>Source: NTSC Xenoblade Done, The Last Story In Progress

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

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>NTSC Xenoblade Finished Prior to E3 Nintendo of America Sitting on Announcement

July 7, 2011
American localization of Xenoblade is complete, The Last Story is currently being translated to English for an American release, but there is no word on Pandora’s Tower localization.  This information was disclosed to Operation Rainfall today from a source within Nintendo who wishes to remain anonymous.  There is currently no indication of when Nintendo of America plans to formally announce these titles.
Last week Nintendo of America told its followers on Facebook and Twitter that it had no plans to bring Xenoblade, The Last Story, and Pandora’s tower to America “at this time.”   Nintendo intentionally left open the possibility of release.  Allegedly, the Redmond, WA branch has been working with other branches to bring Xenoblade and The Last Story to North America. 
According to our source, The NTSC version of Xenoblade was completed just over a month ago, while testing for the PAL and NTSC versions of The Last Story could begin in a month.  There is currently no word on localization for an NTSC version of Pandora’s Tower.
Remember, this information was disclosed to Operation Rainfall in confidence.  Until Nintendo of America makes an announcement, there will be no official word of an NTSC release.  However, this news has increased our hope for a North American release of these games.  It could also explain why retailers like Amazon continue to have Xenoblade (Monado: Beginning of the World) listed on their website.
Make of this information what you will, but after much internal discussion Operation Rainfall believed it would be best to share this information with our followers.  Consider this our announcement of a forthcoming announcement.
Help us keep the pressure on Nintendo, and hopefully we will get a formal announcement of Xenoblade, The Last Story, and Pandora’s Tower sooner rather than later.

  • Mew

    >:D Yes! Finally!

  • Grover

    >I'm hoping this is true! I am really hoping!

  • Ted Mahsun

    >I hope the source can be trusted.

  • boop

    >I want to believe.

  • WindNinjaDW

    >Sounds like we'll at least get two of them. Good news and great progress.

  • Zendervai

    >Does this remind anyone of Atlus with Catherine? It would be great if it was true.

  • Argen

    >i really hope it is true, however i don't feel like believing anymore, better not get your hopes up

  • RadioactivePuppy

    >God, I hope this is true. We certainly deserve it.What confuses me, though, is why they would sit on this and not make a formal announcement even though it has already been completed. Why make an announcement saying these games aren't coming? What does Nintendo have to gain by saying this?It all sounds a bit fishy, and though I'm optimistic, I can't help but be suspicious.

  • WindNinjaDW

    >@RadioactivePuppy: My theory is they're testing the waters. Seeing how many people will really buy this game, and in the process gaining publicity for the games. With Operation Rainfall, we're bringing these games to the forefront for those who may not have known about them. Smart on Ninty's part if my theory is correct.

  • 65cff098-a8fc-11e0-8

    >@ Radioactive PuppyNintendo sitting on this and not making an announcement makes perfect sense. Think of how much money they saved themselves by getting the internet and gaming media all abuzz with these games, creating the media storm we all did. We yelled so loud, more people heard about this game than if they just bought a couple 2-page ads in game magazines.

  • giantmoonbunny

    >Is this for real Nintendo finally releasing Xenoblade.

  • RYUindie92

    >Awesome! I knew nintendo still loved its fans!

  • Dextroyer

    >@ 65cff098-a8fc-11e0-801a-000f20980440Hehehe, Nintendo's quite sneaky if they really did do that. Very clever.

  • Sir Primalform Magni

    >I wonder if Xenoblade is using the NoE localisation, or whether NoA has done it's own one? It's happened before:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advance_Wars:_Days_of_Ruin#Regional_differenceshttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Another_code#Development

  • Matthew Emirzian (mj

    >How about the latest Fire Emblem for DS?

  • MagmarFire

    >Don't celebrate just yet, guys. The proof is in the pudding, after all.

  • giantmoonbunny

    >It could be mean joke. Pleyed on Operation Rainfall

  • CaptainFalco311.Grah

    >I know it's not true, but imagine if the entire Operation Rainfall campaign was a mass underground marketing campaign by Nintendo to get these games hyped up? I do love conspiracies…

  • Haplo

    >Man oh man would i love to finally be able to play these games…. if they do come out, what games are next lol

  • RadioactivePuppy

    >@WindNinjaDW But why deny plans for release, unless they're choosing their words very carefully in saying "there's no current plans for a release"? It just doesn't add up to me. Nintendo has received its fair share of negative response from not only OpRain supporters but other gaming websites, as well.

