.
      Exhibit A: Xenoblade Ending: http://youtu.be/dwiIN5JjwpY
      Exhibit B: Xenogears Intro: http://youtu.be/KyVRSim-fQI

      And don’t give me the “Square own Xenogears” stuff because it’s already been established that Xenosaga and Xenogears take place in the same universe.

    • Ryan_oprainfall

      My understanding is that this game was only labeled a Xeno game out of respect for Takahashi. Given that, it seems this is not likely. It’s ok if Xenoblade is it’s own game. Not sure why people need everything to be connected. Some of the FF games are simliar but most aren’t connected at all.

    • Ryan_oprainfall

      Doubtful Nintendo doesn’t own the right to Xenogears.

    • Guest

      That didn’t stop Monolith Soft from making Xenosaga in the same universe. All they have to do is avoid using the directly copyrighted stuff.

  • James

    Xenoblade II

    • CalienteBeast

      Monado: The End of the World

  • PissedOffInPhilly

    This better not be an MMO. I hate Phantasy Star Online, Final Fantasy XI/XIV, WoW, and all of those other generic MMO “RPGs”.

    I want a *real* story. I want characters that I *care* about. Replace that with generic fantasy races (75% night elves with huge knockers) and a bunch of nonsense gibberish floating on the side of my screen and you can count me out.

    Don’t get me wrong, they could really do this right, or they could *really* eff this up. If I wanted to play an MMO Xenoblade with mecha, I’d just play Scarlet Blade.

  • DamnItFeelsGoodToBeAGangster

    Step 1: turn on Wii U
    Step 2: go to Wii U eShop
    Step 3: click the latest Nintendo Direct
    Step 4: click the Monolith Soft Trailer
    Step 5: ???
    Step 6: puts on sunglasses
    Step 7: yyyeaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

  • Psycho_WiiUtruthh

    this is why the almighty Wii U is the king of all consoles and will rule as a benevolent king over this kingdom. all hail the gracious king of society Wii U. Wii U will be kind to the inferior products of Sony and Microsoft for all of the men and women living on earths crust.

    ps4 and xbox720 will be allowed to enter the ring, because Wii U is a gracious ruler over society, but they will not be able to match the power bestowed upon Wii U by the gods.

    When I touch my Wii U I feel like I am touching a body part of a god and the Wii U is a legendary creation handed down as a gift to man. This is why Monolith Soft is now a part of Nintendo, because they recognize the true gift given to society by the gods in the Wii U.

    • Nintendo is a benevolent ruler NOW, but just wait and see what happens when they go full digital distribution.

      I think somebody at Nintendo said, “You know, this digital distribution thing is a lot like cartridges: the licencee has to come through us, and we can decide whether or not to let them in. And there’s no physical copy that people can share, so that makes it even better.”

      …This could be bad.

  • Looks like the bastard child of Xenoblade, Monster Hunter, Phantasy Star, Lost Planet, and Go Bots…

  • I watched this trailer like 20 times this morning and I still can’t believe what I’m seeing.

  • Joe

    Exciting video! This is the type of game that makes me want to buy a Wii U. Unfortunately, nothing else that has been announced or released thus far draws my interest. But the thought of another Xenoblade Chronicles-like game from the Monolith Soft people… that’s potential video game gold!

  • Oprainfall Fan
    • Ryan_oprainfall

      It’s obviously a Xeno game I think that was the point of showing the X, so people knew it was a Xeno game of some sort. I think this is a new game personally. The only reason why I am even conflicted is because of the Shulk lookalike

    • pig

      The son of Shulk is evil and messes shit up again

  • ArtIristic

    My jaw has been permanently dislocated. This and Wind Waker hd has me giggling like i was a little kid playing Pokémon again.

    • Giggling while your jaw has been dislocated? That sounds… painful.
      Maybe you should sue Nintendo for prerelease copies of these games, as Nintendo put no warning in their briefing that “the following games may put you in a state of pure happiness and/or permanently dislocate your jaw.”

  • ZanetheWise

    Looks amazing so far, and if they manage to pull of the same scale as Xenoblade, but with with flying mechs, skyscraper-sized monsters, and seamless online play (as the trailer seems to indicate), then I will be very pleased.

  • Well, geez. Now we’re getting some games to seriously look forward to on the Wii U. Monolith Soft is quickly becoming one of my favorite game producers. I loved Xenoblade, and I certainly wouldn’t mind a sequel.

  • MusubiKazesaru

    alright guys, get cracking, I want this localized NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pretty please

    • Ryan_oprainfall

      No need. The game was on the NA and Europe feeds, personally introduced by Iwata in English, set up with English captions ,then the trailer was placed on their NA youtube channel, and given an ESRB rating notice. The list goes on and on. The game is being localized.

    • MusubiKazesaru

      good point

  • NoA Blows

    If Nintendo of America pulls the same nonsense I swear to god….

    • dubaloseven

      My body will not be ready for that

  • NipSlip

    All I care about is that Nintendo of Europe does that FUCKING AMAZING localization again.

    • Ryan_oprainfall

      I agree wholeheartedly

  • Chico-Dosè

    this game kind of looks like mass effect :/ the reason i steered away from 360 and landed on the couch with a wii mote in hand… playing xenoblade.

  • tiki

    Looks like Mass Effect x Monster Hunter

  • Paul

    I think many of you are forgetting that Takahashi has said that Xenoblade isn’t connected to the Xeno series in anyway. The team wanted to honor his past works and that was their way of doing so. If you remember, the game was originally called Monado.