The VenusBlood HOLLOW Fandiscs are now available on the JAST Store. There three releases these include one of the Dark Chronicles stories that go along the Chaos route, and two of the After Days side stories that are a bit lighter in tone and follow the Law route.

Here more about each from the JAST Store pages:

VenusBlood HOLLOW: Dark Chronicles Episode 1: The Fallen Dragon Sisters

Having been driven mad by Leonhardt’s experiments with the Soul Cage, Julia von Archlond could no longer function as the leader of Archlond, and the positions of the Winged Ones and Wingless within Archlond were reversed overnight, causing chaos within the country.
The former ruler Julia and her sister Liese were not exempt from the new policies within Archlond and thus, alongside other Winged women, were put to work every night at certain ‘Shady Establishments’.

Having essentially lost their human (winged ones) rights, they are treated as tools, as toys to be played with until broken, then tossed to the wayside.

And yet, with their ecstatic expressions as they are degraded and denigrated, one would almost think they are enjoying the current circumstances…

VenusBlood HOLLOW FanDisc: After Days Episode 3: Bride of Karmic Flame

After the war on Helvetia, Leonhardt has successfully united the land under his banner, and spends his time in Archlond with his thoroughly awakened ‘bride’, Julia von Archlond. However, she no longer acts like a proud dragon, but has instead fallen to the level of a slovenly housecat, spending her every waking moment chasing her husband around seeking his attention.

Getting somewhat sick of her current state, Leonhardt begins to think of a plan to get her off his back, a form of ‘re-education’, if you will, and who better to help him with this plan than Julia’s own beloved younger sister, Liese.

VenusBlood HOLLOW FanDisc: After Days Episode 4: The Dragon Songstress

Having defeated the Dark God Overlord, Liese returned to Archlond to assist her sister Julia with its revitalization.
Leonhardt, who was staying in Archlond as the general of their army, seemingly bored with married life, decided to mess with his pure and innocent wife, Liese, using the power of the Soul Cage.

Liese, the innocent Dragon Songstress who has made it through the war on Helvetia unblemished and uncorrupted by Leon’s Soul Cage. But one does not escape the Soul Cage for long if Leon would have his way—as an unknown, delightfully depraved experience awaits the unsuspecting newlywed Dragon Songstress, orchestrated by none other than her beloved husband.

The VenusBlood HOLLOW Fandiscs will get you back $4.99, but there is a 10% launch discount. You can always use the JAST coins you’ve saved up to snag these up as well.

If you want to know more about VenusBlood HOLLOW, just check out my full review.

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