  • MagmarFire

    >Wait a minute… If this is true, then what was all the talk about NoA telling NoE that they weren't going to show the games at E3 because they weren't going "to show games [they] weren't planning to sell"? This localization had to have started before E3 if it's finished now, right? (Only one month for localization otherwise? It's madness.)Why would there be a localization if NoA told NoE that they weren't planning on selling them, assuming that NoE had no idea what was going on in NoA's heads.

  • Wiimonkey9

    >Now I'm just hoping for the collector's edition of the last story.

  • Nilgamesh

    >If they're to the point that an NTSC version is entering testing (in the case of Last Story) or completion (Xenoblade), then it seems odd that there would be no prior announcement whatsoever. Especially so given all of the recent activity from fans.Nintendo had the opportunity to appear as though they were giving us exactly what we wanted if they announce Xenoblade in response to the Amazon pre-order campaign. There would have been considerable positive buzz from such an announcement. Nintendo would look like it actively took an interest in what we wanted, and we would have felt as though we had worked to make such a release possible.Assuming this is true (which I must admit that I strongly doubt), Nintendo now just comes off as a jerk who is playing a prank on fans.

  • Magic Ink
  • acelinkey

    >YESSSSSS!!! I hope to everything holy this is true!

  • squiretrev

    >I hope this is true, but to many things make me think that this is not true. first the whole NOE wanting to show xenoblade at E3 and not being able to because of NOA not planning to sell them, Plus there statement seems to indicate it these games won't be released by NOA. I can't beleive they would issue a lie to fans. Again I hope this is true, just seems to far fetched given the other information we have.

  • 3adf8fd4-a964-11e0-8

    >Are you sure your source wasn't confused? Apparently NOA DID just finish testing the NOE version, that doesn't necessarily mean there's also a North American version.

  • Rodolfo R.

    >As others have said, the supposed rejection of NoA to NoE's proposal of showing them at E3 is suspicious. But also, the vague statement NoA released about "no current plans at this moment to release these 3 games" might be telling that they intended only on releasing Xenoblade and Last Story, but not Pandora's Tower.Arghh, I just wish Nintendo would say straight yes or no, to know what the heck to do either import and mod the Wii or wait for the NTSC releases. 🙁

  • Usagichan96

    >They have answered our prayers!

  • WindNinjaDW

    >@RadioactivePuppy:That's exactly it. They're choosing their words wisely. As this blog said, Nintendo never deconfirmed a release date, just that they "have no plans" at this time to release the games NA. I think they anticipated things to heat up after the announcement. Those of us who really want the game are turning up the heat, and in the process, give the game more publicity. It's free advertising. While I agree, this has done some harm to NOA reputation, but it's as I said previously it's been good publicity for them as well.

  • Avittion

    >Regardless of this particular situation and its outcome I believe OpRainfall should be an ongoing Operation to increase the level at which all gamers get involved in actively campaigning for various games they want to see in their area. Not just for Nintendo but across the spectrum. All gamers need to be more involved in the process of getting their games.

  • giantmoonbunny

    >I wait on tell. Its written in stone. Then I believe it true

  • RadioactivePuppy

    >Still, their lack of interest or action upsets me. Enough to believe that this movement may not be enough. I've felt a little bit of a lull in interest since Nintendo updated.

  • Operation Rainfall

    >@CaptainFalco311.Graham just as planned mwahahaha MWAhahaha@RadioactivePuppy it is indeed puzzling, but also quite representative of the actual problem at hand, which is Nintendo's inability to communicate with their fans… as for a lull after nintendo's announcement… I kind of disagree I I think there has been a lull, but it wasn't nintendo's announcement that caused it but rather the casual use of our name in the past tense in many articles that aimed more for provocative statements than journalism which was immediately followed by a distinct lack of coverage on the part of those outlets, to them, the story was better with david being killed by goliath, it has been our biggest challenge dealing with this

  • beatlesfan931

    >Are you sure this source was really from Nintendo? Can you confirm that they weren't impersonating an insider? I only ask because this does seem extremely suspicious, given the "statements" we've gotten from them so far. And if it is true, I am very excited but also still a little insulted that they would jerk us around like that. That part is really not cool.

  • Damion

    >Maybe nintendo doesn't wanna look like it got bitched or something so they're trying to keep it cool. Lol

  • Jaded Classic Gamer

    >Wow – I REALLY hope this is true!

  • Peter

    >Doesn't NOA test games in other regions? This is what GAF members are saying.

  • jon

    >holy balls… keep your fingers crossed, everyone!

