It was a sad, sad day when the Nintendo Power Magazine began closing down their doors, and now Nintendo Gamer is forced to do too. Nintendo Gamer (or Super Play Magazine as it was called in the very beginning) was one of the first British magazines to focus solely on video games. The Magazine was also known to adapt their names from what Nintendo console were currently on the market; Like N64 Magazine, and NGC Magazine, until it was at last called Nintendo Gamer.

SuperPlay Magazine (Nintendo Gamer) was founded on October of 1992 first distributed in November that same year, published by Future Publishing. Just one month more and it would had reached its 20 year anniversary, but how sad the magazine won’t reach that far, as the last magazine will come out next week, on September 6th, and mark the end of the distribution of the beloved Nintendo Gamer. The last magazine’s cover will be made by Wil Horton who made the covers for the older editions, like SuperPlay, and N64 magazine, and is a nice way to end the beloved magazine.

But this doesn’t mean Nintendo Gamer website is going anywhere. The website will continue running your favorite stories as always, and they’ll continue doing this as long as Nintendo is around.

Tell us in the comments below, your fondest memories of Nintendo Gamer, and what games you discovered through it, and what games you got to love.


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