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Hololive fan game, Holo X Break, is now available to download for free on Steam. The game is published under the holo Indie brand and developed by KayAnimate (Kay Yu), known for their work on HoloCure. It is a beat ’em up where you control hololive talents to take on the members of holoX.

You can check out the game’s trailer below.


Holo X Break will implement online multiplayer at a later date. Players can still play with friends online using Steam’s built-in “Remote Play Together” feature while the developer works on implementing the online multiplayer mode. You can read the full statement regarding the online multiplayer below.

Holo X Break | Statement on Multiplayer

The game is described as follows:

It was your usual daily life over at hololive HQ in Holo City, until one day their CEO mysteriously disappears!

Moments later, a nefarious organization who called themselves “holoX, the Secret Society” announces their plans to take over the world! Play as the talents of the Vtuber group Hololive to fight your way through the minions of holoX and put a stop to their plans in this classic style beat-em-up!

-Play as different talents of hololive, such as the talents of Generation 5’s “NePoLaBo”, each equipped with their own unique abilities and super attacks!
-Find various kinds of equipment that will change the way you play each time!
-Use quick consumable defensive or offensive items to change the tide of battle
-Fight action packed boss battles against the members of holoX
-Up to 4 players local with online in an upcoming update
-Easy to pick up and get right into the action
-Challenge harder difficulties that will put your skills to the test!
-The “X” in the title is silent.

If you’re interested in Holo X Break or HoloCure, you can follow the games’ X account and the developer’s X account for more information.

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