Felyne Friends Customisable in Monster Hunter 4

It was revealed in this week’s Famitsu that it will be possible for players of Monster Hunter 4 to customise their Felyne companions in the same way they can customise their main character.

The player will have two Felynes at their disposal; the main and the sub Felyne. Only the main Felyne will be customisable. Players can choose their main Felyne’s eyes, ears, fur and such.

The sub Felyne can be taken with you on quests alongside your main Felyne for a party of three. A different sub Felyne will bring about a different union technique for use. Felynes, as well as acting as distractions, will be able to cling to monsters to hold them in place and may even be able to knock flying foes from the air.

Monster Hunter 4

In addition to the Felyne news, three monsters seen in previous games have been confirmed to be making a return in Monster Hunter 4. The Bird Wyvern Gendrome, the Pelagus Congalala and the ever-present Flying Wyvern-type Rathian will all be present in Monster Hunter’s latest instalment.

Monster Hunter 4 is the second game in the series to be released on the 3DS and marks the beginning of a new generation. This means new monsters, changes made to old mechanics as well as totally new ones, and even some new weapons.

It was originally to be released early this year but has since been pushed back to summer 2013. There has been no word on a localisation as of yet, but it is the opinion of this author that such an announcement will be made some time in the near future.

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