>NTSC Xenoblade Finished Prior to E3 Nintendo of America Sitting on Announcement

July 7, 2011
American localization of Xenoblade is complete, The Last Story is currently being translated to English for an American release, but there is no word on Pandora’s Tower localization.  This information was disclosed to Operation Rainfall today from a source within Nintendo who wishes to remain anonymous.  There is currently no indication of when Nintendo of America plans to formally announce these titles.
Last week Nintendo of America told its followers on Facebook and Twitter that it had no plans to bring Xenoblade, The Last Story, and Pandora’s tower to America “at this time.”   Nintendo intentionally left open the possibility of release.  Allegedly, the Redmond, WA branch has been working with other branches to bring Xenoblade and The Last Story to North America. 
According to our source, The NTSC version of Xenoblade was completed just over a month ago, while testing for the PAL and NTSC versions of The Last Story could begin in a month.  There is currently no word on localization for an NTSC version of Pandora’s Tower.
Remember, this information was disclosed to Operation Rainfall in confidence.  Until Nintendo of America makes an announcement, there will be no official word of an NTSC release.  However, this news has increased our hope for a North American release of these games.  It could also explain why retailers like Amazon continue to have Xenoblade (Monado: Beginning of the World) listed on their website.
Make of this information what you will, but after much internal discussion Operation Rainfall believed it would be best to share this information with our followers.  Consider this our announcement of a forthcoming announcement.
Help us keep the pressure on Nintendo, and hopefully we will get a formal announcement of Xenoblade, The Last Story, and Pandora’s Tower sooner rather than later.
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