  • Madlax99

    >It's Likely that Nintendo of America wanted the Focus of E3 to Be the Wii U and 3DS, and they didn't want to have the Swan Song of the Wii Overtake the Wii U and 3DS

  • Smoore

    >I never got involved with Project Rainfall because I'm broke and can't afford to buy them if they ever do get released, but I will laugh at the foolishness of all of you who got so panicked and angry at Nintendo when they've apparently had one of the game's localisation near complete for a month.

  • Kdog254

    >This is really good news

  • Franke Sisto

    >This seems too good to be true… but still I cling to the hope that it is. This would be a good way to end a crappy week. But just because this COULD be true does not mean that OpRain can let up. We need to keep going with the plans that're already laid out – we need to show NoA that we care and that we will not be appeased until we get these games released. I say all of this for the simple fact that this seems much too good to be true.

  • Ninjadoom

    >I'm wondering if the reason it hasn't been announced is because of problems with licensing the name of the game as Xenoblade. Square-enix owns the name xenogears and i think namco-bandai at least has some interest in the name xenosaga. There could be problems with getting the game released as xenoblade and it might end up being named something else.

  • cf11e6b6-acc0-11e0-a

    >This deeply confuses me because if the source is true then Nintendo has straight up lied multiple times for no reason. "No plans at this time" would be a blatant and pointless lie. Why drum up NEGATIVE press by denying it if they were truly in the process of localizing the game? Just say you're working on it and EVERYONE is happy! It's not like you have to announce a release date.And then why did they screw with NOE's E3 Xenoblade presentation claiming they don't show games they don't sell if they WERE intending to sell it? Again, bad press for no reason.Can I be overjoyed and enraged at the same time? Nintendo's backwards thinking disgusts me.

  • bf8f1f76-acdc-11e0-b

    >I don't doubt about the validity of the source. However, localizing doesn't necessarily indicate plans for release.It seems apparent to me that NOA never ruled out releasing these games– they just weren't going to commit to anything without seeing how they did in Europe first. With 99% of the job already being done and paid for by NOE, throwing together English NTSC builds of the games could always be done with very little expense. It seems like a no-brainer to me that NOA would automatically prepare local builds as a way to keep their options open and be able to react quickly if they turn out to be big sellers in Europe…There's plenty of reasons to make a localization and just sit on it. In other words, while this is probably true, we shouldn't assume it means anything.

  • César Romero

    >Nintenderos remember IMPOSIBLE IS NOTHING… 🙂

  • Noncontradictory

    >Either it's not true or Nintendo is basically knowingly sabotaging third party devs. Take your pick. Even if they didn't show them off at their E3 presentation, they could have had playable demos. There were several games not shown on stage that were playable at E3. Even that would have been *almost decent* publicity for the games.If one of the games is ALREADY FINISHED and they haven't even announced it, which is incredibly unlikely, and they didn't bother to show it off at E3, then they're going to release the games with little advertising or hype. Then they'll shrug as though it's not their fault when the games fail in the market. So, either Nintendo are so goddamned stupid that they're unintentionally sabotaging third party games on a dying system, they're so malicious that they're knowingly sabotaging third party games on a dying system, or the rumor is false. Not to discount the possibility of the first two, but the last one seems most likely by far.

  • John Paul

    >I do hope this is true because NoA is missing potential income in my opinion. Of course, they would argue that if they release them and they "fail" then it was wasted time, however, keep in mind that the Wii is going on 5 years old and Nintendo has only marketed to casual nonsense and their core IPs.

    Bring them here and then bring on Another Code Wii…another game I have been waiting forever for!

  • Lee-san

    >I'm sure it has been mentioned here, but how about Earth Seeker?

  • deadsun7

    >Why do I have a feeling Nintendo is going to pull something uncool and make it for the WiiU only, in order to force up sales of their new console?

  • RadioactivePuppy

    >Earth Seeker also looks amazing, but let's settle on having this trifecta right now. It's a small victory, but a victory for the victims of ridiculous localization nontheless.Keep writing those letters, folks.

  • FearLess

    >so at end it was all flase!!!! grr IGN just said nintendo said NO to the game on july 12 2011Project Rainfall, the movement to get three Wii RPGs localized in the US has received an official response from Nintendo: No.Instead, Nintendo plans to unleash a pair of Kirby games to vacuum up Xenoblade, Pandora's Tower and The Last Story and spit out a poof of thin air. Kirby: Mass Attack is coming to an old, cracked, two-dimensional DS near you this fall

  • Adeeb

    >When I first heard from IGN that Nintendo had no plans to release the three Rpgs, they started to really shame the Big N by writing articles about feeling in the dark. It did feel a little awkward for Nintendo to deny the three games, or even just The Last Story. However, after reading this, I hope that Nintendo will do the logical, gamer-pleasing, and even cost effective action: release the big three in NA. I'm really looking forward to it.

