Recently, Square Enix had revealed a humongous anthology for their iconic series, Final Fantasy, to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the franchise we all know and love, adeptly named the Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Ultimate Box. What a way to celebrate, the collection includes every mainline Final Fantasy ranging from Final Fantasy 1 to Final Fantasy 13. Final Fantasy 7 will be in its international version(Sadly this wont include the Final Fantasy X or Final Fantasy 12 International versions), along with others being in their PlayStation 1 released(or re-released) versions, with Final Fantasy X to Final Fantasy 12 being as PlayStation 2 versions (Final Fantasy 11 will have all the expansions included), and Final Fantasy 13 will be the PlayStation 3 version.

The package will also include a video disc celebrating the 25th anniversary, “Crystal ArtWorks” art collection, two compilation soundtrack discs, an art piece by Yoshitaka Amano to celebrate the entirety of the series showcasing all the Main Characters for each installment, and finally a DLC item code for use in Final Fantasy 14 called the “Mogu Mogu” earrings.

One is to expect a hefty price for this. This pristine collection will cost at around 35,000 yen(Close to 450$ USD) and will be sold exclusively at Square Enix’s e-Store.


David Fernandes
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