  • RadioactivePuppy

    >Nintendo has already said no. Well. FUCK.

  • Adeeb

    >Yeah, I guess. With Nintendo, you never know what business tactic they'll use on the American audience. Look at Sin and Punishment.

  • tamarei

    >i wonder if NOA's office is spammed by mails yet. this guy's video to Nintendo is pretty cool: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-_yZvmzLOQ&feature=player_embedded

  • raccioly

    >Would it be too much to ask for an American release of Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse and Another Code R as well? And, while we're at it, what about Last Window: The Secret of Cape West for the DS? These games have all been released by Nintendo, after all, and both Another Code R and Last Window have been released in Europe, so the only one in need of a proper localization would be Fatal Frame 🙂

  • John Paul

    >Thank you, raccioly! – I too want Another Code R released. I loved the first one for the DS (Trace Memory here in the US) but it is already localized and released in Europe. Just tag it with Nintendo of America and get it here!Of course people will say it is not that simple, but you do not have to localize it.

  • Mackay1985

    >And NOA thinks they can stop me from playing this on a NTSC-U Wii? http://www.play-asia.com/The_Last_Story/paOS-13-7

  • FearLess

    >wow operation rainfall start with a BANG and since 7 july it lack of info…. so all this and now nothing no info on situation is it turn out operation rainfail now?i better start saving to buy myself a wii PAL so i can play thembut thx anyways for all it start super bad! just wish the power that was put in did continue.. o well..

  • R.Namara

    >Well, I'm kinda conflicted that it was confirmed for a European release and not yet for the American one, since I have both types of machines (the second one was the American one, a gift from an oblivious friend XD). I guess I'll be playing it when it is released for Europe, but I'll say this too: keep on fighting the good fight, my American friends. You've made so many of the impossible possible, and I really believe this to be one of those things. Don't give up, alright?

  • TheSchaef

    >Good job Internet crusaders!Now, when these games (allegedly) come out… GO BUY THEM IMMEDIATELY. If you make this much noise for localization and then Nintendo only sells 2,500 copies, we're all going do look like a bunch of jerk-holes. RETURN THEIR INVESTMENT so they'll keep bringing us the fun stuff!

  • beatlesfan931

    >I wonder when this "forthcoming announcement" will arrive…It's been two weeks since this was posted.Hopefully this will have all been worth it and we can finally buy and play these games here!

  • Mike The Vampire

    >People, for the love of god, just move on. PLEASE.It's not gonna happen. And DON'T get your hopes up on BS news like this. This is so fake it isn't even funny.

  • Justin

    >To Mike….if you don't believe in OpRainfall, then please don't post here. Go. Obviously you've given up. Leave those who haven't alone.That said…I really should have read more before posting that last comment….Nonetheless, go community! *backs into corner sheepishly*

  • Blogsberg

    >Is this news real or not?

  • Andy

    >I've already mailed out my letter last week, but will they listen is the question.

  • JC

    >Comic-Con has gone and passed. There's no major US-related game show of any kind worth announcing this at.Give it up people, PLEASE. Operation Rainfall has failed, and NOA don't give a shit. Holding onto hope is one thing, but this is the exact same as a bunch of guys jumping off a building, hoping they'd fly, even though they know all that will happen is that they will leave their mark on the world as stains on the pavement.At this point, this is nothing more than a contest of futility. Instead, if you want the games, you'll have to get creative about it. I mean, you already know they're headed to Europe… So, soft-mod your consoles to enable playback. I mean, at the very least, be happy you'll get to play them in a language you understand, right?

  • JC

    >@Blogsberg: I'm sorry, but Mike is right. This reeks of high-octane bullshit.Anyone can pretend they're somebody working for a company, then "leak" information. This is nothing more than an example of a failure to conduct a back-check.The people who posted this are no different than the troll who wrote, since both send out false hope.

  • Nightowljrm

    >Hey, everyone.Anyway, IGN seems to have gotten involved with this project as well. The individual who was in the latest video did a spectacular job of sticking it to the Big N. He made it hard to argue, and honestly, he made Nintendo look like they're being moronic economically for not localizing these games. Hopefully they listen…Not to shamelessly promote, buuut… I'm new to blogger and I'd really like some followers, too. I will mainly talk about video games (retro games in particular), but I will speak on other subjects occasionally.

  • giantmoonbunny

    >Are u sure That Xenoblade Chronicles is being release N.A.

  • tamarei

    &gt <a href="http://;http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/news/27267;http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/news/27267<br />even australia is getting xenoblade? how can NA NOT get it??

  • Habib Ahmed Qureshi

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